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  1. sgray32419 -

    So far every pack has arrived at my house on release day, which, in these uncertain times, is extremely reliable.
    I’m giving it 5 stars because it’s exactly what it advertises. It’s nice to leave the subscription on, get a small discount, and receive the packs on release day (while also supporting USPS), especially when the packs seem to vanish from Fantasy Flight’s Stocks overnight.

  2. joel.delaney -

    On time and easy. I have never regretted signing up for this.

  3. Zach M -

    Set it and forget it, get every new release on or very close to release date, and you get to support a great store and community

  4. Theodore L Gieseking II -

    This is awesome for someone who doesn’t want to try to track all the various release dates or scour various stores trying to find all the Arkham Horror content. Once I got caught up and found out about this it was a no brainer.

    The company is awesome and I really appreciate what they do to help make the pain of trying to find all these items as easy as it can be. Almost all items have been received on the release date, and if not is usually a delay on FFG itself NOT Covenant. They are great about communicating if a product will be delayed. Highly recommend.

  5. Mike Rudin -

    Hands-down the easiest way to get every mythos pack. I love not needing to pay too much attention to release dates and placing new orders each time. As a person who knows they’re going to buy every mythos pack, this service is perfect for me.

  6. gharnl -

    Cannot recommend this highly enough. Excellent service that’s fast and consistent. Never had a bad experience once in the years I’ve been subscribed!

  7. Marshall -

    I love receiving my new mythos pack on the day of release via mail. The covenant guys are on point with their shipping. Covenant puts out quality content on YouTube. Doing the subscription service is really the least I can do.

  8. Tom Longwell -

    I live in a reasonably rural area, a good distance from Tulsa. I received my copy of Dim Carcosa today, just one day after the street date. I really couldn’t expect more out of the service.

  9. Jeff -

    I’ve had LCG subscriptions from Covenant for awhile now and it has only gotten better. Originally, shipping from Tulsa to California, my packs would arrive the day after street date. Now they arrive ON street date. Love it.

  10. Evn -

    This program is exactly what it should be! Easy access to all the packs you need.

  11. Krishna -

    Very convenient way to stay up-to-date on the Arkham LCG.

  12. jayray680 -

    This is quite a useful service. My LGS doesn’t stock Arkham Horror LCG, so knowing I will get each release on time is fantastic. Shipping is a bit much, but still only a couple dollars more than buying at a typical LGS after tax.

  13. kaonee82 -

    I love the service. Packs right to the door. You can’t beat that.

  14. Keith -

    Double charged for lost shipment. Shipping is already exorbitant. Not worth the convenience.

  15. Tesserra -

    I added this subscription immediately after AH was released and, like the other 4 subscriptions I have, I am extremely pleased with Team Covenant. They deliver the Mythos packs promptly in secure packaging and keep subscribers in the loop with emails when the product is expected to release and shipping information as soon as it leaves their hands. The convenience of subscriptions and the great customer service are core to Team Covenant, which is a rarity in today’s world.

  16. Matthew -

    This service is fantastic. I get the packs right around the release date and with my busy life schedule it is just nice to know that I don’t have to run out and see if my local store has the packs. The convenience alone is worth it and the customer service is top drawer.

  17. Richard Little -

    I’m all in for the Arkham LCG and love this subscription as it ensures I won’t miss any release. The packs arrive usually 1 day after the “official release”. Sure I could get them earlier at my FLGS but then I’d need to drive and if they aren’t in, then what?

  18. Alan Bahr -

    It’s pretty good. Sometimes the release dates and the timeliness of the shipping slip and often times my FLGS is cheaper, but the security of knowing it’ll eventually show up is usually worth it.

  19. Thomas S Rolling -

    When my local store closed, I was concerned about how I would get these updates. Other retailers in the area where a little laissez-faire about getting these ordered normally/on-time. So this was a perfect fit for me. Keep the adventure/horror rolling.

  20. mark1 -

    This is a fantastic service. Even though my FLGS carries Arkham Horror LCG, they don’t really care about it, don’t offer any help with it, and don’t keep very much in stock. With this delivery service, I don’t even have to worry about following the news; I will just get the packs and boxes as they’re available. What a fantastic service!

  21. Jim Beszhak -

    The subscription service is great! I have a subscription for all things Arkham, and haven’t missed a product yet. They just show up right on time.

    I can’t say enough good things about the service. It functions exactly as advertised, at an amazing price. I can’t imagine a better way to help you help us, or me. I’m in it for the long haul guys. And I’m subscribed to everything you have for Arkham and LOTR. Keep ’em coming guys.

    I can’t say enough about the customer service. Quicker than quick and answer the dumbest questions I can think of. I can’t think of a platform better than this.

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