Nightsisters – Spark of Hope Exclusive Preview

Spark of Hope Preview Gameplay – Star Wars: Destiny

Spark of Hope Preview Gameplay – Star Wars: Destiny

Posted by Team Covenant on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Sinister Sisters

When Old Daka used a Talisman to summon Nightsister Zombies from the trees of Dathomir, I remember feeling a tingle crawl up my neck. Even with it being a cartoon, there was a general sense of unease as their haunting screams began playing through the surround sound.

When I read the Power Action on Old Daka (Spark of Hope), I couldn’t help but smile at how incredibly thematic she was! Regardless of what the Nightsister Zombie did, I knew getting additional characters every round would make for a wild deck. I was even mildly concerned at first, given how overwhelming it could be to play against a deck that could generate two additional characters every round!

Luckily, the Zombies are difficult to make useful. In order for them to deal any damage, there has to be a curse and Witch in play. They also can’t be assigned indirect damage before other characters. In order to make use of them then, you must either include curses or have a way of making the number of characters you have in play meaningful.

Given how restrictive it is to make them work, it took me a while to build this deck and I’m not convinced my first draft is anywhere close! I have a sneaking suspicion that someone is going to figure out how to make insane decks with both the Talisman of Resurrection and Old Daka, but I’m not sure they will be in the same deck.

My first draft of an Old Daka deck is below, so if you have any recommendations leave them in the comments!

Elite Old Daka (Spark of Hope)
Mother Talzin
First Order Stormtrooper

Battlefield: Rift Valley

Upgrade: 9
x2 E-11 Blaster
x2 Force Jump
x2 Heirloom Lightsaber
x2 Riot Shield
x1 Talisman of Resurrection

Downgrade: 4
x2 Hex
x2 Possessed

Events: 17
x2 Common Cause
x1 Flank
x2 Forsaken
x2 Near Miss
x2 Outnumber
x2 Respite
x2 Strength in Numbers
x2 The Best Defense…
x2 Witch Magick

Deck Overview: If you like playing cards most players leave in the binder, this deck is for you! Using Daka’s Power Action to get several Zombies in play, this deck leverages a suite of cards most decks wouldn’t even consider playing. In case your unfamiliar, here are a few of the offbeat cards: Common Cause, Flank, Outnumber, Respite, and Strength in Numbers. Like the Witches from the Clone Wars, this deck will make it a pain for your opponent to defeat any of your characters!

Opening Moves: Since the deck plays Old Daka as an elite character and she is essential to the Nightsister Zombies, most opponent’s will attack her first. This makes the ideal opening either upgrading Mother Talzin or getting an early Possessed in play. Note that most of the control cards in this deck cost a resource, so you will need to be careful when you spend your resources early.

Finishing Moves: If all goes according to plan, you will play at least one Strength in Numbers before Daka is defeated and your Nightsister Zombies fade into the ether. By the time she is defeated, you are aiming to have Talzin with at least two upgrades. If you can pull off a Talisman of Resurrection to bring Daka back, all the better! The deck doesn’t rely on this though and should hold up extremely well in the late game.

Spark of Hope

If you want to guarantee you get everything from Spark of Hope, including Old Daka and the Nightsister Zombies, we are almost out of Spark of Hope Saga Sets that ship by release! Each Saga Set comes with one of every Legendary and two of every other card in the set.

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