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  1. Theodore L Gieseking II -

    This is awesome for someone who doesn’t want to try to track all the various release dates or scour various stores trying to find all the Arkham Horror content. Once I got caught up and found out about this it was a no brainer.

    The company is awesome and I really appreciate what they do to help make the pain of trying to find all these items as easy as it can be. Almost all items have been received on the release date, and if not is usually a delay on FFG itself NOT Covenant. They are great about communicating if a product will be delayed. Highly recommend.

  2. bassistfrank -

    I have such a difficult time trying to get my local gaming store to order products…even when I am willing to prepay for them! The Team Covenant Subscription is so much easier. Yes, I may spend a few more dollars on shipping but at least I know I am guaranteed to get the product I am looking for. Amazon is so inconsistent with having items such as this in stock (for example I am getting the Barkham Horror expansion through TC) so it really helps to know that through Team Covenant, I am getting the product I am looking for.

  3. Frank Levi -

    This service is great! I don’t have to think about when the next supplement is coming out. It just shows up and I can start playing. If you’re interested in keeping up on Arkham releases I can’t recommend this highly enough.

  4. Mike Rudin -

    The most low-effort way to receive every standalone scenario. It can be especially annoying to track the release dates for the non-standard product releases, so why bother? Super easy, always arrives on time, and the Covenant crew are so obviously passionate about delivering the best experience possible at every level.

  5. Krishna -

    You can get stuff cheaper elsewhere but the convenient has been totally worth it for me.

  6. craig.hulett -

    As others have noted, I got tired of harassing my FLGS for Arkham Horror releases, trying to see if and when they would get the next big thing and then having time to remember to stop by to TRY to pick it up. Now it just shows up in my mailbox without fail. Sure, I have to pay a shipping charge but it is SO worth it to me. Thanks!

  7. Richard Little -

    The supplements for Arkham Horror LCG have the most irregular of all release cycles. Since I’m all in for the game I’d really hate to miss one, which is really why appreciate this subscription. More time enjoying the game, less time worrying that I may miss something.

  8. Alan Bahr -

    It’s pretty good. Sometimes the release dates and the timeliness of the shipping slip and often times my FLGS is cheaper, but the security of knowing it’ll eventually show up is usually worth it.

  9. Jim Beszhak -

    This subscription may be the icing on the cake. Trying to procure anything out of the norm is royal pain in the backside and I’m not in a position to travel and hit the Cons and shows, darn it. Now I get whatever is being released. Now if I could only get you guys to send me kits from the Shows ^ ^. Seriously. Okay, I know you can’t do that, but you sure take the pain out of shopping ANYWHERE else. Ebay, Amazon, FFG. And I live in nowhere USA were there are no gaming shops. This is a gift from heaven – One stop shopping. Thanks to you all. Now if you would only do Mansions of Madness!!!

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