Psychic Shield – Skytear Into Ashes Preview

Mages causing problems? Tired of seeing Shattermind? Building a defensive list – or, ironically enough, an offensive list? You’ll want to take a look at Psychic Shield.

We’re seeing another first for the game in Psychic Shield; and its the best mana-to-modifier ratio to date. Free to cast and +3 on the flip makes this a card worth considering for every list. Assassins like it for the insane +3. Laners like it for its defensive prowess without costing precious mana. Everyone likes it. If you’re running a lot of Predict? It should probably have a slot.

The card is probably more versatile than imagined on first glance. It prevents damage that happens during a power card effect, regardless of how that damage happens. A good example of this is Rampant Hatred.

Because the effect of Rampant Hatred is a Skirmish, the damage from that Skirmish will be prevented by Psychic Shield. It’s “the effect of a power card”. Similar to taking an attack from Twist Allegiance.

So just remember, while it’s most obviously a strong counter to cards like Shattermind and Nightmares Incarnate, there are many power card effects that can lead to damage. Don’t forget all of the ultimates!

I don’t see how this card isn’t a staple of the post-Into Ashes meta. Unless you rely extensively on blind leads, being able to prevent up to 5 damage for free and opening up more +3 flips is hard to turn down.

If you’re in the US, you can “pre-order” Into Ashes exclusively through our subscription service or a local store supporting Skytear. Likewise for the international crew, except you’ll want to visit PVPGeeks for online pre-ordering.

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