Building Doctor Aphra Decks After Rotation

This Friday at 6pm CST, I will be playing in the Covenant Masters Finale Trilogy event (and we will be streaming it on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch)! With the release of Convergence comes the rotation of sets 1, 2, and 3 out of standard play. Knowing this was on the horizon, I decided to build a different deck for each of the Swiss rounds!

These are the decks I will be playing on stream:

Darth Vader + Jawa + Retribution
Doctor Aphra + Snoke + Executioner + Bitter Rivalry
Kylo + Anakin
Palpatine + Veteran Stormtrooper + Retribution
Rey + Han
Yoda + Luke Skywalker + Stolen Intel

Doctor Aphra is a character I loved from the moment she was introduced in the Darth Vader comics. For one reason or another though (maybe because she didn’t pair well with Vader), I never got around to using her in a standard deck before rotation. When I started making a list of possible decks to build for Covenant Masters, a deck centered on her was one of the first ones added to the list.

While I haven’t had a chance to test this deck out yet, below is my current version of my Doctor Aphra deck.

Battlefield: Dry Fields

Plot: Bitter Rivalry

Doctor Aphra

Upgrades: 2
x2  Inferno Squad ID10 Seeker Droid

Support: 12
x2  0-0-0 ()
x1  Ark Angel ()
x2  BT-1 ()
x2  Bubble Shield
x2  Hailfire Droid Tank ()
x2  Planetary Bombardment ()
x1  Vader’s Fist ()

Events: 16
x2  Beguile
x2  By Any Means
x2  Crash Landing
x2  Dangerous Maneuver
x2  Dark Ritual
x2  Delve
x2  Hidden Motive
x2  Respite

Deck Overview: If there existed a deck that was the complete opposite of my Kylo + Anakin deck, this is it! Whereas Kylo + Anakin plays to the fundamentals of the game, this is all about manipulating them. Aphra gains you card advantage by drawing a card any time you deal yourself indirect damage. Snoke allows you to damage your own characters to resolve one of their die at +2, which can be used to pile up resources, discard your opponent’s hand, or deal a finishing blow to a character.

Opening Hand: Along with the card advantage gained through Aphra, she also reduces the cost of the first droid you play each round by one. This makes the droids (Seeker Droid, 0-0-0, BT-1, and Hailfire Droid Tank) particularly good in your opening hand. I recommend keeping up to two droids in your opening hand and if one of them is the Hailfire, make sure the other one is a one cost droid! If you can get BT and 0-0-0 going early, the deck can easily run away with the game.

Finishing Moves: Delve is the single card in this deck that can just turn a game completely sideways. For 3 resources and an indirect damage to yourself (which lets you draw a card if Aphra is in play), you get to play a support or upgrade for free. If you get a Planetary Bombardment or Vader’s First in play on the first two turns, it will be very difficult for your opponent to keep up.

While pulling this off on the first turn can definitely bend a game, it is likely you won’t play it until the second or third turn. If you aren’t seeing any of your big supports early though, Dark Ritual acts as a way to spend your piled up cash to extend the length of the game. It is also a great card for buying you one more turn late game and if you have either of your big supports out, that is enough to make all the difference!

I have been excited about rotation since before the release of Across the Galaxy. It is clear that the Destiny design team has learned so much from the design of the early sets, so I am excited to see both the staple cards from the first few sets go away and the new tools decks like this one get with the release of Convergence!

If you’re planning to get a Convergence Saga Set (like me) I recommend doing so soon. You can see the shipping estimate in the title, which currently reads ‘within one week’. We recently ran out of ‘on release’ sets and expect to run out of the ‘within one week’ sets in the next few weeks!

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