TC OPEN: Grand Final!

Just a reminder; we are still operating under the same FORMAT RULES.

We are now operating under a new FAQ. Please go by it for all rulings.

We have a surprising last game at the final table this time around. #20, TzazikiMann, knocked of the #5 (myself) and #1 (Oli) seeds to make the final table.  #27, TsukudaJoe, just defeated the #2 (Colossal) seed to make final table. The favorites are all defeated in a pile on the floor — the day of the underdog has come. I’m very excited to see two lists I know aren’t “OP” coming together head to head in this last game. Their players have flown their way to victory, and will now square off in what my be the most exciting game of the tournament. Take a look at the final match!

Here is a link to the Challonge Bracket, for those interested.
20) TzazikiMann
34 Vader w/ TIE/X1, AdvTC, VI, G Chips, Cruise Missile
35 Quickdraw w/ FCS, VI, G Chips, Cruise Missile
31 Inquisitor w/ PTL, Autothrusters, TIE/V1

27) TsukudaJoe
48 Corran w/ R2-D2, AdvS, PTL, Engine, Seismic Torp
47 Nym w/ Havoc, Genius, AdvS, VI, Engine, TLT, Bomblet Generator

How does this final game play out? Nym’s PS 10 isn’t high enough to stop PS 11 Vader or Quickdraw from launching Cruise Missiles, and Corran definitely can melt vs payload spam. Can Engine trump Cruise Missile in this fight, or will that open up Barrel Roll plays for the Imperials? Inquisitor’s role here is reduced to that of support gun — he’s the first ship to move, and will struggle to ace vs either Rebel ship. Both players will be looking to jockey for good engagements. Imperials can try for free shots, or can trade evenly. Rebels must use lurking Bomblets and R2-D2 to find a less clear path toward the win. It should be very exciting to see these lists try to handle each other, although I fear things could go wrong easily for either player and spoil the show. I have to give the advantage to TzazikiMann in this final showdown. Imperials have more firepower, more squad durability, and better PS. I do think Joe has enough advantages to fight back and win anyways; he isn’t going to be outclassed squad to squad. Who will fly better?
🙂 Good luck to both players! 🙂

I plan to take a short break from running tournaments, after this one completes. Sign-ups for the next TC Open will not be posted until sometime in December. I plan to have the first 2018 tournament in January-April, like I did this year. Each TC Open takes almost 4 months to complete, so don’t miss your chance to sign up — missing your chance will mean waiting until May for the next opportunity.