The Rise of Reylo – Episode II

In case you missed it, FFG is releasing new versions of Kylo and Rey in set 8 (Spark of Hope) along with a new plot, called Temporary Truce, that lets you play them on the same team. Since the announcement, I’ve had time to try out the new versions of both Kylo and Rey!

As soon as Temporary Truce was announced, my first thought was to pair Kylo 2 (from the 2-player starter) and Rey 1 (from Awakenings) in Infinite, where all cards are legal to play. After a few minutes though, I switched gears and started considering how I wanted to build decks around the new versions of these characters.

I am really impressed by how how well these characters play, particularly together! They have unique tricks when played together that really gives you a sense of them working together in the Throne Room scene at the end of The Last Jedi.

When I was first putting together my Reylo deck, I was trying to make equal use of both characters. After playing though, it was obvious that the deck wasn’t sure what it was trying to do. I think the best representation of the two directions are Kylo’s Power Action and Rey’s Special. Damage and shields.

Thematic, right?

I decided I needed to build two decks, one focused on Rey and the other on Kylo. Having seen Rey’s special generate 6+ shields in a round with a single die, I can safely say I severely undervalued her special. I have since updated my original Reylo deck to focus on making much better use of the Spark of Hope Rey.

My next step was creating a deck centered on the new Kylo, my favorite of the two new characters. The biggest change to the deck is actually a change in the starting characters, shifting from the upcoming version of Rey to the previous one (from the 2-Player Starter).

Both characters can generate a free damage each round, a fact that this deck tries to make full use of!

Battlefield: Obi-Wan’s Hut

Elite Rey (2-Player Starter)
Elite Kylo (Spark of Hope)

Upgrades: 11
x2 Crossguard Lightsaber
x1 Dagger of Mortis
x2 Guardian of the Whills
x2 Heirloom Lightsaber
x1 Qui-Gon Jinn’s Lightsaber
x1 Rey’s Lightsaber
x2 Torment

Supports: 4
x2 It Binds All Things
x1 Luke’s Protections
x1 R2-D2

Events: 15
x2 Adapt
x1 Ataru Strike
x2 Conflicted
x2 Defensive Stance
x2 Hidden Motive
x1 Loth-Wolf Bond
x1 No Mercy
x2 Pacify
x2 Witch Magick

Deck Overview: This deck is more aggressive than my original Reylo build, which makes sense given that this build is focused on Kylo Ren. The deck needs to generate a few shields, but really just enough to use Kylo and Rey’s free damage each round!

Opening Moves: The most important card to get in your opening hand is It Binds All Things. One of my favorite combos is using It Binds All Things to play either Guardian of the Whills or Torment. After you get the shield or resource respectively, you can overwrite them with an upgrade! Otherwise, you’re looking to gain another resource (Torment, Adapt, resolving dice) in order to get an upgrade into play on turn one.

Finishing Moves: The deck wants to have Rey in play at the end of the game, since her free damage will continue happening as long as you have a shield. This means you will upgrade Kylo early and attempt to get your opponent to attack him first. If they do, look to overwrite upgrades on him with those that have Redploy. If they go after Rey instead, this makes Kylo passing shields to Rey for free damage incredibly effective! The big plays that are likely to end a game are Ataru Strike if you have a stack of shields or No Mercy if you don’t.

Spark of Hope

After playing with both the new Rey and Kylo, I’m already amped for Spark of Hope! There are a slew of possibilities with these characters and I have to imagine we will get even more cards to support this theme in this set.

While Rey and Kylo are only rare cards, you can ensure you get them and every other card in Set 8 (like the Legendary Darth Maul and Thrawn) by grabbing a Saga Set! Each set comes with one of every Legendary and two of every other card from Spark of Hope. Note, we have a limited number of Saga Sets available that will ship ‘by release’!

It’s still pretty close to the release of the last set, so you can also lock in your boxes without spending any money through a Destiny Booster Box Subscription. Signing up is free and you aren’t charged for your booster boxes until a week or two before release.


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