“I’m Putting a Crew Together, You In?” – Across the Galaxy Spoilers

After what felt like an eternity, Fantasy Flight Games posted their first Destiny preview article in nearly three months last week! Shortly after, we received a few Across the Galaxy spoilers mostly featuring characters from the Solo movie, which we discuss in depth on The Covenant Cast today. You can see them below.

At first glance, the most important card of our Across the Galaxy spoilers seems to be Double Down. My initial thought was to include three copies of Sith Holocron and a powerful force ability. As I had more time to think about the card, I can’t help but think it will be a critical card for any combo deck (like the one turn kill Launch Bay deck) moving forward.

While I am certain there was a time in my life where I would have spent the past week trying to ‘break’ Double Down, I decided it would be more fun to showcase a few decks with Tobias Beckett. Of all of the characters from Solo, Beckett was one of my favorites (right behind Qi’ra). I decided to build two decks, the first being a thematic deck, pairing him with Han, and the second being a ‘serious’ deck (whatever that actually means) featuring Arihnda Pryce and Mother Talzin.

“Stick To The Plan” – Tobias Beckett

Battlefield: Emperor’s Throne Room

Elite Han Solo (Across the Galaxy)
Elite Tobias Beckett (Across the Galaxy)

2 x Blackmail
2 x Cunning
2 x Hidden Blaster
2 x LL-30 Blaster Pistol
2 x Mandalorian Vambraces
1 x X-8 Night Sniper
1 x Tobias Beckett’s Rifle

2 x Confiscation
2 x Doubt
2 x Entangle
2 x Friends in Low Places
2 x He Doesn’t Like You
2 x In The Crosshairs
2 x One-Quarter Portion
2 x Risky Move
2 x Truce

The deck is all about both characters ability to control resources. In your opening hand, the one card you are definitely looking for is Cunning. I recommend playing it on Han, so that it makes Beckett look like less of a target. From there, the options vary wildly.

With Beckett’s power action and special, the deck has the ability to ramp resources quickly. There are plenty of upgrades to take advantage if you do ramp and a few powerful control options too, like In The Crosshairs. The deck can also play a mean resource denial game, pairing Han’s and Beckett’s special with cards like Confiscation or Blackmail.

While it is less thematic, the consistency of Emperor’s Throne Room in this deck cannot be overstated. Unless your opponent has a deck that relies on special symbols, it almost forces them to take their battlefield. If you win the roll off or if they are brave enough to take your battlefield, being able to trigger either special at the end of the turn makes late turn resource gain not really an option for your opponent.

“Do Not Improvise.” – Tobias Beckett

With a more competitive lens, I doubt Beckett’s optimal use is playing him as an elite character. At 11 points, and as much health, his power action is enough to make him a viable character at one die for the same reason that Rey + Aayla starting a game with three resources via Profitable Connection is so good.

Anytime I am looking to take advantage of a static ability or power action with a single die character, my first check is to see if I can play all three colors and have at least three characters. You could run an elite 19 point character, but two characters and three dice seems to be the least viable archetype in the game right now. You don’t get the benefit of multiple bodies on the table and you start with so few dice, it is too easy for your opponent to control you out of the early game.

As it happens, Beckett can be played alongside two of the best characters in the game and play all three colors. The first draft of deck is below.

Battlefield: Emperor’s Throne Room

Regular Tobias Beckett
Regular Arihnda Pryce
Regular Mother Talzin

2 x Force Illusion
2 x Force Throw
2 x Force Wave
1 x Mind Probe
2 x Sith Holocron
1 x Dagger of Mortis
2 x Z6 Riot Control Baton

2 x Command Shuttle

1 x Dark Ritual
2 x Feel Your Anger
2 x Flank
2 x In The Crosshairs
2 x Overconfidence
2 x One Quarter Portion
1 x Tactical Mastery
2 x The Best Defense…
2 x Witch Magic

As is the case with any deck, the one card you are definitely looking for in your opening hand is Sith Holocron. One of the issues with a Holocron deck is what happens if you don’t draw it in the early or even mid game. In this case, you have Beckett’s ability, Talzin’s die fixing, and Arihnda’s special to make sure you can get to three plus resources on the first turn. This means you guarantee you can play Command Shuttle or one of the three cost Force abilities on the first turn.

If you do draw Holocron, the only character you don’t want to upgrade is Talzin. I would likely upgrade Beckett first, putting a target on his head. Ending a game with Talzin or Pryce and a few good upgrades is hard for most decks to overcome. The deck also includes three upgrades with Redeploy, so you can take advantage, in the long term, of cheating out upgrades with Holocron.

One of the spicier cards in the deck is Command Shuttle. This makes me really want to end a game with Arihnda on the board, since between her die and a single Command Shuttle you are able to really dish out some consistent damage. Any time you can have damage showing without actually having it showing (her ability to turn a die to a side of your choice and resolve it), it makes the one on one end game a real pain for your opponent.

What’s your favorite Across the Galaxy spoilers so far? Would you change anything about either of my decks? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

While we don’t have a release date for Across the Galaxy, we can’t help but feel like it’s imminent. If you want to automatically receive your booster boxes for Across the Galaxy at the cheapest possible price with free shipping, now is the time to sign up for a booster box subscription. If you want to skip the boxes and guarantee you get everything with an Across the Galaxy Saga Set, be aware that we are almost sold out!

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