Raider Triggerhappy – War for Cybertron Exclusive Preview

I’ve been playing a version of my original planes deck off and on since the Transformers TCG released. When we received our previews from Wave 3, War for Cybertron, I was very excited to see we would get to reveal a new plane – Raider Triggerhappy!

When I first saw Raider Triggerhappy, my first instinct was to plug him into my original planes deck. Once I started putting a deck together though, I realized I liked him even better with Starscream, Decepticon King! Not only is his Pierce 4 in bot mode a major boon, but being able to cycle weapons back into your hand from your discard pile is quite powerful.

As I started looking to build a deck around these two Transformers, I realized I had a bit of a problem. Their combined star total is 21… leaving me only 4 more points to flesh out my team. I had been wanting to try out the action cards with a star cost, so I thought this was my chance!

I even had a version of the deck built assuming I wouldn’t be gifted a 4-star, Decepticon plane to put into my deck. As I was browsing through other previews from Wave 3 though, I found just what, or I guess who, I needed!

Raider Storm Cloud is a 4-star Decepticon Plane coming out in Wave 3. I literally couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Transformer to add to my deck! With my team fully built, it was time to put together a deck. I took the current iteration of my Starscream, Decepticon King deck and started making modifications. After a few rounds of revisions and cuts, the current version of my deck is below!

Raider Triggerhappy (8)
Raider Storm Cloud (4)
Starscream, Decepticon King (13)

Upgrades: 18
3 x Bashing Shield
3 x Decepticon Crown
3 x Enforcement Batons
3 x Grenade Launcher
2 x Scoundrel’s Blaster
2 x Security Console
2 x Data Pad

Actions: 22
2 x Escape Route
1 x Roll Out!
2 x Rapid Conversion
3 x Incoming Transmission
3 x Treasure Hunt
3 x Pep Talk
3 x Brainstorm
3 x Master Plan
2 x Swap Missions

Deck Overview: This deck is all about drawing a ton of cards, getting key upgrades in play, and then getting all the right cards on top of your deck. The deck has a balanced mix of pip-colors, unlike decks that lean heavily towards Blue or Orange Pips to leverage Tough and Bold respectively. It is looking to set up a few big plays, like flipping multiple Decepticon Crowns whenever Starscream attacks. The deck also has a number of weapons that scrap enemy upgrades, which you can play over and over if you use Triggerhappy’s flip ability to get them back from your discard pile.

Opening Moves: The deck centers around Starscream, so in the opening turns you want to make your opponent attacks him last. Between Incoming Transmission, Master Plan, Decepticon Crown, Data Pad, and Security Console, you are looking to set up a scenario where you can flip one or more Decepticon Crowns every time Starscream attacks and defends. Since they have a green pip, you can put it back in your hand to be able to put back on top of your deck through the listed cards. You’ll likely want to attack with Triggerhappy first, forcing your opponent to attack him and divide their damage.

Finishing Moves: The biggest finisher in this deck is flipping two or three Decepticon Crown’s when you attack with Starscream. This lets him hit for 12+ damage, not counting any weapons he has attached. If your opponent manages to get Starscream off the table, Triggerhappy can loop Grenade Launchers with Pierce to make sure you can sink damage into your opponent. Using Stormcloud at the right time to attack when you are going first can be critical, forcing your opponent to sink an attack into your utility character.

As more previews are revealed from Wave 3 (Vector Sigma does a great job collecting previews), I can’t help but get more and more excited about the Transformers TCG! If you haven’t locked down your booster boxes for Wave 3 yet, check out our Transformers TCG Booster Box Subscription.

A subscription works like an automatic pre-order for future releases. You can sign-up for free and you won’t get charged until a few weeks before a new set is released. You will automatically receive all future sets until you cancel your subscription, meaning you get to skip pre-ordering every time a new set is announced and won’t have to pre-pay months in advance!

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