Star Wars: Destiny Decklist – Elite Ahsoka + Elite Yoda

I am a huge fan of Ahsoka Tano, so I have been looking for a way to get her on the table since she was released. Over the weekend, I streamed a handful of games playing Elite Ahsoka and Elite Yoda at the monthly Covenant Tulsa Star Wars: Destiny tournament. The audio is a bit echo-y during the intro due to an issue with the streaming software. I fixed the issue a few minutes into the stream, as you will hear below.

A month or two ago, I was deep in testing for Worlds with the Tulsa meta. One night, my opponent rolled Yoda in and, seeing a special, chained their special sides into two resources. This let them play two 2-cost upgrades on their first turn! I immediately thought of how great Yoda could be with Ahsoka, and her ability to ready herself for a resource cost. Unfortunately, I did not have time to explore this pair at the time. Now that Worlds is over, I am extremely excited to play this deck!

The basic idea is simple. Get resources with Yoda early, play upgrades on Ahsoka, and then actually have the resources to pay for Ahsoka’s ability in the mid to late game. In general, you will activate Yoda first. If you only have one upgrade in your opening hand, I recommend activating Ahsoka and paying to ready her via her ability immediately after you activate Yoda. If you end up having to re-roll to get to a special on a Yoda die, also having Ahsoka’s dice in play to re-roll will increase your consistency. It will also give your opponent a distraction and other dice to control besides Yoda’s.

If you have two upgrades on Ahsoka going into the second turn, you are looking for more resources with Yoda. Assuming you can get two more resources, you can now activate Ahsoka with four dice and then pay the four resource cost to ready her via her ability. This results in a massive second turn for the deck.

As the game goes on, my favorite setup is double Shoto Lightsaber on Ahsoka. Since she can activate twice most turns, you will end up gaining (or removing from your opponent’s characters) four shields a turn. When you combine these shields with Yoda’s ability to generate shields and your control cards, a lot of decks struggle to defeat your characters.

As a final bit of advice, do not be afraid to resolve Ahsoka’s upgrade or character dice for resources early. If you can roll damage to remove a character you may want to re-roll for that, but often times getting money to use her ability on future turns and ensuring your dice are resolvable for your second activation each turn is strong enough.

The version of the deck I was playing on Saturday is below and on here.

Characters: Elite Ahsoka, Elite Yoda
Battlefield: Obi-Wan’s Hut

x2 Ancient Lightsaber
x2 Force Illusion
x2 Force Speed
x2 Heirloom Lightsaber
x1 Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Lightsaber
x2 Shoto Lightsaber

x1 R2-D2

x2 Close Quarters Assault
x2 Destiny
x2 Force Misdirection
x2 Guard
x2 Hidden Motive
x2 Lightsaber Pull
x1 Mind Trick
x1 My Ally Is The Force
x2 Overconfidence
x2 Trust Your Instincts

I plan to stream from Covenant Tulsa on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm (central). This Wednesday, I will be drafting Legacies on stream in preparation for the first Covenant Masters qualifier event on June 23rd!

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