TC OPEN: Finalists!

After some interesting rounds, the tournament comes to a close with one last game. I am excited to see that one squad at the final table is not using any discounted ships, while the other sports three T-65 X-wings and uses its 9 saved points toward the purchase of a Z-95. Here is the final table match:
#1) LeoArthur
23 Biggs w/ R4-D6, IA
38 (x2) Rookie w/ R2, IA
26 Gold w/ R3-A2, TLT, BTL-A4
13 Bandit w/ G Chips, Thread Tracers

#2) Remi
36 Guri w/ Mindlink, Autothrusters, StarViper mk II, Virago, Sensor Jammer, BMST
32 Fenn w/ Mindlink, Autothrusters, CDP title
30 Teroch w/ Mindlink, Autothrusters, CDP title

LeoArthur’s protected R3-A2 will give Remi some challenges, especially if Guri is not the target. A double stressed Fenn or Teroch could die quickly, especially with that Thread Tracer to help improve Rebel offense against the first target. Remi has almost full control over when, where, and how the fight goes… if he can avoid losing ships to heavy fire, he can ace the game. It’s a classic joust list vs ace list fight, which is always a fun game to play and watch. How solid each player is in their role will determine the winner.
I’ve been pondering what LeoArthur’s list might have looked like without the T-65 discount. He still would bring Biggs and Stresshog; otherwise it’s not the same toolbox. He’d be looking for a larger number of guns, and to maximize his firepower with them. Maybe it would look like this?

26 Biggs w/ R2-D6, IA   
26 Gold w/ R3-A2, TLT, BTL-A4
48 (x2) Blue w/ FCS

The list is a little weaker. Less firepower on the first combat turn, fewer bodies on the field, less squad durability by roughly 1-2 shots depending on enemy gun caliber. The Barrel Rolls on the B-wings is a significant improvement to mobility through obstacles on approach and to close quarters combat, though. If a few more points were available, maybe the B-wings bring Tractor Beams. I could also see Vectored Thrusters on the Gold and BB-8 on Biggs, to make the squad a little more able to position itself.
I’ve also been pondering how much better Mindlink has become, now that the game has S&V ships that almost never do red maneuvers. All of Remi’s ships can operate without ever doing a red move, and would prefer to race in and out of combat when pursued by enemy guns. What would his list look like, if Mindlink was not a card? He’s looking to get “two actions” on ships when he needs to Focus and also do something else, mainly. Might it look like this?

34 Fenn w/ PTL, Autothrusters, CDP
32 Teroch w/ PTL Autothrusters, CDP
32 Guri w/ PTL, Autothrusters, Star Viper mk II

The list can’t get 2 Focus on any ship other than Guri; Guri loses both Sensor Jammer and BMST which were nice tools to have. Positionally all ships actually become much stronger, and all ships can now stack TL+F at the same time which they could not really do before unless Guri was as Range 1 of something. This list looks comparable to the one Remi is using, but more vulnerable to counters. One reason for Mindlink becoming VERY popular has been that effective counters to it don’t really exist — the full-squad stress mechanic does not really hurt Mindlink lists all that much. Jumpmasters and Lancers can do green moves all game, as can Fangs. Star Vipers are a bit weaker to stress, but the new Star Viper mk II title really helps there to keep the ship mobile and able to turn around. When Mindlink came out, no ships for S&V existed that were able to ignore the downside of the card (except maybe the lowly HWK).

This final game will not go to time. It will be played until one squad is destroyed, or until one player concedes. The obstacle rules for the tournament remain unchanged; huge ships are legal to use. Both players are expected to be sporting at all times, part of which means not taking advantage of the other player’s sportsmanship deliberately. (I expect no issues from either player. Both are great guys and always fair minded.) I’ll ask spectators not to kibitz, or to banter excessively without permission from both players to do so. Either player may request silence from the crowd.

Remi and Leo are playing on Saturday, July 29th — game time is at 9AM (EST), 1PM (GMT/UTC).

Good luck to both players, and I should be there to TO the final game.

  1. Super happy to be in the final! Really excited about this game, it will be super hard I think. Thx Jeff for this tournament, really like those one with house rules. And may the best player win! 😀

    1. It’ll be a great match. A top player on each side. I’ll be rooting for Leo on this particular match, but I will be happy no matter the outcome – it will be a special one to watch!

  2. I’m very happy to be a finalist too! I couldn’t imagine it in the beginning! Thanks to Thoerist for organization!

    Theorist, without the T-65 discount, maybe we can substitute a Rookie for another Z with tracers. Put a B in place of the other Rookie is a good idea too. Hum… I will test this some day! I like your sugestion too!


    For those of you that don’t know, Remi has been one of the absolute strongest online players since the first waves. I can still recall the first tournament that I ran, and the epic battle against Remi in elimination that I barely won. (My Chewbacca was at 1 hull for the last 5 turns!) In almost every TC OPEN, Remi is a powerhouse. He finally got the big win at final table, and it is well deserved.

    1. Thank you! Unfortunatly, I can’t remember that game vs your Chewbacca 🙁
      Still, thx for the good words and I must say, it feels good to win on the final table!
      Can’t wait for another TC Open! Cheers!

      1. Your squad:

        25 Biggs
        29 Wedge
        46 (x2) Gold w/ Ion Turret

        My squad:

        52 Chewbacca w/ EH, Luke, MF
        48 (x2) Rookie w/ Stealth

        Stealth was not awful on AGI 2 back then, because swarms were dominant. You could sometimes get 2 damage prevented before losing it, making it a bit better than Hull or Shield. But in this game my Stealth failed vs Wedge, and I lost both Rookies quickly. Chewbacca did kill Biggs, and then Wedge. I spent the latter half of the game kiting your short range turrets with EH, taking a little bit of damage at a time. But by the the time I got to your last Y-wing, Chewbacca was at 1 hull. I spent 5 turns running away, using the MF title against your primary weapon to stay alive as I finished off the final ship. On the last turn I had no way to hide, so I moved into Range 1 of the Y-wing and landed 3 damage to kill it.

        To this day it remains my favorite game, out of all that I have played.

      2. You say that, but in my write-up about the year I went to Worlds I mixed up one player’s Miranda and in the article said he was using Poe. While I know why I did it — both are regenerating pilots and were the same priority to kill early (especially since I was on Zach’s ace list for the day) — I still feel bad about getting his squad wrong when I wrote about it later. I have both an amazing memory and the worst memory ever… some games from years ago I can set up and replay, but others are a fog in my mind. It isn’t a matter of how fun the game was; it’s entirely random.

        That said, yes you were on Rebels. You were on a Y-wing kick and trying to make Ion Turrets work… I even remember a chat we had about it. Until we met in elimination, you were winning with them against all sorts of lists. If you look at your list you can see the idea — it’s a Wedge defending machine. Biggs guards him going in, Ion Turrets put remaining enemy guns out of position, and Wedge kills one thing after another using PS 9 and his ability. My fast moving turret ship was kryptonite to that strategy.

        I am 99.999999999% sure that I am not mixing you up with Aaron Bonner. Really I am 100% sure, but I know that my brain is not unable to get things wrong. Aaron went on an Ion Turret kick too in Wave 3 and flew 2 Golds and 2 ORS (until getting diced badly in elimination during that tournament to lose one ORS on the first combat turn; I don’t think he kept playing that list afterward). But I remember you being the first person besides me to really give Ion Turret a fair chance and find success on VASSAL with it.

        You don’t recall ever playing Ion Turret Y-wings, when we were new players?

      3. It was definetly the sort of list I used during wave 3. The ion help the lack of repositioning of the list. I played my fair amount of rebel lists back then! I run away from rebel when wave 4 hits the stores. I played maybe 20 game with rebels since then, hehehe.

  4. I watched the game,. and it was truly enjoyable.

    Well thought Remi on using Guri as focus generator even while stressed for all the squad. I haven’t seen the previous games of your way to the TC Open championship, but I bet that you have used Guri to block and gain focus while Old Teroch and Fenn were positioning thenselves. Well done.

    See Attani Mindlink used this way is really interesting, and once you face it, you see how a focus can be brought in all the squad without even taking an action for it. One other way to module Attani Mindlink would be to remove SCUM ONLY. At this moment, everyone can have the possibility of using this very good EPT. I just imagine a stored focus on Rey being brought to all a squad, or a shuttle sending focus to all her wingmen.