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  1. Josh Cain -

    BEAUTIFUL player board! Puts the investigator in the center of focus, and fits beautifully with the matching token sets. Felt backing means it won’t scuff the table. Highly recommend!

  2. morleymi -

    The pictures don’t do these player trays justice. They are beautiful. I didn’t realize they had felt bottoms. Nice touch. Keeps them from sliding around and from scratching your table top. Super fast delivery too. Super happy with purchase. Thanks!

  3. Nick Carter -

    If you are looking to upgrade your Arkham experience, this is the way to do it.

  4. bd.kane -

    Absolutely worth the cost. I can’t imagine playing without them now. They provide some badly needed organization and do it by greatly enhancing the game’s atmosphere especially when combined with the Covenant tokens.

  5. stevenathanson -

    I love this board and tokens to go with it. The design is absolutely wonderful, the quality of the craftsmanship is top notch. For a second I thought the tokens didn’t fit in the slots but actually the health and sanity tokens have slightly different shapes, and each set has its own row it belongs in. The tokens flip to the double side so easily in this board, it makes it fun to take damage haha! The last thing I will say is it weighs less than I was expecting, which isn’t good or bad, just something I noticed.

  6. Josh -


  7. grrregory -

    These are beautifully designed. They feel like some rare find from a curio shop. The board is kept tidy and easy see what’s what. Love these boards!

  8. Kyle LeHew -

    The four Mythos Boards I purchased for my game group have been so well received! Everyone was stunned by the design, class, and craftsmanship of these. Team Covenant clearly have an eye for excellence. Could not be happier – and will definitely purchase more of these TC designs in the future. Can’t recommend enough.

  9. DocDCurtis -

    Once again, Team Covenant has created a product that is both functional and incredibly beautiful. The aesthetics of this product cannot be overstated. From the rich copper color (that will patina nicely over time) to the intricate and thematic engravings, this board exudes class. The level of thought that went into designing this board to not only perfectly accompany the health and sanity tokens, but also to help players be able to keep their area well-organized shows that the guys at Team Covenant are not only interested in producing quality products, but are also players who love the games they support. If it is not obvious from my previous comments, let me state that I am very pleased with my purchase and will be ordering several more to complete my four-player set.

  10. Kenyon -

    The pictures do not do this item justice. The finish is a lovely copper, it has a felt backing and fits the acrylic tokens beautifully. Yes, it is extravagant. Only one minor ding is that (at least for mine) the card holder part was a fraction of a millimeter too small to easily hold a card sleeved in Fantasy Flight sleeves. It does fit, but it is ever so slightly too small. I recommend these to anyone wanting to spruce up their game!

  11. drashop -

    FFG’s components are good, but these boards and the tokens are better. They visually add to the theme, organize your playing area, and are tough enough to stand up to heavy play (unlike the cardboard you get from FFG). The attention to detail is outstanding. from the perfect fit to a sleeved card to the health and sanity tokens each having their own matching slots.

  12. Michael Romine -

    Items arrived super fast. When I brought these to the table, everyone was super impressed with the quality of the boards and tokens. They live up to the quality I have come to expect from your company. I just wish I lived closer so that I could meet all of you and attend events at your store. Thanks again for a great product and I look forward to your next creation.

  13. horvathjason -

    The best bing I’ve gotten for Arkham Horror LCG looking to buy more as soon as available.

  14. Phillip Lewis -

    Excellent quality. Air hole at the back ensures your investigators are kept cool throughout play. Very happy with my purchase.

  15. andrewwilliams4321 -

    I’ve spent hours searching for custom components and even making my own, and the covenant ones really are the best option out there. Beyond the product being nice you’ll feel that the people making it truly believe in their mission statement and aren’t trying to cut any corners or pull one over on you. It feels good to know that the person you’re buying from cares as much as you do about your hobbies. Unfortunately, the price also reflects this, but considering how few games I love as much as this one, it’s worth the cost, to me, to have these incredible additions.

  16. Jeff -

    These boards are INCREDIBLE! Truly outstanding quality and craftsmanship. Thanks to the fine folks at Team Covenant for putting real passion into the design of a beautifully thematic game piece and making this amazing game even more enjoyable.

  17. oldschoolgamr -

    You will see it at first and convince yourself you don’t need it. Then you will consider the care and love that went into its design: the Copper tinting, the amazing etching, the thoughtful token holders and clue/resource pool, the amazing inset for the character card (sleeved or unsleeved) and even the hole behind – designed in like it was meant to be there. In the end, you will know you need this – and you will be right.

  18. phillosmaster -

    The pictures really don’t do this product justice. These boards are fantastic. They really knocked it out of the park with this product. There is a reason it is constantly going out of stock. They work perfectly with TC’s own investigator token set and really helps organize your player area.

  19. shawnjararita -

    I open the package and say to myself, “this is not what I was expecting…this thing is awesome!”
    It looks like old copper. I touched it to my face for a cold test; room temp…but that is how much it looks like metal, and not plastic. Much better in real life than in the picture.
    Well done team covenant. You went above and beyond.

  20. Wesley A Kinslow -

    Wasn’t sure if I wanted these or not but considering the window to purchase I bit the bullet and bought two with the possibility of resale if I wasn’t jazzed with them. They are likely one of my favorite “bling” accessories from any game I’ve ever purchased (and I purchase a stupid amount of extras for my favorite games). The craftsmanship and quality are ahead of the game. Clever. Functional. Thematic.

    If you already have the health/sanity tokens there’s no excuse not to get these.

  21. Christopher -

    Absolutely worth the wait. The design is both beautiful and clever, and it’s clear a great deal of thought and care were put into putting these together.

  22. Matthew -

    These a great way to hold all of the counters/tokens and keep your investigator card still able to be easily read when playing. These look fantastic and bring an elegant piece of customization to the game. When you combine a lot of the thematic products that are available to this game, including TC tokens, this game just draws people in.

  23. Andy Mello -

    The Mythos Board exceeded my expectations in both quality and design. Arkham is the first game my wife has ever played with me so I took the chance and got her and I one for Christmas. She absolutely loved it! Thanks everyone at your company for the work you do (I’ve become an avid devotee to the pod casts and videos) and the care at which you make your products. I was so pleased with my purchase I immediately bought the investigator tokens to go with the boards. thanks again!

  24. Tony -

    I was looking for a way to customize my Arkham Horror LCG gaming experience, and came across these Mythos boards. They were out of stock, however, as soon as I was notified that they were available, I ordered two of them. When they arrived, I was really impressed. The images on the website just look like they are brown, however, mine are actually really copper looking. They hold your character card when sleeved, and its easy to remove by using the hole behind the card. The slots for sanity and health fit the original game cardboard for the 1x tokens (the 3x tokens are larger in size). The side tray does a great job of holding your resources and clue tokens. These things are sweet for sure. They do seem a little expensive at $24 each, however, once you actually use them in a game setting, you realize they are totally worth it. Thanks Team Covenant for making such an awesome product for my Arkham Horror LCG experiences!

  25. Alex -

    Definitely seemed expensive at first, but the craftsmanship is definitely worth the cost. Very cool accessory and I have no regrets. If you are considering this item at all, then I can say it is definitely worth it.

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