TC OPEN: Round 2 Pairings

[Here is the FORMAT RULES link.]
[Here is the link to all lists; and to Round 1 pairings.]

1W 0L, 100, 000 — EldarLord
1W 0L, 100, 000 — James5559
1W 0L, 100, 000 — MegaSilver
1W 0L, 100, 000 — TzazikiMann
1W 0L, 100, 012 — Theorist (dark list)
1W 0L, 100, 025 — DieMilkweed
1W 0L, 100, 026 — Rinehart
1W 0L, 100, 027 — TimanSeb
1W 0L, 100, 032 — Moe718
1W 0L, 100, 033 — Theorist
1W 0L, 100, 036 — DarthRindi
1W 0L, 100, 037 — Dallin
1W 0L, 100, 060 — DukeofHobbies
1W 0L, 075, 052 — Sycho
1W 0L, 044, 033 — DarrylM
1W 0L, 000, 000 — Benjamin Nain

0W 1L, 060, 100 — VoppeRough
0W 1L, 052, 075 — CubsFan4Life
0W 1L, 037, 100 — CatchySlim
0W 1L, 036, 100 — Waylanger
0W 1L, 033, 044 — CodeEpic
0W 1L, 033, 100 — Kaleidoscopio
0W 1L, 032, 100 — ZionRussell
0W 1L, 027, 100 — TackJari
0W 1L, 026, 100 — KKthx
0W 1L, 025, 100 — TsukudaJoe
0W 1L, 012, 100 — AndreiKlep
0W 1L, 000, 100 — Aerf
0W 1L, 000, 100 — GamblerTuba
0W 1L, 000, 100 — GreenDragoon
0W 1L, 000, 100 — Rekans
0W 1L, 000, 100 — Warmaster91

We are mostly off to a good start! Rebels have picked up 7 wins, and Imperials have picked up 8 wins. S&V is slow out of the gate, with only 1 win — can they make up the deficit, to score their fair share? (They should get ~1/5 of the wins.) If you lost in Round 1, don’t feel too bad; former TC OPEN champ Oli and current TC OPEN champ TsukudaJoe both flopped out of the gate with a low scoring loss. We have 4 qualifying rounds this time, no need to panic! Do a green maneuver and get back in there.

Round 2 will end after February 1st. Round 3 will post on February 2nd.

NEW FAQ (as of Jan 22nd)
I will remind all players that errata goes into effect immediately, even though we are mid-tournament. Most squads look unaffected; I do note that DarrylM’s squad can, according to clarification in the new FAQ, definitely trigger the Harpooned condition when firing his Flechette Cannon. I am not sure who else has an affected squad. If you notice that the FAQ has impacted your squad too and want to give a shout out, feel free to use the comments section.

Table 1:
26 Fenn w/ FAAstro, VI, Hotshot Copilot
41 Poe (PS 9) w/ BB-8, VI, Autothrusters, Optics, Black One
31 Wedge w/ FAAstro, VI, IA

25 (x4) BS Ace w/ Vaksai, Deadeye, Chips, Failsafe, Cruise Missile, Cybernetics
(+1 Hull to each Black Sun Ace)

This fight is a classic contest; mobility and PS, vs vastly superior jousting firepower. EldarLord will probably be looking to take no enemy fire at all if he can (or whatever he can get), and DieMilkweed will be hunting down one target at a time trying to get a lead that he can turn into a 2v1 or 3v1 endgame. These sorts of games tend to snowball if the acing player gets better dice, or if an acing ship gets caught immediately in heavy fire. But both lists have plenty of comeback potential. Aces are never out of it vs clumsy ships (like Kihraxz Fighters with no VT equipped), and the Cybernetics + Cruise Missile combo can be instantly fatal to any ship caught by it. I think I have to favor DieMilkweed here. Fenn’s ability and Hotshot Copilot will both help against the missile barrage, but I think it will still nuke his list off the table. Maybe Poe can work some magic though?

WINNER: DieMilkweed, 100-50
Table 2:
35 Vader w/ X1 title, AdvTC, VI, Engine
33 Sigma w/ FCS, Kallus, ACD
31 Inquisitor w/ PTL, Autothrusters, V1 title
(+ cloak discard “house rule” with Sigma)

Moe718 — contact via email:
34 Vader w/ X1 title, AdvTC, VI, Chips, Cruise Missile
32 (x2) Rho w/ Crack Shot, LRS, Assault, Battery, HLC

Another mobility vs firepower fight; this time though, firepower brought some extra toys. Moe’s Vader trumps the PS of Inquisitor. Starwings won’t be shooting while they Slam, but they can still move quickly to challenge the mobility of the enemy. The wild card may be that Sigma; Kallus will almost definitely name Vader to discourage the Cruise Missile, but can the PS 3 gun fight against PS 4 Crack Shot HLCs that are Linked Battery powered? Whether Sigma walks into HLCs or lurks until it can flank might be the determining factor here. I think Vader and Inquisitor acing around should provide enough interference to get Sigma good position. This one I can’t really call. I think it will depend too heavily on who flies best, more than on lists.

WINNER: James5559, 100-0
Table 3:
MegaSilver — contact via email:
45 Miranda w/ C3-P0, LRS, TLT, Bomblet Generator, Harpoon
31 Lowhhrik w/ Selflessness, Chopper, Rey
24 Ezra w/ R3-A2, Trick Shot, Gunner

46 Corran w/ R2-D2, FCS, VI, Engine
26 Fenn w/ FAAstro, Adaptability, Kanan, Pulsed Ray Shield
28 Gray w/ R3-A2, TLT
(+1 Hull to Corran)

Rinehart’s PS 10 on Corran sort of pays off, as he meets up against PS 8 Miranda. Both regenerating ships have bodyguards; I’m not sure whose is better, but I suspect that Gray’s TLT will be highly effective at dealing with Miranda. Ezra’s arc vs Corran’s acing is the main dynamic of this fight — Corran cannot let Ezra catch him even once in arc (note that lack of PTL on Corran will slow him down), and Rinehart must find a way to dismantle the enemy list without that happening. I actually think that this positional restriction on Corran will make Miranda nigh unkillable, so I favor MegaSilver to win here despite Corran’s PS 10. Maybe Ezra must die first, even though that plays right into MegaSilver’s hands… and Rinehart’s list doesn’t have any way to do it without Corran.

WINNER: MegaSilver, 100-0
Table 4:
36 Quickdraw w/ FCS, VI, Chips, SOT title, Harpoon
39 Vader w/ X1 title, AdvTC, VI, Engine, Harpoon
22 Nu w/ LRS, Harpoon

42 Poe (PS 9) w/ BB-8, Intensity, Autothrusters, Optics, Black One
55 Dash w/ VI, Rey, SComp, HLC, Outrider, Countermeasures, Burnout SLAM

PS 11 payload meets PLOT ARMOR, but Poe is only PS 9. A pair of Harpoons will likely go into Poe; at PS 9, he can’t stop them with Black One. (If Dash is targeted, Countermeasures stops one of them.) Nu’s Harpoon will get stopped by Black One initially, and then later by Countermeasures unless Dash needs is vs heavy fire after Poe dies. So how does TimanSeb keep Poe alive, while also keeping him close to Dash so that Dash stays alive? I’m not sure his squad has an answer, but a fast moving Poe might be able to get inside Range 1  (or even past enemy arcs) to avoid Harpoons a different way. Combined with Dash’s Burnout SLAM, that creates a position where Rebels might have a better chance here. I suspect slow Dash will lose vs PS 11 Vader, so I’m calling TzazikiMann as the likely winner.

WINNER: TzazikiMann, 100-0
Table 5:
Theorist (extra list; cannot qualify)
12 (x3) Academy Pilot
32 (x2) SJ Analyst w/ FCS, Autothrusters, PA
(-1 Hull to each SJ Analyst)

Dallin — contact via email:
40 Vynder w/ VI, AdvSLAM, Arsenal, Plasma Torp, APT
37 Quickdraw w/ FCS, VI, Frame, TSynch, SOT title
23 Zeta Leader w/ VI, Optics
(+1 Hull to Zeta Leader)

That’s a nasty looking Vynder, and my list isn’t mobile enough to avoid letting him flank in on me. Dallin will, if he wants, be able to force my squad to choose — turn to meet Vynder and let QD+ZL flank me, or let Vynder flank? I should not have too much trouble blocking targets, but I may lose the guns behind my blocker and run out of endgame power. I favor Dallin here if the battle-plan is good. My list wanted to see something easier to mob on, that would not be so able to flank me.

WINNER: Theorist, 100-68
Table 6:
33 (x3) Gold w/ FAAstro, VT, TLT, BTL-A4, ExM, Loadout, Cluster Mines

32 Yorr w/ CollisionD, Palpatine
36 Quickdraw w/ FCS, VI, Frame, Sensor Cluster, SOT title
30 Omega Leader w/ Juke, Shield, Comm Relay
(+1 Hull to Yorr)
(+1 Hull to Omega Leader)

I’m not sure how to feel. I should have no issues keeping Yorr’s gun from ever shooting, but Palpatine will at least partially spoil my Cluster Mine drops. This leaves me fighting high health AGI 3 ships, through Palpatine, with TLTs that I must point. I think if I coordinate my bomb drops and my TLT barrages, I can overwhelm Palpatine here. I may also be able to slip in and kill off Yorr, if his bodyguards wander off trying to hunt Y-wings. DarthRindi I think must try to get in 1-2 (or more) shots with Yorr, and he must definitely threaten me so that I cannot concentrate my offense on one ship. Tentatively I’m calling this one in my favor. I think the Cluster Mines will still be effective enough against his ships, and I think the Lambda’s dial will be a fatal liability.

WINNER: Theorist, 68-33
Table 7:
39 Poe (PS 8) w/ BB-8, VI, Autothrusters, Optics, Black One
46 Miranda w/ Rey, Chips, TLT, ExM, Harpoon, Bomblet Generator
14 Rex

Benjamin Nain — contact via email:
35 Quickdraw w/ FCS, VI, Chips, SOT title, Cruise Missile
34 Vader w/ X1 title, AdvSensors, VI, Chips, Harpoon
31 Inquistitor w/ VI, Chips, V1 title, Harpoon

PS 10 Poe’s Black One is only useful to stop Inquisitor’s launch, but Inquisitor’s ability negates Autothrusters. Poe looks dead here, leaving Miranda and Rex to take on PS 10+ ships. Miranda doesn’t get to launch her Harpoons. Maybe she can use the Bomblet Generator to avoid heavy fire, but it looks awkward for her. I think this fight will be Benjamin all the way.

WINNER: DukeofHobbies, 0-0 (game not played)
Benjamin Nain is MIA, so I have to drop him.
Table 8:
15 AP-5 w/ Courier Droid
48 Corran w/ R2-D2, FCS, PTL, Engine
37 Poe (PS 8) w/ BB-8, VI, IA, Optics, Black One
(+1 Hull to Corran)

40 Quickdraw w/ FCS, VI, Frame, SOT title, PA, Harpoon
26 Omega Leader w/ Juke, Comm Relay
33 Rho w/ Deadeye, Chips, Assault, Battery, Flechette Cannon, ExM, Harpoon
(+1 Hull to Omega Leader)

PS 10 Poe’s Black One is again almost useless. Once Poe is down, I don’t fancy Corran’s chances in a long fight despite the regeneration — but it looks like Corran could do amazing work early, so that he gets a favorable endgame. I think how much early damage Corran can get in will be the deciding factor; can he slip Harpoons and get in a Range 1 double-tap? With Black One failing Sycho here I think I must favor DarrylM to win. The Harpoon barrage could be decisive.

WINNER: DarrylM, 52-0

Table 9:
38 Echo w/ FCS, VI, Intel Agent, ACD
61 RAC w/ Predator, Kylo, Captive, Engine, Dauntless
(+ cloak discarding “house rule” with Echo)

44 Kylo w/ FCS, VI, Autothrusters, Optics, FOV title
34 Quickdraw w/ FCS, VI, Frame, SOT title
22 Nu w/ LRS, Harpoon
(-1 Hull to Kylo)

Echo walks into PS 11, so her dancing is limited this game; too bad there, as it’s fun to watch. Rebel Captive also looks mostly out of play; Quickdraw will eat the stress, and if necessary will just shoot from the rear arc to finish off RAC. With Echo pinned down and the limits of the Decimator dial making it hard to chase (although RAC does have Engine), that normally pretty humble 22pt Nu might get in 2-3 Harpoon launches. I don’t see much in VoppeRough’s favor here, or any especially good way to make a game of it. But I know he has it in him, and I hope to see the game and whatever magic he can make happen.

WINNER: CodeEpic, 100-0
Table 10:
50 IG-88B w/ AdvS, Wired, Autothrusters, HLC, IG-2000, ID
50 IG-88C w/ AdvS, Wired, Autothrusters, HLC, IG-2000, ID

51 Kanan w/ FCS, Recon, Rey, TLT, Ghost
18 Zeb w/ Chopper, Phantom
31 Lowhhrik w/ DTF, Jan Ors

To me this looks like a patient game, in which both players might want to set aside more than 2 hours for. The Aggressors will want to trade at Range 3, and just deliberately ram Kanan to avoif trading shots at other ranges. They have the right build to maximize this strategy, and neither Kanan nor Lowhhrik can do much about it. IGs will split. One will lurk then ram, and the other will flank and slow cruise. TackJari can only hope for good enough dice to push damage though. I don’t see a plan for him, since his list doesn’t have any repositioning. Could an early deploy by Zeb bring a miracle save to this bad match-up? He is a good blocker, and could mess with Aggressor plans.

WINNER: CubsFAn4Life, 0-0 (game not played)
Table 11:
42 Whisper w/ FCS, VI, Captive, ACD
35 Soontir w/ PTL, Autothrusters, RGT, Stealth Device
23 Omega Leader w/ A Score to Settle, Optics
(+ cloak discard “house rule” with Whisper)
(+1 Hull to Omega Leader)

34 Vader w/ X1 title, AdvTC, Adaptability, Chips, Harpoon
39 Quickdraw w/ FCS, Adaptability, Frame, PA, SOT title, Harpoon
27 Rho w/ A Score to Settle, LRS, Arsenal title, Harpoon

PS 10 Harpoons vs PS 8-9 positional aces; CatchySlim has work to do to stay in this one. Deceptively dangerous here is the Rho, which can SLAM and then launch the Harpoon anyway; that kind of strike range will make flanking with the aces harder. I do see a plan CatchySlim could adopt here to try for a win — but it’s so ludicrous that I won’t share it. Do you see a way he could win this one? I do wish him luck, and if anyone can wiggle out of a tough spot it’s Soontir Fel.

WINNER: CatchySlim, 100-42
Table 12:
58 Boba w/ Snap Shot, Dengar, Engine, Ion Cannon, Slave-1, ExM, Conner Net, Chute
14 (x3) Pirate w/ Dead Man’s Switch

GamblerTuba — contact via email:
20 (x5) Omega w/ Crack Shot, Optics
(+1 Hull to each Omega)

Snap Shot meets Optics, Pirate guns will struggle to hit or even see Omegas, and Crack Shot spam could burn down Boba Fett sooner rather than later. The ion arsenal is mostly useless here, the debris is against ships that have green turns on the dial (and Optics; again in play), and Dengar is vs all generics. That’s a pretty steep hill… more of a cliff, really. Maybe Waylanger can use the fact that the Pirates are low priority targets to be hyper-aggressive with them, and get something going.

WINNER: GamblerTuba, 100-20
Table 13:
22 Rookie w/ FAAstro, IA
29 Pathfinder w/ FCS, Hera, Recruit, Ion Projector, PW title
48 Lothal w/ FCS, Zeb, BoShek, APL, TLT
(+1 Hull to Pathfinder)

TsukudaJoe (current champ!)
48 Corran w/ R2-D2, FCS, PTL, Engine
22 Fenn w/ FAAstro, VI, Chopper
30 Lowhhrik w/ Selflessness, Wookie Commandos
(+1 Hull to Corran)

Fenn’s Coordinate should dance Corran out of any nasty blocks here, but I notice a difference in firepower that should keep ZionRussel in the game. Also, once Fenn is down I notice that Corran has a lot to worry about. But Lowhhrik’s Selflessness will probably carry here. Corran will stay safe long enough, and then R2-D2 will win the game. This plays out any number of ways, and I look forward to seeing how each player approaches this one. It should be a close game.

WINNER: TsukudaJoe, 100-52
Table 14:
30 Thweek w/ SV mk II, Virago, FCS, Autothrusters
42 Asajj w/ PTL, Razzi
26 Thug w/ Unhinged Astro, VT, Ion Turret
(-1 Hull to Asajj)

49 Corran w/ R2-D2, AdvS, PTL, Engine
51 Dash w/ VI, Rey, HLC, Outrider
(+1 Hull to Corran)

I expect that Thweek will take PS 9, to trade shots with Dash and outfly Corran. But interesting also here would be to mimic Corran’s ability, and turn Thweek into a dangerous gun — Asajj can worry Corran a lot, and Thug creates a bit of a no-go zone also. Thweek would be hard for Oli to kill if KKthx was careful and set a trap for Corran to avoid. Once the fight starts though, I think KKthx has a problem. This Dash is slow, but so is KKthx’s squad. Thweek doesn’t really want to be boosting around to get into Dash’s Range 1, and can’t really dedicate to doing that while Corran is alive. The other ships can’t catch Dash. If you like subtle positioning, watch this game. Both players will be planning out their moves 2-3 turns in advance, and looking to control range more than dodge arcs. It looks like a pretty even fight to me, too.

WINNER: Warmaster91, 0-0 (game not played)
KKthx is MIA, so I have to drop him.
Table 15:
AndreiKlep – contact via email:
57 Dash w/ LW, Rey, SComp, HLC, Outrider, Crane, Countermeasures
43 Poe (PS 9) w/ R2-D2, VI, Autothrusters, Optics, Black One

38 Vader w/ X1 title, AdvTC, VI, Engine, Cruise Missile
38 Quickdraw w/ CollisionD, VI, Frame, Optics, SOT title, Harpoon
22 Nu w/ LRS, Harpoon

This fight is very similar to the one at Tables 7 and 8; payload vs Black One and Countermeasures. Here, Black One mostly fails; GreenDragoon has outbid. Even the Nu Harpoon in in play, unless Poe commits to using Boost to discard that TL — not really what Poe wants to be doing. Lone Wolf on Dash won’t be as strong here; if Poe wanders off, Dash will eat 2 Harpoons. Andrei will have to find a few creative solutions to avoid taking a lot of immediate missile damage. But he lacks a few useful tools for it; no Burnout SLAM, no BB-8, no Sheathipede to Coordinate a range Rush. Dash and Poe are both mobile ships though. It’s a winnable fight, just very uphill.

WINNER: GreenDragoon, 100-22
Table 16:
32 Fenn w/ Mindlink, Autothrusters, CDP title
27 BS Ace w/ Vaksai, Deadeye, Chips, Failsafe, Crane, Harpoon
26 BS Ace w/ Vaksai, Deadeye, Chips, Failsafe, Crane, Cruise Missile
14 Inaldra w/ Mindlink, Light Scyk
(+1 Hull to each Black Sun Ace)

Rekans — contact via email:
34 Lowhhrik w/ DTF, C3-P0, Rey
39 Norra w/ R2-D2, Expertise, Tactician, AO
27 Jess w/ R2-D6, Selflessness, IA

PS 9 Fenn is good here, and the missiles should find whatever target Aerf wants to kill first. Norra is the most protected; she also doesn’t hit all that hard relative to Jess, so target priority here is a puzzle. From Rekans’s side of things, all enemy ships (except Inaldra) look like priority kills. I think he will just look to get favorable trades and try to stay even on active ships (assuming Inaldra is off flying to power Fenn and not in the fight too), protecting Jess if possible since she’s the easiest to kill quickly. Of note here is that Fenn is really the only ship resembling an ace build on the board, and Tactician is the only counter in play. That usually means that the solo ace will dominate, and sometimes carry the game. We might see Fenn run away with this one.

WINNER: Aerf, 100-0
🙂 Good luck to all players! 🙂