X-Wing Module 7.1.2 available (new StarViper pilots)


Usual links

X-Wing guide to installing and playing:  www.xwvassal.info

Module download page: http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Star_Wars:_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game

**If it doesn’t show up yet (due to a moderation approval waiting period), try this direct link** https://github.com/Mu0n/HWpopup/releases/download/7.1.2/Star_Wars_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game-7.1.2.vmod

Tip jar: http://paypal.me/mu0n


  • New StarViper pilots, illicit and condition cards from the newest FFG preview article StarViper Mk. II
  • TIE Aggressor now has side action icons (shift-a, etc.) and its dial no longer has forward 5 white
  • When a dial is revealed while being on a dial, the max distance between the two that still triggers the cheat warning has been reduced (ie it will be much less trigger happy)

The mechanism mess that is Dalan Oberos

This new pilot that can do “Tallon Rolls” if not stressed, with banks and turns…..yeah. I won’t bother including tons of new shortcuts. I’ll simply suggest you:
-Do the normal non-Tallon Roll move

-Hit ‘c’ to spawn a movement guide

-Adjust the heading with the left and right arrow keys, which turn a ship by 15 degrees chunks (do this 6 times for a 90 degree angle which is required here)

-Manually adjust the ship along the end of the movement template, preferably at 100% zoom on the map, possibly using the fine adjustment shortcuts (shift-arrows), or just being patient with the mouse

Breakthrough achieved, rewards soon

I finally managed to make a robust, elegant solution in code so I can spawn a rotated, translated piece in relation to a ship (without relying on the vassal editor). It would be long to explain the Journey I went through and why this was necessary exactly, but here are some great things that will happen because of it:

-Much easier to manage the bomb spawner; won’t take a day’s work to add new bombs/new drop maneuvers

-Dropped maneuver templates (say from hitting ‘c’, or from barrel rolling) will be self-aware and be able to detect whether or not they’re overlapping rocks, for example. This can check the validity of a barrel roll or a decloak

-Tallon Rolls will again be able to spawn a maneuver template when you perform that move.



New cards:

  • Mimicked (Condition)
  • Shadowed (Condition)
  • Ion Dischargers (Illicit)
  • Black Sun Assassin (StarViper pilot)
  • Thweek (StarViper pilot)
  • Dalan Oberos (StarViper pilot)

Bugs dealt with:

  • Dial revealed while overlapping a ship token no longer triggers the cheat warning
  • TIE Aggressor dial no longer has forward 5 white
  • TIE Aggressor can now display its side actions (SHIFT-A, CTRL-A, etc)
  • C-ROC container token is now placed in the asteroids section instead of debris section

Anti-cheating features:

  • Dial revealed while overlapping another dial just a bit no longer triggers the cheat warning (ie will be less trigger happy)