TC OPEN: Round 3 Pairings

A dozen players have qualified, but for 35 others this is an elimination round. Most must win their game to make the 32 player bracket. I have decided make things just a tiny bit harder than “win your game”. If we saw 9+ upsets at the top 10 tables (0W 2L against the undefeated players), we would have 33+ players qualify — but I will be making a hard cut at 28 players, so if you are currently 0W 2L try to score high in Round 3! I will only take 4 of you, and there are 11.

Reasons for this hard cut:
— A 64 player bracket would have only 1-2 games in the first elimination round.
— I wish to preserve the “free bracket win” reward for top scorers. (4-8 players)

Players that lose in Round 3, unless they have already qualified, will not qualify for the bracket. The 0W 2L players will only be competing against one another, with the top 4 scores taking bracket seats 25-28. If we see few or no upsets in Round 3, these last seats will be left empty.

2W 0L, MoV 400 — KRonn

2W 0L, MoV 400 — Desco34
2W 0L, MoV 400 — Theorist (actual list)

2W 0L, MoV 361 — Warmaster91 (former champion)
2W 0L, MoV 361 — Mu0n
2W 0L, MoV 352 — Colossal
2W 0L, MoV 332 — QuadJumperKing
2W 0L, MoV 332 — LeoArthur
2W 0L, MoV 320 — Timanseb
2W 0L, MoV 319 — EldarLord

2W 0L, MoV 301 — TzazikiMann
2W 0L, MoV 299 — MegaSilver

1W 1L, MoV 268 — DieMilkweed
1W 1L, MoV 267 — Dragoon
1W 1L, MoV 266 — MrSunol
1W 1L, MoV 258 — Haslo

1W 1L, MoV 234 — Leolath
1W 1L, MoV 228 — Medicis

1W 1L, MoV 216 — CubsFan4Life
1W 1L, MoV 204 — TalonCor
1W 1L, MoV 204 — BladeM
1W 1L, MoV 200 — RipasMaster
1W 1L, MoV 200 — CodeEpic
1W 1L, MoV 178 — Incard
1W 1L, MoV 176 — DarrylM
1W 1L, MoV 175 — Waylanger

1W 1L, MoV 173 — Sycho
1W 1L, MoV 173 — Remi (current champion)
1W 1L, MoV 169 — T-Duncan
1W 1L, MoV 166 — Rinehart
1W 1L, MoV 165 — SGCalgary
1W 1L, MoV 161 — GreenDragoon
1W 1L, MoV 156 — CatchySlim

1W 1L, MoV 151 — Valknar
1W 1L, MoV 140 — GamblerTuba
1W 1L, MoV 119 — James5559

1W 1L, MoV 100 — Larock

0W 2L, MoV 100 — AndreiKlep
oW 2L, MoV 091 — Theorist (ghost list)
0W 2L, MoV 080 — JamaicanLumberjack
0W 2L, MoV 079 — Bahourmat
0W 2L, MoV 061 — KenoTooth
0W 2L, MoV 060 — AgedWhiskey
0W 2L, MoV 058 — Oiler

0W 2L, MoV 048 — Discordia
0W 2L, MoV 031 — DarthRindi
0W 2L, MoV 019 — TsukudaJoe
0W 2L, MoV 000 — Aqqiacu

DROPPED — VoppeRough
DROPPED — Them2GamersDallin

DROPPED — Schmyesh
DROPPED — x77x

23 Biggs w/ R4-D6, IA
25 Tarn w/ M9-G8, IA, Seismic Torp
27 Hobbie w/ Targeting Astromech, IA, Plasma Torp
25 Garven w/ R2-D6, Selflessness, IA

62 Rey w/ Expertise, Kanan, Finn, Engine, MF 2.0
38 Jan w/ Wired, Chewbacca, Ray Shield, TLT

WINNER: AndreiKlep, 200-0
50 Nym w/ Havoc, Genius, AdvS, VI, Engine, TLT, Bomblet Generator, Cruise Missile
49 Miranda w/ Sabine, AdvSLAM, TLT, Ex M, C Net, Cluster Mines

Theorist (GHOST LIST; pairs vs unmatched players)
43 BH w/ Weapons Engineer, Slave-1, LRS, HLC
40 Omicron w/ FCS, Weapons Engineer, Engine, HLC, ST-321
17 Backstabber w/ TIE mk II

WINNER: Desco34, 150-50
Theorist (REAL LIST; my other list cannot qualify)
34 Kestal w/ Predator, Frame, Ion Turret, Unguided Rockets
66 (x2) Delta w/ Ion Cannon, TIE/D

58 Emon w/ Cad Bane, Interface, HLC, Slave-1, Ex M, Conner Net, Prox Mine
40 Nym w/ Havoc, Genius, FCS, VI, Synced Turret, Bomblet Generator

WINNER: Theorist, 100-0 (default win)
Warmaster91 (former champion)
33 Jake w/ PTL, Test Pilot, VI, Autothrusters, Proton Rocket
39 Nym w/ Havoc, Genius, AdvS, VI, ABT, Bomblet Generator
27 Jess w/ R3-A2, IA

30 Lowhhrik w/ Selflessness, Wookie Commandos
26 Biggs w/ R2-D2, IA
14 Rex
30 Jess w/ R2-D6, DTF, Autothrusters, Primed Thrusters

WINNER: Warmaster91, 200-0
25 Omega Leader w/ Juke, Comms Relay
39 Vader w/ TIE/X1, AdvTC, VI, Engine, Harpoon
36 Quickdraw w/ FCS, Crack Shot, Frame, Sensor Cluster, SOT

30 Thweek w/ SV mk II, Virago, FCS, Autothrusters
20 Ace w/ Vaksai, Crack Shot, G Chip, Failsafe, ID, Thread Tracer
23 Ace w/ Vaksai, Crack Shot, G Chip, Failsafe, VT, ID, Cruise M
25 Ace w/ Vaksai, Crack Shot, G Chip, Failsafe, VT, Glitterstim, Cluster M

WINNER: Mu0n, 139-61
52 Nym w/ Havoc, Genius, Map, LW, LRS, TLT, Ex M, Cruise M, Pro Bomb, Conner Net
48 Miranda w/ Sabine, AdvSLAM, TLT, Ex M, Cluster Mines, Bomblet Generator

27 Jake w/ Intensity, Test Pilot, VI, Autothrusters, Refit
35 Wedge w/ BB-8, PTL, Engine
35 Keyan w/ AdvS, VI, E2, Zeb

WINNER: Colossal, 200-0
31 Inquisitor w/ PTL, Autothrusters, TIE/V1
34 Kestal w/ Expertise, Frame, TLT
34 Ryad w/ Intensity, TIE/X7

43 Corran w/ R2-D2, AdvS, VI, Hull
41 Poe (PS 9) w/ BB-8, Intensity, Autothrusters, Primed Thrusters, Black One
14 Rex

WINNER: TsukudaJoe, 200-0
23 Biggs w/ R4-D6, IA
38 (x2) Rookie w/ R2, IA
26 Gold w/ R3-A2, TLT, BTL-A4
13 Bandit w/ G Chip, Thread Tracer

31 Talonbane w/ Vaksai, Mindlink, Ray Shield, VT, Engine, Ion Dis
34 Fenn w/ Mindlink, Autothrusters, CDP, Flechett Torp
34 Thweek w/ Ray Shield, SV mk II, Virago, FCS, Ion Dis, Flechette Torp

WINNER: LeoArthur, 100-0 (default win)
23 Biggs w/ R4-D6, IA
18 Rex w/ Sabine’s Masterpiece, Jan, BMST
28 Jess w/ R2-D6, Adaptability, IA, PA
30 Thane w/ R3-A2, Jyn, AO

33 Omicron w/ AdvS, Hux, Captive, Tractor Beam
66 Delta w/ Ion Cannon, TIE/D
23 Biggs w/ R4-D6, IA
35 Shara w/ M9-G8, DTF, Weapons Engineer, AO
39 Norra w/ BB-8, PTL, Finn, AO

62 (x2) Delta w/ Stealth, TIE/X7
35 Soontir w/ PTL, Autothrusters, RGT, Stealth
66 RAC w/ Predator, Palpatine, Kylo, Engine, Dauntless
34 Inquisitor w/ PTL, Autothrusters, TIE/V1, Proton Rockets

100 (x5) Marauder w/ Vaksai, G Chips, Failsafe, Cruise M, Glitterstim

WINNER: AgedWhiskey, 160-40
33 Lowhhrik w/ Selflessness, Rey, Tactician
23 Biggs w/ R4-D6, IA
14 Rex
27 Jess w/ R2-D6, DTF, IA

39 Tomax w/ Crack Shot, G Chips, Ex M, IP Missiles, Conc Missiles, Ion Torps
32 Quickdraw w/ FCS, DTF, SOT
28 Carnor w/ A Score to Settle, Autothrusters

WINNER: MegaSilver, 200-0
32 Thweek w/ SV mk II, Virago, FCS, Autothrusters, Glitterstim
35 Talonbane w/ Vaksai, Expertise, Engine, Auto, G Chips, Cruise M, Glitterstim
30 Victor w/ Vaksai, Expertise, Stealth, VT, Ray Shield, Crane

36 (x2) Marauder w/ Vaksai, G Chip, Failsafe, Ray Shield, Thread Tracer, BMST
63 (x3) Marauder w/ Vaksai, G Chip, Failsafe, Ray Shield, Cruise M, Ion Dis

WINNER: DieMilkweed, 165-35
34 Backdraft w/ FCS, A Score to Settle, Frame, SOT, PA, Thread Tracers
27 Deathfire w/ LRS, Extra M, Cluster Missiles, Harpoon Missiles
39 Vessery w/ Crack Shot, Ion Cannon, TIE/D

52 Dash w/ LW, Rey, HLC, Outrider
48 Miranda w/ Sabine, AdvSLAM, TLT, Ex M, Cluster Mines, Bomblet Generator

WINNER: James5559, 174-26
25 Jostero w/ Vaksai, Deadeye, G Chip, Failsafe, Harpoon, Crane
75 (x3) Ace w/ Vaksai, Deadeye, G Chip, Failsafe, Ray Shield, Harpoon, Crane

45 Corran w/ R2-D2, FCS, PTL, Engine
29 Pathfinder w/ FCS, Finn, Zeb, TJ, Pivot Wing
23 Biggs w/ R4-D6, IA

WINNER: MrSunol, 150-50
23 Biggs w/ R4-D6, IA
29 Lowhhrik w/ Selflessness, Chopper
14 Rex
34 Shara w/ M9-G8, Adaptability, Weapons Engineer, AO

19 Howlrunner w/ VI
20 Scimitar w/ TIE Shuttle, Ops Spec, Intel Agent
60 (x5) Academy Pilot

WINNER: BladeM, 169-31
38 Quickdraw w/ FCS, Intensity, Frame, Comm Relay, SOT
23 Omega Leader w/ A Score to Settle, Comm Relay
39 Vessery w/ VI, Ion Cannon, TIE/D

34 Yorr w/ AdvS, Hux, Inspiring Recruit, Tractor Beam
22 Scout w/ A Score to Settle, Frame, AA
44 (x2) Scout w/ Trick Shot, Frame, AA

WINNER: Leolath, 162-38
38 Redline w/ FCS, G Chips, Ex M, Cluster Missiles, Plasma Torps
36 Deathrain w/ AdvS, Frame, Unguided Rockets, Bomblet Generator
26 Cutlass w/ AccC, Frame

38 (x2) Marauder Vaksai, G Chip, Failsafe, Ray Shield, Glitterstim, Thread Tracer
42 (x2) Marauder Vaksai, G Chip, Failsafe, Ray Shield, Glitterstim, Cruise M
20 Marauder w/ Vaksai, G Chip, Failsafe, Ray Shield, BMST, Cruise M

WINNER: TalonCor, 157-43
29 Jess w/ R2-D6, Swarm Leader, IA
25 Biggs w/ R5-P9, IA
46 (x2) Green w/ Juke, Test Pilot, Snap Shot, Autothrusters, Refit

45 Corran w/ R2-D2, FCS, PTL, Engine
55 Rey w/ Adaptability, Finn, Kanan, Snuggling C, MF 2.0, Chute

WINNER: Sycho, 122-78
26 Gold w/ R3-A2, TLT, BTL-A4
41 Poe (PS 8) w/ R5-P9, Juke, Autothrusters, Comm Relay
33 Kyle w/ Juke, Jan, Ion Turret, Moldy Crow

42 Warden w/ Rey, AdvSLAM, TLT, Ex M, Conner Net, Prox Mine
30 Braylen w/ Sabine, AO, Thermal D
28 Jess w/ M9-G8, IA

WINNER: SGCalgary, 100-0 (default win)
39 Nym w/ Havoc, Genius, AdvS, VI, ABT, Bomblet Generator
34 Fenn w/ PTL, Autothrusters, CDP
27 Thweek w/ SV mk II, Autothrusters

49 Bossk w/ VI, Dengar, K-4, 4-LOM, G Chips, Crane, Cluster Missiles
24 NDru w/ VI, G Chips, Cluster Missiles, Glitterstim
27 Unkar w/ Cikatro, Tractor Array, PA, Cloaking Device, Cluster Mines

WINNER: DarrylM, 151-49
Remi (current champion)
27 Thweek w/ SV mk II, Autothrusters
36 Guri w/ SV mk II, Virago, SJ, Mindlink, Autothrusters, BMST
35 Fenn w/ Mindlink, Autothrusters, CDP, Plasma Torp

32 Talonbane w/ Vaksai, Expertise, Hull, Stygium, G Chip, Cloak Device, Tracer
31 Palob w/ Opportunist, Synch Turret, Moldy Crow
37 Nym w/ Havoc, Genius, AdvS, VI, Bomblet Generator

WINNER: Remi, 105-95
23 Biggs w/ R4-D6, AI
34 Lowhhrik w/ Selflessness, Jyn, Chopper, Experimental Interface
43 Sympathizer w/ Jan, Rey, TJ

31 Tomax w/ Crack Shot, TIE mk II, TIE Shuttle, Systems Officer, Fleet Officer
25 Omega Leader w/ Juke, Comms Relay
19 Zeta Leader
25 Sabacc w/ VI, Frame, AA

WINNER: CatchySlim, 200-0
35 Quickdraw w/ FCS, A Score to Settle, G Chips, SOT, Harpoon
34 Vader w/ TIE/X1, AdvTC, Adaptability, G Chips, Harpoon
31 Inquisitor w/ VI, G Chips, TIE/V1, Harpoon

39 Vrill w/ Intel Agent, Snuggling C, APL, Ion Cannon, Chute
30 Hera w/ VI, Tactician, Ion Turret
31 Braylen w/ R2-A2, Tactician, VT, AO

WINNER: GreenDragoon, 200-0

ROUND 3 will end after SEPT 30th. Round 3 will not be extended.

Unreported games are scored as a loss for both players. However, players struggling to schedule may contact me to report an uncooperative opponent — I may score one player with the win in this situation. As noted above, I will not be accepting requests to extend the Round 3 deadline. I will either determine a winner or declare a double loss.

The winner of each game is responsible for reporting its outcome to me.

When reporting your game, I require the following:
— Contact me via private message, here at Team Covenant.
— Name your opponent for the game, by the name listed above.
— Accurately tell me the score of the game.

I may or may not request a log of your game. Be sure to record.


🙂 Good luck to all players in Round 3. 🙂

As per the format rules, I will require all qualifying players to submit a new list. However, I am not accepting new squads at this time — please do not send me your new squad until after Round 3 has completed. I will post the final results at that time, and in that post I will open the elimination sign-ups. Players will have one week, from October 1st to October 7th, to send me the list they wish to use. Players who do not send me a list during that week will be dropped, regardless of record or score.

Players may choose to re-send their qualifying list; do so during the sign-up window.

  1. ———————————————-
    8 Rebels
    — 5 with Biggs (only 1 with Lowhhrik also)
    — 3 with Nym (only 1 without Miranda also)
    — 1 of each with 400-0 MoV (not Lowhhrik, not Miranda-free)

    4 Imperials
    — no similar lists here to group
    — 1 at 400-0 (ion control)

    0 S&V
    — a bit surprising to me

    The expected ratio here was 6 Rebels, 3 Imperials, 3 S&V.
    S&V is getting its butt kicked; I’ll be looking closely at why.

    4 Rebels
    — 1 with Biggs + Lowhhrik
    — 1 with Nym + Miranda
    — 1 with Intensity Poe (a meta ship in live play atm)
    — 1 with high performance Wedge

    3 Imperials
    — 1 with ion control
    — 1 Stealthed turtle list
    — 1 high PS joust list

    4 S&V
    — 2 Marauder-heavy lists
    — 1 Nym bomber list
    — 1 Mindlink ace list

    The expected ratio here was 5 Rebels, 3 Imperials, 3 S&V.
    We are close enough to that; I don’t see any problems.

    The format rules didn’t change that much from last time, except I gave Khiraxz Fighters a bigger discount than the previous tournament. Scurgg use in casual play has been taking off online during the tournament, so I think we’ll see S&V players looking more to that ship in their efforts to combat other factions. It is strong vs bombs and can hit hard enough for cost to break a Biggs list, plus has access to the tools it needs to combat aces. This may have been a case of players jumping on the -3 Khiraxz discount, only to find that the ship isn’t a killer even at that cost.

    1. Conclusion, wave 12 and 13 MUST boost S&V at all costs, they are absolutely not competitive enough. IMO give a Sabine equivalent that deals 2 splash damage, that will put Nym on the map finally!

  2. So here’s my message to Haslo:
    I live in Eastern Daylight Savings Time (Toronto).

    Here’s my availability:

    Thursday (tomorrow): 8:30pm on
    Friday: 9am to 3pm & then 8:30pm on
    Sunday: 8:30pm on
    Monday: 9am to 3pm & then 8:30pm on
    Tuesday: 9am to 3pm & then 8:30pm on
    Wednesday: 9am to 3pm & then 8:30pm on

  3. All players should have made contact and scheduled a game by now. If your opponent has not (and you’ve not already told me), please contact me ASAP — it could be important to scoring you with a win for this round.

  4. I am expecting these 4 games to go unplayed:
    — Theorist vs Bahourmat (currently default win for me)
    — EldarLord vs Oiler (currently default win for EldarLord)
    — LeoArthur vs Larock (currently default win for LeoArthur)
    — Timanseb vs Discordia (currently default double-loss)

    Please report your game results before October 1st, or let me know why the game was not played. I will score each game as a double loss if I have no information to determine a winner. Time is running out!

    I will be ending Round 3 in roughly 12 hours, and opening sign-ups for elimination at that time for players who have qualified for the run. I will make a new post at that time, with a list of final qualifying scores and details.