The Rise of Reylo

If the Episode IX teaser trailer wasn’t enough to get me completely hyped on Star Wars, the official announcement of the 8th set of Destiny (Spark of Hope) by Fantasy Flight Games today at Celebration sealed the deal! Before Reylo was even announced I was already riding a bit of a high after getting the beautiful alt-art Darth Maul (below) and seeing that we’d be getting a character version of R2-D2 on the back of the promo card.

Maul alt art prior to Reylo announcement

FFG not only previewed a new version of Kylo and Rey in their set 8 website announcement today, but also revealed that we will be able to play them on the same team! The throne room scene at the end of The Last Jedi is easily one of my favorite scenes in all of Star Wars, so I have no idea why I never even dreamed of the possibility of this team.

Amidst all of this Star Wars hype, I can forgive myself for not fully realizing what the bigger implications of being able to play these characters on a team are. Blue has been my favorite color since Destiny released and now for the first time, I can include all of my favorite Hero and Villain blue cards in the same deck!

Reylo art is amazing!

While I’d like to go on and on about how excited I am to be able to play Kylo and Rey together, there is way too much happening here at Star Wars Celebration right now! I put together a very quick first Rey + Kylo (henceforth referenced as Reylo) deck and listed it below.

Battlefield: Obi-Wans Hut

Plot: Temporary Truce

Elite Kylo Ren
Elite Rey

Upgrades: 10
x1  Dagger of Mortis
x2  Guardian of the Whills
x2  Heirloom Lightsaber
x1  Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Lightsaber
x1  Qui-Gon Jinn’s Lightsaber
x1  Rey’s Lightsaber
x2 Torment

Support: 6
x2  Defensive Teaching
x2  It Binds All Things
x1  Luke’s Protection
x1  R2-D2

Events: 14
x2  Adapt
x2  Ataru Strike
x2  Conflicted
x2  Defensive Stance
x2  Hidden Motive
x1  Loth-Wolf Bond
x1  No Mercy
x2  Pacify

Reylo Deck Overview: Originally, I built this deck very similar to my old Kylo Anakin deck. After a few play throughs though, it became obvious that to make full use of the new Rey and Kylo from Spark of Rebellion, this deck had to take a very different route. The deck is now looking to make full use of Rey’s special to pile on shields, making it nearly impossible for your opponent to defeat your characters and making cards like Ataru Strike an insanely powerful card.

Opening Moves: While most decks want to get a two-cost upgrade into play on turn one, this deck works completely differently. The goal is to get an It Binds All Things into play, which will let you play Guardian of the Whills or Torment for free. From there, you can use Adapt or Torment to gain a resource and play a 3-cost upgrade on turn one (ideally on Kylo). If this fails and you also can’t roll a resource on whichever character you activate first, you can use your remaining resource to play an event for shields. This will let you immediately start making use of Kylo’s Power Action to move shields to Rey for free damage.

Finishing Moves: Heading into the second turn, you’re looking to either play a powerful 3-cost upgrade on Kylo or upgrade one of the 1-cost upgrades after you’ve made use of it on the second turn. Defensive Teaching lets you have an extra shield on your characters and Rey’s special let’s you load shields onto your characters. Ataru Strike lets you resolve a melee damage at +X damage, where X equals the number of shields on your character. An Ataru Strike that resolves a melee die for  3+ damage can effectively end a game well before it’s over, especially if you surprise your opponent and defeat one of their characters in the first few rounds!

Spark of Hope

While Rey and Kylo are only rare cards, you can ensure you get them and every other card in Set 8 (like the Legendary Darth Maul and Thrawn) by grabbing a Saga Set! Each set comes with one of every Legendary and two of every other card from Spark of Hope. Note, we have a limited number of Saga Sets available that will ship ‘by release’!

It’s still pretty close to the release of the last set, so you can also lock in your boxes without spending any money through a Destiny Booster Box Subscription. Signing up is free and you aren’t charged for your booster boxes until a week or two before release.

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