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  1. robert.snodgrass -

    Gorgeous, GORGEOUS set of tokens! The intricate details are incredible, and I’m thrilled beyond belief with the high quality of each and every piece.

    It is true that there is a protective film on each side of every token that must be removed, but it comes off easily if you run your thumb across the edge. You can get everything peeled in a matter of minutes, and it’s something you can do without paying direct attention (i.e., you could do this while watching Netflix). It’s an incredibly minor task that shouldn’t take long. I appreciate the fact that there is such a strong commitment to quality that such protective measures are in place.

  2. Zorrax -

    Really awesome tokens. A bit of a pain to peel off all of the protective paper, but worth it. These tokens are vibrant and really look great during the game.

  3. Lyle Williams -

    The tokens are fabulous! Used a pocket knife blade to peel off the protective paper. Definitely recommend the tokens for games of KeyForge.

  4. gofeewalden -

    They’re better than I expected and I had high expectations already. The size of everything is perfect. The only negative I can think of is peeling off the protective film takes forever and that’s a very minor complaint.

  5. Chironic -

    I just received my tokens in the mail and I’m even more pleased than I expected to be (and I was very excited for these). I can’t wait to put them on the table and get forging! (To peel the film from the tokens simply rub your thumb across the edge and it comes off easily)

  6. Justin -

    As usual, Team Cov knocks it out of the park. These tokens are gorgeous on the table. Def recommend if they’re in your budget!

  7. jedimindtrick00 -

    Artistic, Colorful, Unique, and meaningful tokens.

    These tokens are the epitome of everything gamers want. They make tracking game states easy as they are vibrant and distinguished which make them jump off the table. The quality is also top notch and you can tell everything is made with care and dedication.

    Layer this with the fact that the Æmber tokens are unique to each person who orders them and you have virtually perfect product.

    I am now a lifetime Covenant fan.

  8. Brad McGown -

    Just like every other token order I have made from these guys, these are stellar. Super fast shipping, as well as top notch quality, makes Team Covenant tokens the best in the business.

  9. Ryan Roper -

    I was shocked to see how fast I received my tokens. I ordered them on the Keyforge release day and received them on that Saturday morning. My initial impressions where that I liked the smaller size compared to the cardboard chits that came in the starter. It makes it a lot easier to see how much damage or amber are on a creature. The stun tokens make it easier to deal with quickly as sometimes with the stun cards they get in the way of the play space.

    The keys look great in the light and you can see the backside reflecting through them.

    My only two complaints, if I had any was that I hate peeling the paper off acrylic. This is a really small complaint and only took me 5-10 mins to complete. My other complaint is that I wish they had included some shield tokens (1-6?) so that we could use them if we wanted.

  10. Keith -

    Very pleased with this token set. Very clean, well-designed, and a perfect complement to the KeyForge game. These truly enhanced the gameplay and I will be ordering another set soon. You’ll appreciate the attention to detail and the quality of these tokens. A “must have” for KeyForge fans.

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