TC OPEN: Final Table

Here is the bracket.

The showdown game is upon us, and I find myself in an unusual position; I’m still in the tournament, which has never happened before. Until now, I have always (all but once) qualified into the elimination bracket but found myself with a loss before getting my chance at the title. Now that I’m here, I find myself against Rinehart — the same player who has almost been champion before, and who is looking at me now as one last player to beat. Ryan and I know each other well. We have faced off many times, and watched one another play countless times. He’s one of the players I can name that makes moves I don’t see coming, and he’s beaten me many times at X-wing. I narrowly won in TOP 4 against a list similar to his. It should be a tense final game.
Ryan Fleming —
46 Whisper w/ SJ, VI, Krennic, ACD
32 Scariff BP w/ Palpatine, Frame, AdvA
22 Omicron w/ Targeting Scrambler, Courier Droid, Intel Agent
(Whisper can discard a Cloak token to attack normally.)
(Omicron can equip AA during ship placement.)

Theorist Jeff —
58 Dash w/ PTL, Kyle, Engine, HLC, Outrider
42 Crimson Spec w/ AccC, Engine, Hyperwave Comm Scanner, Silos, Proton Bomb

Whisper has a rather large bodyguard in this fight, which Paul’s list in TOP 4 did not have. Omicron moves faster due to its large base, and is more of a short term threat. But timed well, the big shuttle will swing the fight and protect Whisper. Much of this fight will probably hinge on how this ship performs; will it flank in and get damage against my squad, or will it find itself facing the wrong way and out of position to block? I believe both of us have strong chances to win the final game, by list.

WINNER: Ryan Fleming (100-11)

We will share play time/day once this game is scheduled.