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  1. Greg J -

    Great addition to the game, very helpful and adds to overall experience. Highly recommend!

  2. Michael Levall -

    Works perfect with the mythos boards, and are extremely satisfying to use. If you are running 2 player games, I would suggest buying a third pack to split. Sometimes you want damage on enemies, or you run a little short on the money tokens.

    The different shape designs of the tokens, making them fit into the two different rows of the board, is a great touch.

  3. Notfitforpublic -

    Gorgeous, and far better quality than anything else out there for the same price. There’s a lot of intricate detail here that trumps any other token I’ve seen. All the health/sanity you need but resources can run out with big money rogues. If you sold them separately, or added an option for more, Id totally give you all the money.

  4. jjimenez.90 -

    Definitely kicks the game up a notch! The quality of these are awesome. With every penny.

  5. Jamie Townsend -

    These tokens are great!

  6. Fade -

    Well made and great to handle. Paired with a mythos board they’re so clean on the table.

    One set per player is usually fine but I’d probably recommend three sets for every two players; as that covers multiple allies and most non boss monsters.

  7. Alvin kim -

    Great tokens especially when used with the mythos boards. Flipping between the 1 and 2 values is really satisfying.

  8. Zach M -

    Great tokens as always, and they fit perfectly with the mythos boards

  9. Tylar -

    These tokens are beautiful. They are easy to read from across the table and fit perfectly into the mythos boards. A few marks here though; I’m not sure if these would be good if you did not have a mythos board as an easier way to track life. I also do not think these are necessary to use with the mythos board as you can slot dice into the slots with no fuss. Also I had bought 2 sets and it feels like I am running low on tokens often in 2 player games, though I more or less attribute that to there being many more allies now than there were when this was first released.

    Quality is great, art is great, but there are other options out there, especially if you do not have a mythos board. I would still recommend them though if the cost isn’t a big deal to you and you have a mythos board. I intend to buy 2-4 more copies in the future so I have enough for 4 players so that should tell you that I do like these tokens over alternative sources even if they might be cheaper options out there.

  10. ddavis555 -

    These are excellent. Super high quality. The translucence is a nice touch and they are perfect with the player boards. They are just the right thickness that they are easy to manipulate without be bulky.

  11. Mike Rudin -

    In my opinion, the hands-down BEST tokens available for Arkham Horror. They are the perfect size and the colors/designs look beautiful among the fantastic graphic design of Arkham Horror itself.

  12. Frank Giordano -

    These tokens are absolutely gorgeous. The double sided nature of the tokens allows maximum efficiency in play and design. Team Covenant always goes above and beyond in the design of their products, always ensuring that theme and functionality are incorporated perfectly. This functionality is further improved when paired with the Mythos boards. The tokens fit nicely into the slots on the Mythos board which helps keep your investigator card clear at all times.

    The only negative aspect can be the quantity of tokens that come with the set. Now I say CAN strongly because it is rare, though not impossible that you will have a lot of damage/horror tokens on cards and have to resort to the game included tokens to deal with the rest until you can clear enemies/allies/etc..

    Ultimately, these are an incredible item to purchase to enhance your Arkham experience. Pair with the Mythos board for the best experience.

  13. Justin Sweet -

    The overall aesthetic of these tokens are amazing, especially when placed into the perfectly fitting sections in each Mythos Board. So glad to own these classy game pieces!

  14. Caleb Hobson -

    Even without one of the player boards these tokens are fantastic – I have a player board however… and they are INCREDIBLE. They fit perfectly into the slots – flip vertically to be on the alternate side (no need to check which way to orient them).

    It’s just fantastic. They look astounding, and feel great in your hand.

  15. Robtrot -

    These tokens are beautiful and everything I have come to expect from Team Covenant. They fit amazing with the board and the colors are perfect.

  16. staceharman -

    Gorgeous tokens. The vivid translucent Health and Sanity tokens are thematically weighted and attractive, while the dark green resource tokens are slightly more opaque lending them an elegance and making them feel valuable as resources (ie. money!).
    Paired with a Mythos Board they are extremely satisfying to use, with the way that they flip over in their bespoke slots and remain the correct way up showing very pleasing attention to detail.
    There is one big problem with these Health and Sanity tokens…which is that they are so nice to handle, place into the Mythos boards and flip over that I’m tempted to take more risks while playing just to have a reason to use them more often (thought about starting with a full board and counting down to zero but staring down a full complement of damage and horror in Arkham induces mild panic!).
    Great job TC!

  17. jergood -

    These new custom tokens make all of my old cardboard tokens look ghetto. It is a night and day difference when you use these with the Player Boards and I cannot imagine using cardboard anymore.

  18. DocDCurtis -

    I purchased these tokens, along with the matching Campaign Set, to use alongside the Mythos boards that Team Covenant also produce. As with all of the products that I have received from TC, these tokens are beautifully designed and exceptionally well crafted. They are as much a work of art, as they are functional gaming pieces to accompany our games of the Arkham Horror LCG. As a set, along with the boards and campaign tokens, they allow for a level of immersion that enhances the narratives of the stories told by the game. If you and your gaming group enjoy playing this game, you owe it to yourself to give the entire line of TC products a try; you will NOT be disappointed!

  19. Kyle LeHew -

    These tokens looked great in the Team Covenant videos and I purchased four sets to go with our Mythos Boards and I cannot begin to praise these enough. The design aesthetic and feel of these tokens go above and beyond what I even imagined. I look forward to purchasing more tokens from Team Covenant to help amplify my gaming groups experience!

  20. oldschoolgamr -

    I LOVE these tokens. They are my favorite tokens of any game ever. They Mythos Board just makes them even more awesome. Seriously. If you love Arkham Horror LCG even just a little bit, these tokens will prove that love and then some. You will NEVER want to hold a cardboard token again. Worth it.

  21. Nathan Calley -

    When I first discovered these tokens, I was reluctant to take the plunge and purchase them because of the cost. I laughed and thought, there are cheaper options. However, in time, what sold me on the product was the fact that these (unlike other tokens) are two-sided. If you are obsessive about storage, keeping each different token in a separate slot, a two-sided token means simplification. When they finally arrived, I realized how perfect these tokens are for Arkham Horror (or any of its predecessors). Yes they are expensive. Yes it takes a while to peel off the stickers from every token. But these are beautiful, and add a spark of something unique to a great game.

  22. andrewwilliams4321 -

    As plastic tokens, though very nice, the price is pretty high and there ARE cheaper sufficient options elsewhere. However, this is a luxury experience. The packaging is thoughtful, professional and elegant. There is a satisfying ritual of individually unwrapping each of these tiny treasures. Combined with the other products the price only climbs higher but so does that feeling that you’ve truly found the best of the best. If you’re the kind of person who likes collector’s editions and has spent hours searching Amazon for the perfect old-timey box to hold your tokens (like me), take the plunge.

  23. Khalestes -

    When these first came out, it took me a while to really warm up to them. When I saw the Mythos Board, and saw how great it looked with these tokens… I had to have them. I have to say, I’m very glad I did! I have yet to get my hands on that elusive Mythos Board (is it vaporware??? 😉 ), but I’ve had so much fun with the great tokens. Great quality, excellent design and attention to detail (look how more “intense” the flipped sides get!)… and overall, you can’t beat the feel of acrylic versus cardboard. Well done, guys… again!

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