TC OPEN FINAL TABLE: Rinehart vs Oli_186th

We had great semi-finals. I put the fear of Rebels into Oli. But he survived my first and second attack passes then eventually Boost defeated me (the irony!). But I’d take that same fight again. It felt very winnable, and was fun. Doobleg decided not to evacuate in his moment of triumph, only to see the emperor die. So now Oli must face Rebels again! It should be a most interesting final.

44 Corran w/ R2-D2, FCS, VI, Autothrusters
30 Roark w/ Ops Spec, Autothrusters, TLT
26 Gold w/ R3A2, TLT, BTL-A4

40 Asajj w/ Mindlink, Razzi
29 Teroch w/ Mindlink, Autothrusters
31 Fenn w/ Mindlink, Autothrusters

Despite all the buffed cards in this format, the final table ends up a curious spectacle. Corran and Roark both have Autothrusters, as they have Boost given to them. No other buffed cards are in play — Oli has chosen a squad with no improved cards, relying instead on the known high power of the Mindlink and Razzi upgrade cards. I see a lot of similarities between Rinehart’s squad and mine… can he overcome Oli’s squad? I wish both players luck in this last game.

— This game will be played to conclusion, or until one player concedes.
— Huge ships are still legal as an obstacle choice.
— If either player cannot play the final game, JJBrown17 will fill the missing seat.
— If both players cannot play the final game, DarthDane will fill the other seat.

I challenge Rinehart and Oli_186th to swap lists for the final table. If both players agree, I will allow it. But I suspect both players feel they have the advantage here, as they trust their lists and have beats against the enemy squad. Regardless, I look forward to a pretty wild final game — we have, predictably, 4 Boosting ships and 2 turrets in the final match.

I would like thank Zach Bunn and Team Covenant again, for providing a prize to this tournament. To be honest I was hoping for a much larger turnout, and feel just a little bad that the smallest tournament I’ve ever run is the one that has a prize. I certainly hope this hasn’t soured Zach on agreeing to prize support! But we did have a good time, and I really enjoyed exploring a slightly different version of the game with you all. Thank you all for joining in. I hope to see you again next time.

After taking 1-2 weeks to breathe, I will be running another TC OPEN. This one will be much more newbie-friendly, and a bit closer to official tournament standards than this one has been. No pilots/upgrades will be buffed or nerfed, but there will be an “incentive” list to encourage the use of certain ships. Details will be in the sign-up article, which I will post in mid/late April.

  1. So it’s over… Great final game Vs Rinehart with both of us making key mistakes to lose our aces in consecutive turns. Assaj carried the day to kill off the remainder of the rebels once corran went down.

    Thanks very much again to Rinehart. Very well played and swung back and forward loads!

    Scum win the TC open

  2. For everyone that wanted to watch, a couple of the guys from europe (Fishy and Veldrin) as well as Theorist have the logfiles for the Semi Final and the Final itself.

    They should have them animated with commentary up on YouTube by the end of the week for your viewing pleasure!

      1. Thanks a lot ! and to everyone else (Especially Rinehart) was such a good game and we are definitely going to have to have a rematch at some point!

        Just need to travel over to the states to play him on table now 😉