Now Offering Officially-Licensed A Game of Thrones Coins

Back when we launched Banner Tokens, Christopher Giroir left a comment that had been echo’d throughout our office for many months.

Can’t wait to see what you guys offer (hopefully soon) for gold and the other random tokens you need in the game. Playing with my cardboard gold next to these just doesn’t feel right!

We looked at everything – from yellow and gold acrylic, to metal/challenge coin options, to wooden discs – and throughout the entire discovery process, nothing seemed to fit. The materials failed to deliver proper immersion in the Thrones universe, and we continued to run up against the reality that Westeros is a unique, well-documented place. You read about the various gold coins in the books and you physically see them in the show – these are tangible items impressed upon every Thrones enthusiast.

Amid these frustrations, we continued to find the officially-licensed coins floating around online from a place called Shire Post Mint. As we learned more, we began to deeply admire their methodology and commitment to making coins the old fashioned way, the real way, and their obvious love for the process. It is rare to find a company that cares as obsessively as we do about their offerings, and after a lot of research we reached out to see what was possible.

Tom Maringer - Courtesy of Arkansas Online
Courtesy of Arkansas Online. View full article. (It’s worth your time!)

As it turns out, everyone we spoke with at Shire Post Mint is fantastic.

Not only are they our neighbors, only a few hours away in Springdale, Arkansas, but they also had a line of “gaming coins” that fit perfectly with our vision for gold tokens compatible with Game of Thrones: The Card Game. After those initial conversations, we read through each of the gaming coins on their website and excitedly found that each coin description described the history of the coin in Thrones canon. It is one thing to have the official “A Game of Thrones” license for these kinds of items and to start churning out anything that might be profitable. It is another thing entirely to invest so much care into the creation of each coin, and to make sure that it does justice to the source material at every turn.

Official Thrones Gold - Tywin

That pretty much sealed the deal.

We are proud to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Shire Post Mint to be the exclusive US seller of these “A Game of Thrones” gaming coins!

The official A Game of Thrones Half-Dragons and A Game of Thrones Half-Pennies come in sets of 10 and 15 respectively. Each coin is struck in brass on hand-engraved steel dies (check the video below to see this process in action) and has a beautifully realistic look and feel. They are, of course, officially licensed A Song of Ice and Fire merchandise.

You can see all of the coins below in a single glance, or head over to our store to do some more in-depth browsing. Each has the descriptions that were a big selling point for us, so be sure to click in and see what each of these is about! Also take a look at our announcement video below to see what we have to say about them “in person”!

We hope that we can do our part to get these coins the recognition that they deserve, and distribute them to Thrones fans far and wide. Huge thanks to Shire Post Mint for their dedication to the craft and willingness to partner with us on this endeavor. Of course, as Zach said in the video above, we owe each of you the biggest thanks of all. You are the reason that we keep moving forward and discovering how best to provide value to the tabletop space.

Now, to Westeros!

New Web Store Launch | Details

Summary: We are migrating our store to a new platform. If you care about your order history, you will need to save that information manually before September 1st.
We Are Launching A New Web Store

Your continued support through orders and subscriptions has provided the resources needed to take a step forward on the web. We are exceedingly thankful that you find value in the philosophy that we are bringing to the tabletop gaming space, and are using this opportunity to further push our web presence forward.

Early design mockup.

This Is A Necessary Foundational Improvement

We were young, impassioned, and a little wild when we started the Team Covenant website, lacking both resources and understanding of the web. At the end of the process, we had a website that was pieced together over a few different platforms. This made many experiences on Team Covenant less than ideal, particularly the confusing separation between the store and the community.

With this upcoming change, every element of Team Covenant is now on the same platform. The benefits of this are overwhelming. You can now engage with every element of the site from a single account, with faster load times and cleaner navigation, all within a unified visual style and hierarchy. There are significant out of the box improvements, too, like product reviews and support for multiple product images. In addition, we have moved to an optimized host and installed SSL certification sitewide, which will make future development expedient and ensure the highest level of security across the entire site.

It is a significant step forward, particularly behind the scenes, and we are genuinely excited to make our web experience much more in line with the excellence you expect from Covenant.
Your Order History Will Not Migrate

Once the new store launches (early September), you will be unable to access your current store information. This means that your past order history (and any saved addresses) will no longer be available. If you would like a copy of these items, you will need to manually record them from your Store Account page before launch (taking a screenshot of your orders works well). We made a quick guide outlining the process!

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes. We looked at a number of options to remove this burden from those of you who enjoy proper book keeping, but each was overly complicated and ultimately out of reach given our resources.
You May Be Prompted To Make A New Account

If you already have an account on, that account will work sitewide once the new store is launched. You are good to go!

If you only have an account on, you will be prompted to create a new account when interacting with the new store. This account will be your official Team Covenant account, used for shopping, blogging, commenting, and every other function of the site that you wish to engage with.

If you would like to verify that you already have an account and/or create a new one, visit our registration page.

If you would rather not have an account, you can always check out of our store as a Guest.
We Are Happy To Answer Any Questions

If you have any questions about the above, please give us a shout via our Contact Form.
To The Future

Over this past year, we have fundamentally rebuilt every aspect of our website in accordance with current web standards, with an obsessive focus on clean, minimal, and secure code. Launching the new store platform marks the conclusion of this major foundational work. These efforts have yielded a unified Team Covenant experience, one much improved for users and ready for hassle-free, efficient development into the future.

Now the real fun begins!

Munitions Tokens Are Here!

Munitions are some of the coolest things in X-Wing, and with their relevance increasing over the next few months it is the perfect time to add these acrylics to your collection! Everything is designed completely to spec and in the artistic, representative style that we have used across the entire Squad Token line. Dropping these bombs really makes the board spring to life, and makes every X-Wing story even more enthralling. Take a look!

We have also updated the Squad Token line with all of the previously missing tokens, including Weapons Disabled, Tractor Beam, Extra Munitions, and Initiative! The line is now fully up to date, and we will continue to add to it as needed.


acrylic-xwing-initiative-tractor-munitions-weapons-disabledYou can find all of these tokens on the newly updated Squad Tokens page! It is always such a pleasure to design tokens in a way that is all about bringing players deeper into every X-Wing match. We love it. If you would like to grab your favorites or the entire set, head over to the store! We deeply appreciate your business, and will continue enhancing the X-Wing experience as best we can.


New Awakened Supplements – Divided & DEF

Quick update regarding our Awakened line of templates and tokens – we have added both Divided Range Rulers and D-E-F Lock pairs to the store in their corresponding Awakened color schemes! Both of these products have been heavily requested and we are amped to get them into production. If you would like to fill in your Awakened set or grab the entire line, head over to the X-Wing section of our store!

divided-awakened-navydivided-awakened-alliancedef-awakened-navy def-awakened-alliance 

Arcane Tokens Now Available

After being inspired by Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn and taking a hard look at all of our token lines, we asked ourselves a question that has been slowly marinating for years.

“How far can we push this acrylic medium into the magical?”




Fully compatible with Ashes but also aimed at pretty much every magical universe, Arcane Tokens are the answer to this question.

Magic, at its best, is about mystery. It inspires us and intrigues us because it seems so close, so possible, if only we could break through for a moment. Magic insists that there is more to life than consistent, predictable laws binding reality in a tidy little bow, and that if we just look hard enough we will discover the power that has been whispered about since the beginning of human history. That possibility is why so much of our industry revolves around magical concepts. It is the frontier that all of our imaginations have pondered since that first read of Lord of the Rings, that first playthrough of Might & Magic, that first big box Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Every Arcane Token encapsulates this kind of mystery by utilizing double-sided paint fills and fluid-yet-geometric designs that complement each other. We doubled down on the parallax concept first explored in our Data Token line by creating patterns that achieved the holographic effect regardless of the side being viewed. Because of this method, Arcane Tokens do not have a proper front or back even though there are different designs on each side – and that is pretty mysterious.




The Arcane Token Set includes Exhaustion Tokens, Damage Tokens, Status Tokens, and a First Player / Initiative Token in quantities that we tweaked to be ideal for most every type of Ashes player, but each token is also available in single packs for those who need more or who only have their eyes on a specific token.




You can find out more by visiting the Arcane Tokens page, which includes a video overview and specific details about each token. If any questions, shout at us via our Contact Page!



Huge thank you to those who purchased these at the Ashes Weekend pre-release and to Plaid Hat Games for the support! We are excited to get them out into the world and in the hands of all types of players. Be sure to let us know what you think via social or here on this blog!

More to come.

Ashes Weekend Is Here

Friday at 5PM, we open the doors and kick off an incredibly exciting weekend at Covenant Tulsa with special guests from Plaid Hat Games! We will be streaming live via our YouTube channel and will be recording and posting plenty of content from the event! Keep it locked with us and catch the schedule below!




Schedule – April 15th-16th


5pm-11pm – The first two expansions will go on sale a week early for the first time, the store will be available for gaming, and Plaid Hat and TC staff will be in the house!
8pm – Live Panel – Hang out and watch as TC interviews Plaid Hat Games, live! Q&A will be at the end of the panel, so come ready to ask questions!


11am – The swiss tournament begins! Deck lists and registration by 10:45am. There will be a dinner break between the Swiss rounds and the top cut. The top cut will be held in the Covenant Studio and live streamed, so those that do not make the cut can watch the game live from the store!


Upon arriving, each attendee will receive Alt Art Mist Spirits, a signed copy of Rin and Brennen Fight Print, a promo Lulu Phoenixborn, a promo Dimona Phoenixborn, and a Plaid Hat!

Tournament Prizes

Random – Playmats, Alt Prints, Alt Art Cards
Top 8 – Rin and Brennen Alt Art Cards, Exclusive Top 8 Playmat
Top 4 – Exclusive Art Print
Winner – Custom Trophy, Custom Deck Box

Special Guests

Isaac Vega – Ashes lead developer
Fernanda Suarez – Ashes lead artist
David Richards – Ashes graphic designer
Bob Klotz – Ashes lead playtester
Brian Beyke – Community relations manager


X-Wing Compatible Acrylic Rocks!

Up to this point, there has been a serious, asteroid-sized hole missing from our X-Wing-compatible line of acrylics. There is nothing worse than having a stunning set of tokens, gorgeous set of templates, and all of those beautiful ships ruined by worn, cardboard asteroids and debris scattered around the table. No more!



Now THAT feels better!

Acrylic Asteroid Sets (12 pieces) and Debris Sets (9 pieces) are now available on our store!

Each asteroid is accurately cut from clear acrylic with an intricate design visible on both sides. Every piece in the set looks incredible and functions perfectly no matter how it is flipped. In addition, each asteroid is paint-filled and protected before shipment so that the set arrives safely and pops wildly off of the table without any extra effort on your end.



Likewise with Debris, but we doubled down on functionality and opted for a transparent light green acrylic to clearly differentiate the two obstacles and provide that flavorful deep space glow.



Since we began testing these asteroids and debris, it has been overwhelmingly satisfying to have them on the table. Their transparency allows for beautiful starscape backgrounds to shine through, and the designs pop right off of the board. We have tremendously enjoyed a mixture of flipped and unflipped obstacles in order to create the feel of a truly 3D environment, where some rocks are higher than others. This is especially nice with ships set at various heights so that the effect is amplified. The accuracy of the shapes is also spot-on, a feat in which we invested a significant amount of time and…patience.

We know you are going to love them, but take a more in-depth look and purchase your set(s) over on the official page. If any questions, comment here or give us a shout at! A huge thank you from all of us for supporting Covenant and supporting X-Wing with your time, enthusiasm, and purchases. It enables us to keep growing, improving, and contributing!




The Swan Token, For Lord of the Rings Subscribers

The upcoming Dreamchaser Cycle of the Lord of the Rings LCG explores a critical part of Middle Earth – the seas! We love the idea of being out in a boat on epic quests, exploring the unknown. The more we can enhance that feeling, the better, which is why we are sending an exclusive Swan Token with every pack that goes out to our Lord of the Rings LCG subscribers during the Dreamchaser cycle!


The Dreamchaser Cycle is simply too amazing to ignore. Entirely new ship-based mechanics await every Lord of the Rings player, a taste of which we have already seen in Grey Havens. The Swan Token is a special 5-Resource token (or, really, whatever you want it to be) that beautifully tracks quest progress in an undeniably thematic way. If you subscribe during the entirety of the Dreamchaser Cycle, you will end up with six hand-sketched tokens that fit perfectly with our Adventure Token line. To learn more, watch the video below, or head directly over to our Covenant Subscriptions page to get in on the action!

We love exploring these worlds with all of our subscribers. Happy boating.

War Tokens, Reforged

There is a very definite culture here that challenges each of us to improve everything that Covenant produces. While many times that means new products, services, or experiences, there is also constant refinement of the things that we already do. This is most visible in the evolution of our various content types (compare this X-Wing unboxing to this one, for instance), but that eagerness to refine and hone extends behind the scenes on a daily basis.

We recently had a unique opportunity to revisit our War Token line, designed to be compatible with Warhammer 40k: Conquest and similar games, to see if we could improve it using our current production techniques and ideologies. Naturally, we jumped at the chance to put War Tokens through the fires of refinement. We present, here, the fruits of those efforts – a new token set ready for any adventure in the grim outer reaches of space.


Many classic War Token themes made it through, including the “cool” and “warm” color palette, gears and skulls to represent resources and damage respectively, and a double-sided Battle Token that can mark both First Planet and Initiative. But the execution dramatically differs, and demonstrates everything that we have learned about what makes a perfect token set. Tokens are at their best when they accurately and clearly track the state of the game, their vital function, while drawing every player and observer into the drama of the world itself.

Take a look at the comparison (which also includes an obvious improvement in photography)!


The spirit is clearly visible across both lines, but rarely do we get to show off how much we have grown in our approach to design.

To start, we switched from full acrylic cut-throughs, a tedious process, to clean, single-sided paint fills. This undoubtedly produces a more visible and striking token, but it also cuts our production costs and allows us to offer the full set at a significantly lower price.

We doubled-down on the gear aesthetic for the Resource Tokens, pulling the entire concept to the border and cutting it so that the gears of both tokens actually interlock and spin correctly. The interior adornment pays homage to the three gears of the original, but dives deeper with intricate detailing that would be found throughout a grim, gothic universe.

Of course, skulls are still featured prominently on both of the Damage Tokens, but this time they are centered in front of a complementary starburst that causes them to jump off of the background. We ditched the “bullethole” marks and instead went with the much clearer and more intuitive display of skulls as the numerical reference. After a few rounds of testing, the size of both damage tokens was reduced so that they travel more easily on a card and cover up as little of the art or text as possible.

Finally, the new Battle Token carries the same concept as the original, but with a drastically different approach. The proportions of its shape are identical to that of a true gothic arch, and the double-sided design offers both an Order and Chaos theme. With an intricacy that we have never attempted before, this token truly demonstrates what can happen when an old idea is revisited with a fresh perspective. Every one of our games immediately came alive when this token hit the table.

You can find out more about our new War Tokens and purchase your set on their dedicated page. We are always thrilled to explore new ways to enrich the lives of our customers and will continue to look back, hone, and refine as we carve our path ahead – always doing our best to make Tabletop more meaningful for everyone.


Now, though, it is time to go conquer a few planets!

Ashes Weekend

When we first saw the box for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn at GenCon this year, we immediately took note and added it to our short list of titles worth serious consideration. Any company that cares enough to produce a game as stunning as Ashes – from the box, to the inserts, to the cards and components – likely cares deeply about every other facet of their business. Having already known the beauty of Summoner Wars and observing the culture of Plaid Hat Games over the past few years, we knew that this game was worth every bit of our attention.

On October 1, 2015, we officially added it to our line of supported games, began selling Ashes products, and added it to our Covenant Subscription service. We started hosting monthly Ashes tournaments at Covenant Tulsa, archiving the streams on our Watch page, and added the game to our in-store league.

And now, it is time to kick things to the next level!

Ashes Weekend is a joint event between Plaid Hat Games and Team Covenant, featuring the amazing people behind the game, early Ashes products, stunning alt arts, and exclusive prizes. It is designed for both the laid back and competitive player, with only one goal: celebrate this incredible game.


Date: April 15 – 16
Location: Covenant Tulsa
 Store Hours (5PM-11PM Friday, 10AM – 8PM Saturday)
Cost: $30
Registration: Open now, limited spots – Register on our store!

Featured Plaid Hat Guests
Isaac Vega | Lead Designer | Watch Our GenCon Interview!
Fernanda Suarez | Lead Artist | Watch Our GenCon Interview!
David Richards | Graphic Designer
Bob Klotz | Lead Playtester
Brian Beyke | Community Relations Manager

Attendance Perks
1x Alt-Art Mist Spirit (pictured below)
1x Brennen Blackcloud v. Rin Northfell signed print (pictured below)
1x Plaid Hat (for your head)
Early purchase option for both the Rin Northfell and Brennen Blackcloud expansions. We will have them in-store! They will be usable in the Saturday tournament!

Friday: The store will be filled with the great folks from Plaid Hat, who will be playing games, giving autographs, and participating in a live-streamed Q&A panel. Join us for a wonderful, chill evening with some of the best people in the business.

Saturday: All day Ashes with Plaid Hat in the house, featuring casual games all day and a big tournament (the expansions will be legal) to heat things up! Random participation prizes throughout the day include playmats, alt arts, and tokens, while tournament prizes include Top 8 alt art Bren & Rin cards, exclusive Top 8 playmats, exclusive Top 4 alt art prints, and a trophy and custom deck box for the winner. Live stream will be going strong all day on our YouTube channel!

This weekend is going to be pure fire! We cannot stress pre-registration enough. Save your spot before showing up, as we will have a (very) full house! More information to come as we get closer to the event. Special thanks to Plaid Hat and to all of the Ashes fans out there who recognize the beauty! See you in April!

Top 8 Alt Arts!


Bren & Rin Print / Playmat


Alt-Art Mist Spirit


The first expansions, available early and tournament legal!

A Wonderful Holiday Season

To everyone who reached out to us this year at GenCon or Worlds, through our various online avenues, or at our home base here at Covenant Tulsa – and to all who are being enriched by this incredible hobby – we wish you a beautiful, warm, wonderful holiday season! While this has been the wildest year in our history, complete with many ups and downs (particularly on the web), we are filled with immense thanks and joy for the customers and fans who have supported us throughout. We always attempt to give you the best that we can, and still always feel that it is not enough.

2016 is going to be our best year to date, and it kicks off with the launch of our rebuild on the web. We cannot wait to get this community roaring again by eliminating the many foundational issues and setting the stage for real development moving forward. We have some truly excellent products in the works that will dramatically improve the ways you enjoy your favorite games, and look forward to sharing even more memorable moments through our video content!

Every year we are inspired to work harder in order to manifest our vision for Covenant, and around this time of year it is nice to reflect back and know that it is always more than worth it. Thank you for being here.




Seduction & Malware | Two New Data Tokens

We love revisiting old token lines, and especially love the world of Android, so it only makes sense to pull a couple of new Data Tokens off the presses! The Seduction Token captures a very specific, noir-inspired vibe found throughout gritty sci-fi settings like Netrunner and others, while the Malware Token reveals snippets of sinister code creeping within every virus.


The Seduction Token

The Seduction Token

We love to use this token for Femme Fatale, Lady, and even Earthrise Hotel, but your imagination is the limit! The gorgeous blue acrylic is the same we use for the Tags and we have found it to be the perfect balance of color and transparency. Inspired by the classic noir “seductress”, the beautiful face on the front sits atop a skull hiding in the parallax. Our interpretation puts a digital twist on both aspects so that the token can represent both meatspace and/or cyberspace. Learn more about the Seduction Token on our store!


The Malware Token

The Malware Token

Given that viruses are such a huge part of any cyber-dystopian future, it is only right to have multiple types! The Malware Token stems from the desire to create more variation among viruses on the board coupled with a need to offer a virus token that was visible in lower light environments. The clear acrylic can disappear a bit when playing in places like pubs and bars (and in that case, they are probably disappearing for other reasons too) so the Malware is an unmissable bright red on opaque black. Its design synthesizes with the original Virus Token, but unlike the original Virus, it reveals the “heart” of code that is housed by every malicious script. Learn more about the Malware Token on our store!

Seduction & Malware


We are thrilled to offer these new additions to our Data Token line! You can learn more about them on the official Data Token page or contact us with any questions. Continued thanks for the incredible support given to us by the Netrunner community. More to come!