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  1. John -

    Like all of their tokens, these are absolutely stunning. The only feedback I’d give is that some of the tokens flip horizontally and some flip vertically so if you have them in the boards, you’re never sure if the number is going to be upside down when you flip it. Otherwise, awesome as always.

    • Covenant -

      Thanks for the review John! Per the flipping horizontal and vertical – the vertical flips go with the threat tracking (which is a horizontal board) and the horizontal flips go with the health tracking (which is a vertical board). They’re designed so that when they’re in those boards, they flip correctly!

  2. Peter -

    Apart from their high-quality design, material, and weight, these tokens stand out for the little details that add up to making it so much easier to fall into playing Champions. For example, despite always having them in a pile, I never have a hard differentiating them from one another at a glance.

    There was even thought put into their two-sided printing—when using them with the cosmic board, the damage tokens flip sideways to work fluidly with vertically positioned boards for the hero and villain cards. The scheme cards use boards positioned horizontally, and the threat tokens flip top-to-bottom to accommodate that positioning! it seems small, but when you are flipping tokens constantly that smoothness really shines through.

    Before my friend and I realized this expert design, we assumed the tokens were actually printed inconsistently. Then we realized that we were wrong and they were actually printed perfectly. I can’t recommend these gems more highly as a way to enhance your Champions play!

  3. Toke Flint -

    Absolutely fantastic.
    Everything they say in the videos is true. The feel, the look on the table/cards, the way they give a clear overview even from across the table, the storytelling.

    Just gives your game that extra special something

  4. David -

    Beautifully made and wonderful variety. Brings the theme out more than a dial.

  5. neldaos -

    I got these with the base game, never tried the cardboard or dials. I have used Team Covenant’s tokens since Warhammer Conquest. These tokens are amazing! I find myself making stories through the options provided, crime tape around a busted vault door as Rhino is “breakin’ and takin” TC hit these out of the park and I look forward to future releases and specials, Great Job guys!

  6. Stephen Lake -

    These tokens are fun to use and their comic panel like design makes the visual appeal of the game to life. By putting the tokens in reach of all players it makes the tracking part of the game more enjoyable as there is a nice little joy to removing the damage you just dealt from the villain. Similarly adding the tokens to the schemes added to the tension of the game.

    I was also pleasantly surprised when they arrived in Australia in time for my first few games. They certainly didn’t travel for the 4-6 weeks I was expecting.

    I would also recommend a pair of the Cosmic Board as these pair with the tokens so well.

  7. Ben Davies -

    Stop cosmic cruelty!
    Say “no” to lame dials!

    If you’ve ever played Marvel Champions – and you’re reading these reviews – that means you’ve been thumbling around with dials, leaning awkwardly over everyone’s business and annoying all your friends with questions of “how much this?” and “what’s left on that?”
    Herein lies the solution to all of your woes!

    These tokens are absolutely beautiful, ridiculously well designed, more functional than a graphics calculator and 100% fumble-free fun (TM)

    Be the Hero of your gaming group, and buy these tokens today!

  8. maniakmedic -

    Just like with the Cosmic Board and Hero Cosmic Tokens, these villain tokens really help clean up the space. When used with the Cosmic Board, you don’t have to cover up the text or the magnificent art with flimsy cardboard tokens and status cards. Instead you get to make it look like a comic book page with multiple frames. Very thematic.

  9. Chris Johnson -

    These really are as cool as you would expect them to be from Team Covenant. They’ve made game tokens into a new form of art that really captures the style of the game they are in. In this case, each token appears to be a miniature panel from a comic book. Very detailed design for something so small. Their use of vibrant colors further helps bring the stories they tell to life. I find myself staring at these in between turns. Also very sturdy and efficient when using with the player boards. Great job guys!

  10. Thomas -

    Team Covenant does it again. The high standard that they continually deliver on is because they really care about games and gamers. The tokens are not just a way to “pimp our” your game. They add an entirely new level to the gaming experience with a satisfying tactile experience, the tokens and game boards also give a sense of a “narrative” with beautifully rendered comic book aesthetics. This attention to detail goes above and beyond simply being dressed up replacements for the cardboard tokens. The clear and concise design elements all ‘feel’ right. I look forward to what they come up with next to take gaming to the next level.

  11. Sean Schneider -

    Beautiful product, amazing team of individuals, I always come to TC first for any game related product and discussion. I wish I lived near Tulsa!

  12. Ben Ballard -

    I would say these are fantastic products. I have used TC tokens for many games. This one is especially great because I don’t love dial systems. They seem really finicky to me and easy to bump/ruin/loosen to the point of being unusable. They are great tokens. They look amazing on the table. Clear and readable.

  13. Ash -

    These tokens are highly detailed and simply beautiful once they are placed down on the table, especially if you are using them with the cosmic board! If you enjoy storytelling and maintaining a tidy board state these tokens are well worth the investment. The core set dials are functional, however it can be disappointing to land a Swinging Web Kick for 8 and only move the dial once. The game is full of 1 and 2’s vs 3’s and you notice this immediately once you play with the cosmic system for the first time.

  14. Tim J Artl -

    (Combined Review for Hero Tokens, Villain Tokens, and Cosmic Boards)
    Due to previous experience with the TC Arkham Horror LCG boards/tokens, I went all-in for the “Cosmic System” for Marvel before even having or playing the game. I knew I could trust that TC was committed to delivering a beautiful and functional product, and even after following the design process and seeing photos of everything before receiving them I was still blown away with the quality when I had them in my hands and on the table. I look forward to seeing (and owning!) everything that TC comes up with as this game expands. (The teased Gobby supplements are already looking like a must-own, and I can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up for The Wrecking Crew…) 5 stars for quality of product, passion for the game and hobby, and customer service. Keep up the great work TC and we’ll keep buying!

  15. Chris N -

    Love this set of tokens, if you’re getting Marvel a champions and want to level up your experience I highly recommend these! It allowed my friends to equality understand the dynamics of the game and enjoy the experience! I particularly love how the tokens flip on the right axis for villain and scheme, Well done Team Covenant!

  16. Rick Ing -

    These token are a wonderful alternative to the game dials. They give great tactile and visual feedback during the game and they give great enjoyment during our gaming sessions. These products are very high quality and well thought out designs. They add a new level of fun and excitement of playing Marvel Achamions.

  17. conortallon -

    Absolutely love using these tokens! FFG usually does a pretty good job when it comes to their card board tokens but I found with this game things can get a bit chaotic on the playing area. Especially if you’re playing with more than one person. These tokens paired with the character boards help keep everything neat and easily distinguishable. Couldn’t recommend these more!

  18. Ressik -

    Dials got you down? Like blinging out your favorite games? Look no further than these incredible tokens! Exremely well designed, they add immersion to the Marvel LCG experience. My only (very) minor complaint is that there are no “5” tokens. That said, you are going to LOVE the double-sided “1 and 2” and the tactile goodness the tokens bring to the table.

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