Doom – Skytear Into Ashes Preview

If you’ve recently become obsessed with Skytear like I have, you’re probably familiar with the mind-bending experience that is building your first deck. When I was browsing through all the cards the weekend after my first few ‘introductory’ games with the starter decks, I was quickly drawn to the red faction, Kurumo (this is not atypical for any game I play, being honest). 

At first glance, it seemed like all of the 1-mana cards (the runes in the top left of each card that effectively equate to cost) with a +2 modifier (the stat on the top right of each card) were extremely good value. So, when Steven and I were looking through all of the previews PVP Geeks sent us for the upcoming “Into Ashes” expansion (coming in July), you can imagine my reaction when the first red card we saw was Doom.

Not only does it have my magical 1-mana, +2 attack ratio, but (in my humble and very unexperienced opinion) it is easily one of the most color-defining cards in the game. As a +2 that also has the ability to prevent healing, it fits right in with the overall aggressive nature of red. However, it was the second sentence that I just couldn’t, and really still haven’t, been able to get over.

Placing a card face up on a hero effectively ‘uses’ their resources. Being able to drop Doom on your turn against an enemy hero either means they must play any card they were hoping to play now or risk not having the resources to play it. If the card they wanted to play is an action (one arrow in the middle of the card, not two), they are simply out of luck!

The card is a reaction (two arrows), so you can also play this on your opponent’s turn. One important component of the rules to note is that you spend resources when you put a card into the stack. So, if your opponent plays a 2-mana card on turn two, meaning they are spending ‘all’ of their resources, playing Doom would not prevent that card from resolving. 

A great example of this can be seen in our stream from this week, which I’ve included below, linked to start right before we play Doom for the first time. If you’re interested in listening to a discussion about Doom, we discuss the many ways to use it after the card is played.

Another incredible use of the card is the ability to really mess with your opponent’s ability to ‘Predict’. Predict X allows you to look at the top X cards of your deck, putting them back in any order or discarding them. 

This is particularly powerful when you can put a 3-mana card on top of your deck for a Lead action off the top of your deck or a big attack bonus if you are about to attack. Doom allows you to react to that Lead action, forcing them to burn their 3-mana card, use up any future resources, and settle for a “blind” lead from the deck or a forced lead from hand.

As color defining as Doom is for red, we can’t wait to get the rest of our previews from “Into Ashes” in our decks and on the table! You can join us live every Tuesday at 1pm CST, where we will be revealing one new preview each week from now until July. If you’re in the US, you can get “Into Ashes” exclusively via our Skytear Subscription. If you’re outside the US, you’ll need to pre-order directly from the Skytear website.


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