X-Wing Module 7.0.3 available


Usual links

X-Wing guide to installing and playing:  http://s93768914.onlinehome.us/xwing/

Module download page: http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Star_Wars:_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game

Tip jar: http://s93768914.onlinehome.us/pub2/500release/index.html

Cliffsnotes- the patch notes say it all


New cards:

  • Intensity (elite talent)
  • Vaskai (Kirahxz title)
  • StarViper Mk. II (StarViper title)
  • Viktor Hel (Kirahx pilot)

New features:

  • Upon opening the module, a popup will appear informing you if there’s a newer version to download with a clickable link to the download page (this will start working once the version after this 7.0.3 release is out)

  • The StarViper and TIE Interceptor have had their “Lorrir-style” barrel roll changed in the menus, as well as their shortcut used to spawn templates:

Bugs squashed:

  • Movements and overlaps with ships are no longer reported inside a player’s window
  • The user name of the player who performs a movement with a ship will be used in the chat window alerts, instead of “Your ship”
  • A movement AND its chat announcement can now be undo’ed in 1 click instead of 2
  • If you move a ship across a pieces with the word ‘bomb’ somewhere in its labels (ie: a dial marked with ‘TIE Bomber’), it will no longer trigger an overlap event (as if your ship had crossed a Proximity mine)


Custom java code:

  • Added support for squad autospawn if you directly paste the content of a squad in XWS format (requested by the developer of the C# windows app of X-Wing Compendium)