Convergence Palpatine Post Rotation

While I loved the raw power of the original Palpatine in Star Wars: Destiny, running a single character always felt a little too risky for me. Whenever I saw the upcoming Palpatine from Convergence though, I was excited that his elite version was only 18 points!

Palpatine card fan

My first thought, as it often is, was that he could be paired with Anakin by including one of two -1 plots, Bitter Rivalry or Solidarity. Bitter Rivalry, a -1 point plot that lets your opponent draw a card and deal 2 damage at the start of the game, is the kind of card I have to have a really good reason for using. So I started with Solidarity. As I started building the deck, it became obvious how much of an issue this restriction would be using a single color and planning for rotation (meaning I wasn’t including any cards from sets 1 through 3).

In the post-rotation card pool, there are a very few Force abilities. I realized pretty quickly that the recently spoiled Soresu upgrades were some of the best blue abilities available, so it wasn’t long before I started also considering Lightsaber Mastery. Lightsaber Mastery is a 2-point plot that lets you bring two ‘move’ events to the game, outside of your deck. You can take an action to play one of them from the plot, giving you consistent access to them.

Palpatine + Anakin + Lightsaber Mastery

What eventually came out was the insanity that is the deck below. I will be playing the deck on stream (YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch) Monday, February 18th at 4pm CST!

Battlefield: Theed Royal Palace

Plot: Lightsaber Mastery

Palpatine, Unlimited Power
Elite Anakin, Conflicted Apprentice

Upgrades: 17
x1  Dagger of Mortis
x2  Force Jump
x2  Force Storm
x1  Force Wave
x2  Heirloom Lightsaber
x1  Malice
x2  Palpatine’s Lightsaber
x2  Soresu Mastery
x2  Soresu Training
x2  Torment

Events: 13
x2  Clash
x2  Conflicted
x2  Deflecting Slash
x2  Doubt
x2  Hidden Motive
x1  I Am Your Father
x2  Mislead

Deck Overview: The goal of the deck is to keep Palpatine alive as long as possible and make as much use of his Power Action to roll in Force abilities for free each round as possible. This is particularly potent with Force Storm and Force Wave, although being able to roll in Soresu Mastery after you play it with Soresu Training is a neat trick. This necessarily makes the deck upgrade heavy though, which is at least partially helped by having two move events accessible throughout the game thanks to Lightsaber Mastery.

Note, this deck requires decently complex sequencing (the order you take your actions). I don’t necessarily recommend this version of the deck for newer players.

Opening Moves: The best opening for the deck assumes you have your battlefield, so you can either play a single 3-cost upgrade or a 1-cost and 2-cost upgrade on Palpatine. Next to that, opening with Soresu Training into Soresu Mastery is also a pretty solid start, since you can roll in Soresu Mastery with Palpatine’s Power Action. Both of these scenarios can easily not happen though, so most likely play is going to require you to activate Anakin first and use a re-roll or two to get a resource to play one of your upgrades.

Finishing Moves: If you were wondering why I decided on Elite Anakin and not Palpatine, it is all about targeting. The deck wants to play upgrades on Palpatine, so if he were Elite he would be the obvious target. As it is built, the idea is to make use of Palpatine for as long as you can and have as many redeploy upgrades on him as you can by the time he is defeated. This leaves Anakin in the end game, who is a solid closer as long as he has a few upgrades.

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