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  1. Steven -

    Just got two sets of investigator tokens, one of the doom/clue and two player boards. They’re all great… really excited!

    I am bummed about a few things.
    1) I think there should be a few more resource tokens (can’t go over 15… also, can’t have 14)
    2) the chaos tokens now feel cheap… why aren’t there chaos tokens to buy?
    3) there isn’t a good token to track enemy health. There aren’t enough of the investigator health trackers to use (plus the square doesn’t look as good sitting out on the card.) so you either use the same token as the clue/supply or you use the old cardboard. Where’s the enemy health tokens?

    Again, great product (the ones that you get)!! Just wish they fully finished the game out…

  2. Andy Smith -

    We play games either co-op or two player. It’s at a smaller round table where space is at a premium. We don’t game often due to work, so it’s always pretty special when we do. I knew I wanted the TC tokens and boards to be part of that; to enrich the game with beautiful and clever design. They’ve exceeded my expectations.

    I did have to save to get them and that, to me, makes them something to cherish and I just adore all of it.

    There are stickers protecting the tokens. Pop on the podcast or join the Live stream if it’s on and come chat in the room and say hi whilst you de-sticker. It won’t take long, you may as well do it in good company!

  3. bd.kane -

    If you expect to be playing this game for the long term I think these tokens are a must buy. The design and quality are absolutely top shelf. Don’t let the price put you off. If you’re unsure maybe pick up one investigator set to try them out. I strongly suspect orders for a campaign set and additional investigator sets won’t be far behind. Better throw in some Mythos Boards too!

  4. Josh -

    These are excellent! I’m extremely pleased with my purchase.

    Since we’re all apparently including a negative in our four and five star reviews, mine is that Team Covenant doesn’t offer the chaos tokens as well.

  5. aharris1 -

    Love these, only negative besides price is the stickers. Took so long to peel of the stickers from both sides on all these tokens

  6. Kenneth Christensen -

    I do not believe I have ever spent as much money to “pimp”a game as I have for Arkham Horror the Card Game. To me, the value of replacing tokens or other components for a game lies in strengthening the atmosphere/presentation for said game. Convenience, in the form of multi-purpose tokens, is secondary, to me at least, but Team Covenant has achieved something really impressive with these tokens. They are thematic, and they make the game feel and look more atmospheric than the standard tokens.
    Are they expensive? Yes. Is it an investment I regret? Not in any way. I am enjoying Arkham Horror, in all its pulpy glory, having a blast going insane, and Team Covenant’s tokens are only adding to the enjoyment. I wholeheartedly recommend this product, but I would recommend you familiarize yourself with the game before making an investment such as this. Arkham Horror the Card Game is not for everyone, but for those who enjoy it, solo or multiplayer, premium components, and these are that, make no mistake, can be a wonderful addition to the gaming experience.

    I am going to be playing this game for a long time and these tokens are the perfect companions on my many journeys into madness and beyond. Now, if only Team Covenant offered custom chaos tokens…

  7. corsar -

    These tokens look very good and a like to play the game with this. they are expensive but the quality its very good. i payed a lot of VAT in switzerland that’s make its more expensive.

  8. Rich -

    These tokens look really good and do enhance your play. I wish you got a few more of the Clue/Supply tokens. They are a little expensive but they do look really good.

  9. calmien -

    I’m using them nearly one year and they are still amazing looking. Do you need them to play the game? no, but it’s just so much easier to manipulate with them instead of cardboard tokens and they look so much better. Specially bigger doom tokens with 1/2 are much comfortable to use.
    If you play AH LCG a lot, you will love them. With mytos boards and investigator tokens they add something special to the theme of the game.
    Last thing is the price.. Sure they are costly and i’m from EU(Czech Republic) so with postage and customs from US, the price was bit crazy 🙂 But it’s premium product, it enhance our games of AH LCG and it’s from Team Covenant 😉 Thank you!

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