Revisiting Han + Rey (Shades) After Rotation

This Friday at 6pm CST, I will be playing in the Covenant Masters Finale Trilogy event (and we will be streaming it on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch)! With the release of Convergence comes the rotation of sets 1, 2, and 3 out of standard play. Knowing this was on the horizon, I decided to build a different deck for each of the Swiss rounds!

These are the decks I will be playing on stream:

Darth Vader + Jawa + Retribution
Doctor Aphra + Snoke + Executioner + Bitter Rivalry
Kylo + Anakin
Palpatine + Veteran Stormtrooper + Retribution
Rey + Han
Yoda + Luke Skywalker + Stolen Intel

I have a long history with Han Rey (for example, check out my path to Worlds 2017 blog), so when The Hyperloops randomly tagged me in this Tweet I was a bit confused. When I finally understood they wanted to name the pairing Shades, I nearly choked on my coffee!

I spent the first year or so of Destiny playing a lot of Han Rey, so it hadn’t even crossed my mind to revisit that paired with their Legacies cycle characters. Once I started building decks for Masters though, it quickly became one of the decks I was most excited to try. Below is the current iteration of my Han + Rey (aka Shades) deck, which has gone through one revision after a handful of games at our local Destiny league night.

Battlefield: Theed Royal Palace

Elite Rey
Elite Han Solo

Upgrades: 10
x1  Dagger of Mortis ()
x1  Darksaber ()
x1  Ezra Bridger’s Lightsaber ()
x2  Force Wave ()
x2  Heirloom Lightsaber ()
x1  Rey’s Lightsaber ()
x2  Treasured Lightsaber ()

Support: 3
x2  Luke’s Protection
x1  R2-D2 ()

Events: 17
x2  Conflicted
x2  Defensive Stance
x2  Easy Pickings
x2  Entangle
x1  Hasty Exit
x2  Heightened Awareness
x2  Hidden Motive
x2  Mislead
x2  Pacify

Deck Overview: Unlike the Han Rey deck from Awakenings, this one is surprisingly straightforward. The deck has two solid characters that can deal damage and create resources as good as most decks. It requires a fundamental style of play, where you slowly build your board while mitigating your opponent’s dice with some of the best control cards in the game. This is the perfect deck for a newer Star Wars: Destiny player or for anyone looking to master the fundamentals of the game.

Opening Hand: In your opening hand, look for 2-cost upgrades and any number of 0-cost cards you can get your hands on. I recommend you mulligan everything else. If you end up with only a 3-cost upgrade in hand, you can activate Han first and re-roll as much as you need to in order to play an upgrade on Rey before activating. The exception to this is when you are going second. If you think Rey is going to lose her shields before activating, it may be worth activating her first and playing an upgrade on Han.

Finishing Moves: After you play an upgrade on Rey, she will become a clear target for your opponent. The deck can generate enough resources to get three upgrades on Rey before she is defeated, which is also why it has six redeploy upgrades in the list. Having at least two upgrades move to Han when Rey is defeated is how you will be capable of closing out games.

I have been excited about rotation since before the release of Across the Galaxy. It is clear that the Destiny design team has learned so much from the design of the early sets, so I am excited to see both the staple cards from the first few sets go away and the new tools decks like this one get with the release of Convergence!

If you’re planning to get a Convergence Saga Set (like me) I recommend doing so soon. You can see the shipping estimate in the title, which currently reads ‘within one week’. We recently ran out of ‘on release’ sets and expect to run out of the ‘within one week’ sets in the next few weeks!

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