2017 Star Wars: Destiny World Championship

On May 4th, 2017, players from across the globe collided in a multi-day tournament to determine who would be the first ever Star Wars: Destiny World Champion. Featuring an Awakenings-only meta, the top 16 included a wide variety of decks. Checkout this character lineup:

4 Poe + Rey
3 Vader + Raider Decks
2 Phasma + Bala-Tik + First Order Stormtrooper
2 Han + Rey Decks
2 Dooku + Jabba
1 Trooper + Trooper + Nightsister + Bala-Tik
1 Leia + Ackbar
1 Jango + Trooper + Trooper

The Top 16 players played a single-elimination tournament, with the winner of each best-of-three round advancing to the next. On one side of the top 4, Nick Obee’s Phasma deck faced against my own Han + Rey control deck. Here are the decklists:

Nick Obee’s Worlds 2017 Deck List

Characters (3)
Elite Captain Phasma
First Order Stormtrooper

Mos Eisley Spaceport

Upgrades (14)
1 x Commanding Presence
2 x DH-17 Blaster Pistol
2 x F-11D Rifle
2 x Holdout Blaster
2 x Hunker Down
2 x Jetpack
1 x On The Hunt
2 x Promotion

Supports (2)
2 x Backup Muscle

Events (14)
1 x All In
1 x Disarm
1 x Dodge
1 x Electroshock
2 x Flank
2 x He Doesn’t Like You
2 x Logistics
2 x Tactical Mastery
2 x The Best Defense

Nick’s deck uses Guardian, granted by Captain Phasma, to force his opponents to target the Stormtrooper first. This gives him time to build a dice pool with upgrades on Bala-Tik and Captain Phasma. Once Bala-Tik has a few upgrades, defeating an opponent’s character to get a second activation creates a significant advantage. Due to this, opponents generally target Captain Phasma, his strongest character, last.

Zach Bunn’s Worlds 2017 Deck List

Characters (2)
Elite Han Solo
Elite Rey

Starship Graveyard

Upgrades (11)
2 x Holdout Blaster
2 x Jedi Robes
2 x DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol
1 x Rey’s Staff
1 x One With The Force
2 x Second Chance
1 x Hunker Down

Events (19)
2 x Unpredictable
2 x Deflect
2 x Electroshock
2 x Mind Trick
2 x Negotiate
1 x Disarm
1 x Heroism
1 x Defensive Stance
2 x Riposte
2 x Willpower
1 x Hyperspace Jump
1 x Scavenge

My version of Han + Rey is light on upgrades, with only eight cards in the deck that add dice. It focuses instead on control, giving the deck the flexibility to spend resources on control early or build a stronger dice pool if resources are available. I have an an extensive write up about my Han + Rey Control Deck that you can read here if interested.

Watch Nick against my Han + Rey below!

On the other side of the bracket, friends Daniel Weiser and Dylan Guaker bring the same deck to the table after months of testing together. Check out their Vader/Raider decklist:

Dylan Guaker and Daniel Weiser’s 2017 World Championship Deck

Characters (2)
Elite Darth Vader
Tusken Raider

Mos Eisley Spaceport

Upgrades (14)
2 x Force Throw
2 x Force Training
2 x Hunker Down
1 x Immobilize
1 x Lightsaber
2 x Mind Probe
2 x On The Hunt
2 x Sith Holocron

Supports (2)
2 x Backup Muscle

Events (14)
2 x Boundless Ambition
1 x Deflect
2 x Electroshock
2 x Enrage
1 x Force Strike
2 x He Doesn’t Like You
2 x Intimidate
2 x Take Cover

This deck is a fresh take on one of the more popular decks from Awakenings, Vader + Raider. The switch to lower cost cards like Intimidate and Take Cover paired with Boundless Ambition creates unusually powerful turns. On The Hunt also plays a critical role in the Awakenings meta, since removing shields is significant against many of the popular decks at the time.

Who is the master and who is the apprentice? Find out in the top 4 game below!

At long last… we are down to two! Phasma versus Vader. Nick versus Daniel. Who will become the first ever world Champion? Watch the epic final showdown below!

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