Marvel: Crisis Protocol Character Pack Subscription

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  1. Christopher Gilling -

    Not much needs to be said, it works consistently and arrives on time, and I don’t have to think about it. What else could you want. And if you want to know more about the game, they have great youtube content to get you excited and have a better understanding of the game.

  2. Nick Carter -

    Great service. My LGS does not get the models in for months after the release date. My subscription with TC gets there within a day or 2 of release.

  3. Adam Stephenson -

    I really like this service. I have received about 5 waves and they are always no later than the day after release.

  4. John -

    Had my Subscription since MCP began and haven’t regretted it. Minis usually show up the day after release. And they are priced beyond right… I can’t say no to a 33 dollar Thanos (28+5 shipping).

  5. Dan -

    I received everything I ordered within a day of release.

  6. Rob Gootz -

    I’ve gotten 3 waves from this subscription so far, but hasn’t arrived on release day as they claimed it would. Has been anywhere from 1 day to 4 days late, despite paying for priority shipping. They also charge the payment method at least 2 weeks ahead of shipping, so no reason for package to arrive late.

    • Covenant -

      Hey Rob. Thanks for letting us know your packages are arriving later than usual. The postal service has been less-than-consistent due to COVID, so we double-checked your orders to make sure our estimated timelines were correct.

      Your first subscription order was marked delivered one day after its release date of 2/15. Your second subscription order was marked delivered on its release date of 3/13. Your third subscription order has not been delivered yet, but its current “expected delivery” is on its release date of 6/12 according to tracking.

      We don’t promise release day delivery because USPS can be slightly delayed, but so far it looks like we’re 3 out of 3 for getting your subscription orders to you within one day of release.

      On the Priority/First Class front; that’s actually not a choice. Any package over 13oz has to go Priority. Any package under 13oz is sent as First Class. We always send via the lowest cost shipping option and adjust our timelines accordingly.

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