Arcane Token Set

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  1. Adam -

    These tokens are amazing. They have a really nice feel to them and the patterns are super intricate and detailed. The colors pop and the 3d effect created is great. Highly recommend if you play Ashes often, or are just looking for a multi-functioning, magic-inspired token for tabletop gaming. Good stuff from TC.

  2. Eliot Gerson -

    They’re… ok. Based on the other rave reviews–and for the $50 price–I expected a lot more out of these. They aren’t really very weighty, and the material isn’t particularly nice. It’s just plastic (and if not… boy does it ever feel like normal plastic!). The etchings and colors are nicely done.

    And, while the quantity is specified in the listing, of course, I do find myself running out of damage tokens and having to go back to the ones that come with the game. Again, disappointing for a $50 purchase of just “premium” tokens and nothing else.

    Finally, while it probably sounds petty, I was annoyed at having to soak the tokens in water and peal protective stickers off both sides for every single token. At this price point, surely they can ship them in a little case or coin roll or something to keep them from getting scratched.

  3. Joe Solo -

    I love these tokens. They look great. Way more durable than the alternative. I actually use them for multiple games, both card and board, in place of what a game comes with. I’m at a point where I’m considering a 2nd set so I have one for just Ashes and a 2nd for my other games. They are the perfect upgrade!!

  4. Charlotte Malone -

    I had resisted buying these for a while but I finally treated myself and WOWZERS, they are beautiful. The picture doesn’t do them justice. They make a lovely game even lovelier. Perfect size, perfect weight, perfect colors – perfect is the only word that fits. Treat yourself.


    Excellent tokens! Love this game so much that I decide to get 2 copies of it. Pricey but alsolutely worth it!

  6. R -

    I Purchased 2 sets of these as well as the Limited Christmas Set when they were made. I Highly Recommend these. They are very good Quality. You won’t be disappointed.

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