Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Dynasty Pack Subscription

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  1. Chris Nason -

    My packs arrive on-time every time! I’m really happy with this service because one, I have no FLGS in my area, and two, I don’t have to think about ordering them every week or paying for the entire cycle up front. I will absolutely keep my subs going with TC.

  2. LightningJak -

    Love the subscription! It’s great not having to worry about when the new pack comes out because you receive it on release day.

  3. Marvel Sutantio -

    Consistency, I really like the way Covenant can guarantee that I’ll get all the dynasty packs through a very simple one time subscription step.

    I would’ve give this 5, or even 6 stars if possible,… if it weren’t for the shipping cost per pack plus the time the postal services needs to deliver this to my doorsteps. I don’t think we could do much regarding the length of the process, but a little bit more discount on the shipping cost ($10, or even less if possible?) and it would be a solid 5 star for me.

  4. Andrew -

    It’s incredibly convenient to just be able to make a subscription and have the L5R goodness arrive at my door. We struggle with local stores who only stock what is popular and are unwilling to bring in any “risky” purchases.

    My only frustration is how long it takes for anything from USPS to arrive in my country.

  5. Andrew Snow -

    Be aware that if you are ordering this mid cycle the pack it says you are going to start with may not be the pack that is the first you receive. I missed one pack via subscription because of the information given on the page. Not much of a problem, but it was frustrating to have to order a pack that I thought I was going to receive.

  6. W Jones -

    Great service, supplemented by some wonderful video support. I’m happy to purchase from TC!

  7. LBSchoener -

    It is a convenient service. You can get these items from other online stores for a lower price, especially figuring in the shipping costs which are on the high side. The difference is I am only spending the equivalent of half a cup of Starbuck’s coffee extra per month/release to just not have to worry about it. It is a luxury tax but one I am fine paying.

  8. timothymorton4 -

    So far I have to say it has been excellent. I have been watching the videos (PLEASE KEEP MAKING) you guys have been making for L5R and it is so wholesome and relaxed.

    I didn’t realize the sakura tokens had protective layers on them and thought mine was defective. I contacted them and they informed me right away. So far the delivery timing and customer service has just been on point. I wish I had your store near me because I would be in there all the time!

  9. exodious13 -

    Got my cards day after release without having to worry, thanks guys!

  10. Josh -

    Great service, I really appreciate not having to worry about stock running out on me. I’ve seen people mentioning the Sakura tokens are faded. I thought the same thing until I realized they have a thin sticker covering them when they arrive, which makes the token look faded.

  11. Anesthesia -

    Arrived on time, in perfect condition. Sakura tokens are great, looking forward to having enough to use enough that I can skip using the normal fate tokens. ^^ Shipping costs are completely mitigated by not having to wait a couple extra weeks for getting my packs, usually I have to hunt high and low for the things. My tracking number was wrong but that just led to my pleasant surprise that it arrived before I thought it had been shipped at all.

    It’s great to not have to worry I won’t have these packs, especially what with the accelerated release schedule. TC really makes me feel like they value my custom and I appreciate that.

  12. Randy -

    Six stars if I could and everything I hoped for. The service is fantastic, highly-reliable, and I love having something to look forward to in the mail. Other reviewers have commented on the shipping cost: it’s a few bucks more, but it ensures that I get the packs and it saves me having to plan a trip down to the FLGS (I’ve been burned too many times on sold-out products b/c I couldn’t get down there in time.) To me, well worth the small overhead.
    On a final note to TC: I’m an enormous fan of your content. Your videos have been a big part of gaming for me over the years and I’m happy to be contributing in this small way to all you do. Thanks, guys— it’s much appreciated!

  13. gavin.ramstead -

    I love the concept of the subscriptions, I just think with the way FFG decided to “burst” the first cycle is really is hindering when shipping is so high per pack. The token was wonderful in terms of quality (gotta remember to remove the masking), but I wouldn’t say it was a key factor. With the Subs available, the main selling point is convenience. I mean you don’t have to hustle down to the store and snatch it up before it sells out. I could see this with some CCGs out there but I am not sure I would worry too much about LCGs. It just didn’t fit with my budget given the season and that is FFG’s fault for not mentioning this stuff back at Gencon so I could budget more. lol

  14. mp5johnson -

    I like the service overall but agree with the other reviewers with the shipping cost. I didn’t give it 5 stars because my Sakura Token, which was free, came in the mail faded and unrecognizable. Again, with just one token, i wasn’t planning on using it anyways but wanted to bring it to Covenant’s attention.

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