Deadly Droids – Spark of Hope Exclusive Preview

Spark of Hope Preview Gameplay – Star Wars: Destiny

Spark of Hope Preview Gameplay – Star Wars: Destiny

Posted by Team Covenant on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Outer Rim

A combination of playing the Outer Rim board game at Adepticon and seeing the first several minutes of The Mandalorian (an upcoming live-action Star Wars show) at Celebration has me more excited than ever to explore the darker edges of the galaxy. Amidst this hype, you can imagine how excited I was to see we were going to be previewing the new IG-88 from Spark of Hope!

Unlike Zuckuss and 4-LOM (who naturally pair together and who I desperately hope we get in a future set), IG-88 doesn’t have any existing thematic pairings. If you are unfamiliar with IG-88, he is a sentient droid that shares his consciousness among several droids. These droids are referenced as IG-88A, IG-88B, and so on for each version.

The most thematic pairing would be other versions of IG-88. Short of that, an army of droids could do! So, I initially included two Battle Droids. This would give me access to some of my favorite cards (like The Best Defense) and several droid specific cards (Modular Frame and E-5 Blaster Carbine). It would also let me leverage an increasing number of cards they reference the “droid” sub-type.

As I was putting together the list though, I realized I could add General Grievous from Convergence, giving me a 1-point discount on both IG-88 and a Battle Droid! As I was building the deck, it became clear that I didn’t have enough bounties to justify including Bounty Hunter’s Guild (pictured above).

Elite IG-88 (Spark of Hope)
General Grievous (Convergence)
Battle Droid

Battlefield: Lair of General Grievous

Upgrades: 10
x2 Donderbus Blaster Pistol
x2 E-5 Blaster Carbine
x2 Handheld L-S1 Cannon
x2 Hidden Blaster
x2 Modular Frame

Downgrades: 6
x2 Dead or Alive
x2 Death Mark
x2 Wanted

Events: 14
x2 A Sinister Peace
x2 Automated Defense
x2 Crash Landing
x1 Entangle
x2 Roger, Roger
x1 Subdue
x2 The Best Defense…
x2 Well-Connected

Deck Overview: One of the biggest issues with downgrades, and particularly bounties, is that they often don’t do anything until a character is defeated. This makes investing card slots in your deck and resources early only good if you have other cards that leverage those bounties. IG-88 definitely turns this math on it’s head with his Power Action though, making it well worth your time to get bounties in play!

Opening Moves: Since IG-88 is the strongest character, your opponent is likely to attack him first. This means if you want to make full use of his Power Action, you need to get downgrades in play quickly. My favorite is Dead or Alive since it pays for itself and gets better the longer it is in play. I recommend attaching it to the character you plan to defeat mid-game, if not last. The goal is to get a couple of redeploy upgrades on IG-88 early and force your opponent to defeat him first.

Finishing Moves: If you can pull it off, the strongest finishing move is redeploying your upgrades from IG-88 to your Battle Droid before either Grievous or the Droid have activated. If you can then activate and resolve the Battle Droid and upgrade dice before it is defeated, you can use cards like The Best Defense and Crash Landing to defeat your own Battle Droid and redeploy everything to Grievous!

Spark of Hope

If you want to guarantee you get one of everything from Spark of Hope, including IG-88, R2-D2, and C-3PO, grab a Spark of Hope Saga Set! Each Saga Set comes with one of every Legendary and two of every other card in the set and we are running out of sets that are guaranteed to ship by release!

If you prefer booster boxes, you can guarantee you get them on or as close as possible to release with a Destiny Booster Box Subscription. Signing up is free and you aren’t charged for your booster boxes until a week or two a new set releases. You also never have to worry about pre-ordering again, as you’ll keep getting new sets as they are released!

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