Full Data Token Set

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  1. captainwookiee252 -

    100% recommended this these are awesome tokens to add to your game especially versus paper

  2. Mike -

    I am late to the game, but this set of tokens is still perfect for playing with! The picture really doesn’t do them justice though, so I checked out the video for them on youtube – they look incredible and really fit the theme of the game! I love the color choices and the icons make it easy to tell what each token is for. I am very happy with my purchase.

  3. ploderup -

    Wow. These tokens are beautiful. The artwork is well-done, and I love how some of the tokens (e.g., Femme, Brain Damage) use artwork on both sides of the token to tie the whole picture together. My only complaints are with the price, and the fact that the set doesn’t come with click trackers. That notwithstanding, I’d highly recommend the set to anyone looking to upgrade their game.

  4. Zach M -

    Very high quality and worth every penny. If I could make just one change, I would probably prefer to have more 3s instead of the 2s, since there are a lot of economy cards that give you 3 resources per use, but overall I’m very happy with the product.

  5. Marcy L -

    Gorgeous tokens! Seriously, I’ve been waiting for 2 years to get these tokens. I missed the run in 2020 and thought I missed my chance—yet here we are in 2021 and my dreams have been met. Keep up the excellent work and always be running!

    PS: when can we can some click trackers in the store? 😉

  6. Jason D. -

    I’m overly impressed with these. The acrylics really pop on the table, and the parallax effect used on these just feels to perfect with this cyberpunk theme. Since they came with the sticker protector on each they got shipped to me in flawless condition. Great work on these y’all!

  7. Nathan -

    Recently got back into Netrunner and decided to grab these tokens. They’re high quality, wonderfully thematic, and slick as hell. Highly recommended to anyone who loves this game!

  8. David -

    Absolutely thematic.
    The double sided credits are perfect for advancement.
    They are so good, the first thing I did after I got back in the game was buy the tokens again.

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