Warpath – Transformers TCG Wave 2 Preview

During Wave 1, I played cars and jets exclusively. When I saw that one of our spoilers for Wave 2 of the Transformers TCG, Warpath, was a tank, I wasn’t sure where to start!

My first car and jet deck were both steamrolled by a local player, Thomas, playing tanks. His deck focused on using pierce, which let him fill his deck with blue pips and completely forgo including orange pips. This made his tanks even tankier! His deck was so good in fact, I had to completely rebuild both of my decks. I wrote about how this experience shaped both my SR Bumblebee Cars and Slipstream Jets decks, for anyone not interested in playing tanks.

I didn’t have Thomas’ deck list handy, but I liked his concept. So, I started looking online to see how others were building their tank decks and I found this video from TCG Roll Out that overviewed a deck with a similar concept.

Megatron (*****|*****)
Darkmount (*****|****)
Demolisher (*****|*)

3 x Medic
3 x Hunker Down
3 x Crushing Threads
3 x Scrapper Gauntlets
3 x Plasma Burst
3 x Swap Missions
3 x Swap Parts
3 x Rapid Conversion
1 x Fusion Cannon of Megatron
3 x Drill Arms
3 x Armed Hovercraft
3 x Rapid Ascent
3 x Brainstorm
3 x Leap Into Battle

With an idea of what a tank deck looks like in mind, let’s take a look at our Transformers TCG Wave 2 Preview, Warpath!

Warpath – Confident Sharpshooter

Warpath Wave 2, Rise of the Combiners, preview

While Warpath should definitely be evaluated on his own (and is likely to also end up in other decks), I thought it made for an interesting conversation to see if Warpath made more sense in this kind of a deck. To do that, we really just need to compare Warpath to the other six star tank option, Demolisher.

Could Warpath replace Demolisher?

In terms of baseline stats, they are pretty close. Warpath has slightly weaker stats in bot mode, but gains a consistent 4 attack in alt mode. He also comes equipped with an ability that deals direct damage if your opponent has double-blue pips in their discard pile. This is pretty likely and being able to deal a few direct damage at the right time can absolutely swing games. Paired with Darkmount’s ability to do direct damage, the deck can stack up direct damage pretty quickly!

When we start looking at the abilities, Demolisher’s ability to draw cards for each of your tanks shouldn’t be taken for granted. Still, Warpath seems to synergize with the tank deck better than Demolisher. He denies your opponent tough and gives you access to another tank with Pierce. This gives the deck extra legs whenever Megatron is inevitably defeated.

I have little experience with tanks, except for playing against them. From my perspective, it seems like Warpath is a definite upgrade to Demolisher in this style of tank deck. Will Warpath replace Demolisher in your tanks list? How important is the card draw from Demolisher to the deck? Does it bother anyone else to run Autobots with Decepticons?

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I wasn’t sure how long Transformers would keep me interested, but I am happy to say I am more excited about the game now than ever. The Combiners are stoking a childhood excitement that I haven’t felt since Megazords from Power Rangers! Steven and I are already looking forward to unboxing my Wave 2 box on stream like we did with wave 1!

Also, shout out to to Vector Sigma for doing a great job compiling the Wave 2 Spoilers as they appear!