Yoda / Chewie vs. Beckett / Talzin in the Top 8 of Tulsa’s 2019 Regional

We had a great time hosting our Star Wars: Destiny Regional on January 19th, 2019. Karl Lake (Left) and Matt Phillips (Right) were matched in top 8. You can find their decklists below, and enjoy the livestream as Zach Bunn, Eric Wainright, and Sugi from the Knights of Ren provide commentary.

x2 Tobias Beckett’s Rifle
x2 Dark Counsel
x2 X-8 Night Sniper
x2 Force Illusion
x1 EMP Grenades

x1 Count Dooku’s Solar Sailer
x2 Vader’s Fist
x2 Backup Muscle

x2 Cunning Ruse
x2 He Doesn’t Like You
x2 Overconfidence
x2 Friends In low Places
x2 Anger
x2 Truce
x2 Witch Magick
x1 Vandalize
x1 Feel Your Anger

Matt Phillips
Characters: Yoda – Wizened Masters, Chewbacca – Loyal Friend
Battleground: Theed Royal Palace

x2 Force Throw
x2 Force Speed
x2 Force Illusion
x2 Second Chance
x2 Treasured Lightsaber
x1 Handcrafted Lightbow
x2 Cunning

x2 Improvised Defense

x2 Overconfidence
x1 Caution
x2 Friends in Low Places
x2 Easy Pickings
x2 Hyperspace Jump
x2 Impulsive
x2 Hidden Motive
x2 Beguile

Also, a huge thank you to our Covenant Subscribers and Saga Set buyers. You make it feasible for us to continue investing time and resources into these kinds of streams.