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  1. Scott B. -

    Such a convenient service! I am never worried about hunting down the product or having to keep track of release dates. Each time a new pack is released, it arrives at my door on release day.

  2. John Gardner -

    So convenient. For the cost of shipping, I don’t have to worry about finding product in stock locally or waiting a week or more for other online retailers to ship. Every release has showed up for me on release day or the day after. Super happy with this.

  3. Daniel Keim -

    Let me be clear: the Team Covenant subscription service is the optimal way to keep up with this game. My wife signed me up back in June for my birthday and it’s literally the gift that keeps on giving! I have ONLY received each pack on release day, which blows my mind.

    The only one I didn’t get from TC was the Rise of Red Skull box, which I bought from my local game store to support them. However, I was left waiting an extra week to receive it because of inventory delays. I know it wasn’t the store’s fault, but it just made me miss buying from Team Covenant more!

    These guys are awesome and if you want everything for this game, this is the way to go!

  4. michael gentile -

    I discovered Marvel Champions through Team Covenant’s videos. Had some trouble finding the early hero packs locally, then learned about TC’s subscriptions.
    What a fantastic service!! The convenience of receiving expansions in my mailbox on release date (once the day after) far outweighs the small savings I could find elsewhere online, but receiving at a later date.
    Initially, I felt a little guilty about not pre-ordering through my FLGS (of 15+ years). But the store is 45 minutes away, not exactly convenient, and it’s always possible that they will be shorted orders by the distributor.
    A short chat with the owner eased things over. He’s not making tons of money on this one monthly purchase from me, and I still get all my other stuff (card sleeves, game mats, etc) through him.
    So, kind of a win-win-win.

  5. Chris Hotovec -

    The Covenant Subscriptions are some of the best ways to collect an expandable game. They take all the worry out of being able to get ahold of the latest releases. In addition their customer service is top notch. I Recommend this service to everyone I can.

  6. Chris Hotovec -

    The Covenant Subscriptions are some of the best ways to collect an expandable game. They take all the worry out of being able to get ahold of the latest releases. In addition their customer service is top notch. I Recommend this service to everyone I can.

  7. Theodore L Gieseking II -

    Actually got turned onto this game because of the content that Team Covenant kept having on it. I struggled to get caught up on all the things that have already released, but once I was I signed up for all the subscriptions they had, as I had already down the same for Arkham Horror LCG.

    The company is awesome and I really appreciate what they do to help make the pain of trying to find all these items as easy as it can be. Almost all items have been received on the release date, and if not is usually a delay on FFG itself NOT Covenant. They are great about communicating if a product will be delayed. Highly recommend.

  8. Darren Matthews -

    I jumped into all the Marvel Champions subscriptions almost immediately when TC added them after seeing them play it with the FFG rep. It’s been great. I’ve received most of them on the release date except once when it showed a day later. I noticed as I was getting my subscriptions that things were sold out everywhere else. They change a couple weeks before delivery and I don’t even have to worry about keeping track of what is coming out. I will be getting everything.

  9. Tyler Eberle -

    Just got into the game over the summer and this has been great way to get the new hero’s right when they come out. I look forward to the email I get two weeks ahead of the release saying I am getting it soon. Its also great to support a local (even if not in my city) business instead of the giant corporations.

  10. -

    These subscriptions are fantastic! I love Marvel Champions, and I am convinced that this is hands-down the best way to receive the hero packs. Sign-up for the subscription, and don’t worry about keeping up with release dates and re-stocks ever again. Signing up for this subscription is the best gaming decision I have ever made!

    When you subscribe, you won’t be charged until two weeks before the release, so you never have to worry about pre-ordering. The subscription just triggers automatically like clockwork. You get an email and tracking for each package.

    This particular hero pack subscription is excellent for this game. It’s the perfect way to get all the hero cards for each aspect, so that you can build a lot of fun and interesting decks for all of the heroes. Even if one of the heroes doesn’t particularly interest you, you will still get 30-40 aspect cards that could be used in a deck for your favorite heroes.

    As a bonus, you are also supporting a great company of great people. I learned about Team Covenant through their early videos covering Marvel Champions before release. I started watching more and more of their content, especially once they started streaming 5 days a week. Their content is great, and I am thrilled that my subscription money is going to support them!

  11. Samuel -

    So, this game is great. A lot of fun if you love Marvel and want to build some cool hero decks and fight off some very tricky villains and scenarios. However, Fantasy Flight has bungled their way through the first half year of releases. Multiple delays, breaking their own street dates, etc… THEN Covid happened and delayed things further, which made things even trickier. But ya’ know what’s nice? Never having to worry about any of that. Get a subscription and it’ll all just come to you as soon as it can. Worry-free. Nice.

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