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  1. Steven -

    I remember playing Arkham for the first time. I had finished the first two scenarios of “Night of the Zealot” and had fallen in love. The first two things I did was try and find more Arkham products, and also see what Team Covenant had going on for tokens.

    I had only previously bought their Keyforge tokens and was impressed on the quality. Lo’ and behold though, they did boards?! One of my big issues with Arkham was that there was not much space to track clues, resources, health, and sanity. It was all really cluttered. The boards seemed to solve this issue beautifully. I ordered this and the Dunwich board straight away.

    The Forgotten Age theme comes through beautifully in this board and it’s one of my go to boards. I 100% recommend this board

  2. Paul Arnegard -

    My favorite of Team Covenant’s boards. Like the rest, it keeps your tokens organized and your status easy to track. Plus, the rich green textures with Aztec-inspired art look fantastic on Ursula Downs.

  3. Mike H -

    The look of this board really captures the Forgotten Age.
    The feel is quite different from the other boards and that is a great feature bringing real uniqueness to this board.
    I would highly recommend as this really brings you closer to your investigator. Organising whilst adding a much better look to your play area really gets you excited to get the game back to the table

  4. Rejo -

    Gorgeous work on these boards. I originally bought two boards for their aesthetic. Who doesn’t want to bling out their play space? But what I was surprised to find how functional they were. They really helped me and my gaming partner organize the table space during play. I pretty much became an advocate for these accessories from the get-go and have purchased multiple boards. They’re really just perfect if you take your play seriously.

  5. Kenyon -

    Absolutely magnificent! This board really pulls off the effect of being an engraved “Eztli” piece of jade! One of the best most thematic designs.

  6. Tylar -

    As someone who owns all of the boards (Except the Circle Undone), I can say this is both my least favourite but also the one I was the most excited for. The style they use to make the board textured is unique and does give it a sort of ‘carved’ feeling. I think that is part of its downfall. As someone who has a cat, the fur gets caught in this thing constantly making it a nuisance to keep clean. Also I felt the need to add a little more green to it (especially on the sides that were left as black) to make it pop a little more. Still, I would recommend this product highly as these things are a must when it comes to playing as it helps keep everything organized and adds a little bit of flavour to the game.

    Using the player tokens with this is also very nice, though for a while I was using standard-sized dice of different colours and they fit into the slots well. The tokens are great but not necessary, though I feel like these boards are.
    Can’t wait to buy one of every scenario as they come out!

  7. Daniel Farris -

    I recently purchased a few of these boards and the accompanying token sets to help organize my games. I am blown away by the level of detail put into the design of these boards. They are beautiful, well thought out, and constructed wonderfully. I can’t imagine going back to playing without them. I look forward to seeing the new designs as they come out.

  8. Julien Champagne -

    These boards are simply amazing. Combined with the investigator tokens, they really make the game pop that much more off the table and they help keep the player area organized. The production quality is stellar and well worth the asking price. They feel like a collector’s item. Looking forward to getting all the future ones for each campaign. Keep up the excellent work TC.

  9. XCoconutMonkey06X -

    I can’t recommend this board enough! The board has a good weight to it so it doesn’t feel cheap or like it will fall apart. The felt bottom is a really nice touch. I am a HUGE fan of how the tokens fit astonishingly perfect into the slots. I was also a big fan of this board’s design. The detail is very crisp and striking.

  10. Justin Sweet -

    This Mythos board scratches that adventurer itch for me! From the textured stone feel, to the ancient glyph creatures in each damage/horror slot, this Aztec-themed board really pulls me into the Forgotten Age! When paired with the Mythos Tokens, I just love using this board with Akachi Onyele. The Mystic Purple background really compliments the Green hue of this mythos board. Being able to track damage, horror, and resources without crowding the artwork on my investigator card is a huge plus. I plan to keep it forever, even if I ever find myself lost in the Nexus!

  11. Frank Giordano -

    I want to put this as simply as I can….buy these products if you love playing Arkham Horror. I received this, and several other products as a birthday gift and they are fantastic. The sheer intricacy of the boards alone proves their worth. Team Covenant painstakingly ensures that every detail matters (play the scenarios and you will see what I mean!).

    The simple ability to get your investigator card isolated and not clogged up with all of the tokens that would normally be placed on it is fantastic. Having a recess for clues/resources, and separate recesses for your health and sanity damage changes your entire outlook on the game. You will not be disappointed with any of your purchases.

    My only detractor is that these boards are so well made, that I hate covering them up! Hopefully that gives you an idea of how well made these products are. Fast and secure shipping were another incredible bonus. Check out the tokens as well as they really complement the boards and are so incredibly well done.

  12. Caleb Hobson -

    I purchased this despite not having TFA yet because the aesthetic is so nice… I’ve received it and completely fallen in love with the intricate detail work on these pieces. Paired with the other tokens (I also ordered) it really ups the ante on my game and helps me feel the immersion.

    These have replaced my previous neoprene playmat’s resource/token spaces because it just feels so natural to use.

    Well done, TC!

  13. staceharman -

    Brilliantly designed from both a practical and aesthetic standpoint.
    The care and attention to detail that has gone into both design and production is fantastic to see and even better to behold once its on the table.
    Ordered the Investigator Token set alongside the board and the way the tokens flip in their respective slots is immensely satisfying! The deep green colour of the board is gorgeous, the debossed detailing gives it a wonderfully tactile feel. TC has knocked it out of the park once again, and much kudos to Jonathan on design duty.
    Was finally convinced to place my order so that I could show appreciation for the streaming efforts of the team during the Covid pandemic (Stephen and Zach, in particular) and am genuinely delighted with the results.
    The kind of upgrade that truly enhances the gaming experience, and that also stands as a beautifully crafted piece in its own right.
    I’m so pleased with it that I’ve even shown it off to people who have no idea what Arkham Horror is!

  14. Chris V -

    Already had the Dunwich boards and decided to grab these up because of the recent TC Content uptick given the covid19 situation. It’s probably a worse time than ever to get these groups going once again, but because of the TC Content my group’s interest spiked and we have started again. Because fo that, I ordered 2 more boards to have enough for the entire group. These are super awesome and feel even higher quality than my Dunwich boards. The aesthetic is perfect for the FA Campaign and these are a fantastic addition to my collection of other TC Arkham custom game additions.

  15. jergood -

    I just got three of these for my AHLCG group and I am 100% happy with the purchase. The game really needed something like this to organize the myriad of tokens that used to just land on top of each investigator card. I was a little concerned when I could not get the custom covenant health/sanity tokens that I purchased separately to fit into the player board until I realized the slots are specific for the slots. With the clue holding tray to the right of the board, the sanity slots are on the bottom and health on top! I really love these and highly recommend.

  16. jan.brughmans -

    Absolutely beautiful and practical – when combined with the TC tokens – means of organising your Arkham Horror TCG plays. The finish and quality ooze with theme, I do not see myself use another means in the near future; except perhaps a new cycle board 😀

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