Fateful Companions – Spark of Hope Exclusive Preview

Spark of Hope Preview Gameplay – Star Wars: Destiny

Spark of Hope Preview Gameplay – Star Wars: Destiny

Posted by Team Covenant on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Fateful Companions

When I was looking at our preview cards from Spark of Hope, I imagined going back in time and talking to my 13-year old self. I pictured explaining to my younger self, “Someday, you’ll get to write a preview article revealing the Legendary versions of the fateful companions R2-D2 and C-3PO for one of your favorite games of all time.”

I would have responded to my older self, “What’s a Legendary? It seems really unlikely that this would happen, maybe 3,720 to…”

I’d cut my younger self off, exclaiming, “Never tell me… err, yourself the odds!”

Growing up, these have always been two of my favorite characters. As you might imagine, getting to reveal the character versions of R2-D2 and C-3PO is as much an honor as it is exciting! Having a plot built specifically for them, Fateful Companions is a welcome bonus that proved helpful while constructing a deck featuring this fateful duo.

As I was trying to decide what character to include with this famous droid duo, I realized how well Anakin Skywalker paired with them. Not only does he fit thematically, but he lets us use all three colors in a deck, gives us another “After you activate” ability to use with our plot, and his action can be used on the R2-D2 and C-3PO character dice since they are both droids!

If you look at the deck below, you will notice the characters aren’t exactly going to do a lot of damage. This forces the deck to focus on resource generation and playing powerful supports to win games. After thinking this deck over for a few days, I landed on the first draft of the deck below.

Elite Anakin Skywalker
Elite C-3PO

Plot: Fateful Companions
Battlefield: Mos Espa Arena

Upgrade: 6
x2 R2 Astromech
x2 Targeting Astromech
x2 Triple Laser Turret

Support: 7
x1 Anakin Skywalker’s Podracer
x1 Escape Craft
x2 Millennium Falcon
x2 N-1 Starfighter
x1 Shadow Caster

Event: 17
x2 A Friend Lost
x2 Aerial Advantage
x2 Easy Pickings
x1 Entangle
x2 Hidden Motive
x2 Into The Garbage Chute
x2 Mechanical Insight
x2 Pacify
x1 Rout
x1 Vandalize

Deck Overview: This deck is a thematic spin on the classic hero vehicle deck. It’s built around “After you activate” abilities on the characters and looks to make full use of the Fateful Companions plot. If you’re a fan of R2-D2 and C-3PO (who isn’t?) or some of the most epic moments in Episode 1 (Podracing, N1-StarFighters, etc.), this is a deck worth trying!

Opening Moves: Being able to use the “After you activate” ability on C-3PO twice in the first round means you can generate an absurd number of resources early. R2’s ability and Anakin’s resource sides nearly guarantee you will have two dice showing resources before C-3PO activates, letting you resolve them for four total resources! Be wary of Yellow Heroes though, as a single Easy Pickings could totally wreck your first turn. The number one goal of the deck is to play either the Millennium Falcon or the Shadowcaster on the first round.

Finishing Moves: The deck wants to get a few big supports in play and then buy you enough time to really make use of them. The R2 Astromech and N1-Starfighter will let you take multiple activations with the Falcon or Shadow Caster each round, which should be enough to outrun your opponents in a damage race! Assuming you get one of these two supports in play on turn one, the deck will win by creating enough resources to consistently play more supports while controlling your opponent’s best dice.

Spark of Hope

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