Spider Edition - Cosmic Board

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  1. Simon Marsh -

    Received mine today in the UK with the spidey token set. The detail is stunning and even more so in person. Darker than the photos and that’s great.

  2. Dean -

    I love the utility of the the Cosmic Boards. They reflect a minimalist aesthetic, that reduces clutter on my table top.

    Yet they somehow enliven this beloved game adding a 3-D dimension to to it. As a comic fan (going on more decades than I care to share 😵‍💫😂😏), as tokens accumulate it kind feels like being in a throwback, hyper detailed comic book panel, inspired by legendary comic artist George Pérez!

    The crimson red, really POPS! I got 3 and might actually get a 4th, now that they are up again, however briefly.

    In addition to Spidey, I use these boards for Scarlet Witch, Thor and Adam Warlock.

    I wish I could show some pics. You guys really add new levels of phantasmagoric goodness to an already cracklingly GREAT game!

  3. mockware -

    I got a huge surprise when this arrived. Pictures don’t do it justice. The color isn’t just red. It’s a metallic red. I like the shiny.

  4. ddavis555 -

    I have been waiting for this board since last year’s Spidey tokens were released. This is a great addition that adds subtle variation to the standard boards that pops on the table.

  5. Matthew Schreiner -

    These boards look amazing! The Spidey colors really make them pop on the table. There’s so much detail on the board. Well worth getting even if you have the original cosmic boards.

  6. Joshua West -

    The level of detail on these boards is amazing when you see the webbing going thru the sides. I got 2 to go with my other 6 classic and would buy any other colors that was released just to show you guys support. Thanks Team Covenant

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