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  1. Spencer S -

    If you love Marvel Champions this set is a must have. I have played several games with these tokens now and I am beyond impressed. The look and feel of these tokens is extremely premium and it appears these will last a very long time. I would recommend these tokens to any players who are looking to upgrade from the boring cardboard tokens that come in the base set. This set comes with everything you need to get started but I guarantee after a few plays you’ll want to buy more so all of your friends can join in! Well done!

  2. Dean -

    Super useful and thematic, ordered three sets!!! Thoughtfully and lovingly designed bringing the world of Marvel Champions LCG to life in an intuitive, panel driven way. Best when used with the Cosmic Boards, which are the best way to keep track of the tokens.

  3. lockdown_gaming -

    The quality, usability and delivery of these items is above and beyond. Great product from a great company.

  4. Kyle Thomas -

    Thank you TC for these amazing tokens. High quality. Life changing. Get them, you won’t regret it. Make sure to bundle it with the Cosmic Board. I couldn’t imagine playing Marvel Champions without this setup.

  5. Steven -

    Having bought Team Covenants Arkham and Keyforge tokens. I was excited to see their Marvel Champions tokens.

    When I first saw the design, I wasn’t sure. It looked small, I thought it was difficult to view on the stream (Keep in mind I was watching it on a phone…should have realised that one earlier). Nevertheless, I had no reason to Team Covenants quality and they earned all kinds of good will previously. So I took the plunge, I ordered the tokens and board and I came away MUCH more impressed than I thought possible.

    It says a lot that I ordered these tokens, then had to order 2 more sets for my friends in my 3-player Marvel Champions games.

    They’re easy to read, functional, add a ton of flavour to the game, and give it a premium feel that I’ve always loved from Team Covenant

  6. Simon Marsh -

    UK buyer here. The service worked great with only a 2 day delivery time. The tokens arrived with the tape on them prolonging the excitement to see them. Once peeled the looked and felt amazing and with the Cosmic board as well the game play feels so much smoother. I will be buying the villain tokens and more Cosmic boards in the future.

  7. leon -

    These tokens are amazing, Definately a recommended add on for this game. The design is outstanding and they are really well made

  8. GrieVelorn -

    Just a quality product, really brings the feel and the quality of each match to a supreme level. Almost a mandatory in my mind.

  9. Christopher Scholz -

    Given that the Cosmic line for Marvel Champions is quite an investment, my expectations for these tokens were incredibly high. And much to my disappointment the first two games just felt… wrong. The muscle memory of playing with not just a different type of token set in terms of design, but very much in function, was quite off-putting. But after the third game we realized how we started to adapt and how the tasks of manual bookkeeping that are inevitably part of a game (add threat, remove threat, swap tokens for smaller denominations, rotate the dials) actually became quite a joy with these new tokens. It just feels good to remove tokens from your hero, the villain or from the main scheme and not only see but also feel the changed game state in a much more prominent way. And indeed, you don’t need to drop your cards anymore, one hand is enough to even remove three or four tokens at a time, or remove one and flip it’s neighbor at the same time.
    And even though only about a quarter of the tokens shows the actually important number, the board slots and coherent design make counting much easier than before, creating clear junctures of 2s and 10s.
    The quality of production is also very high, and although I have no idea about the actual cost of designing, developing and producing said tokens, it feels appropriate for how detailed they are. Easily recommended!

  10. ddavis555 -

    These with the boards? Ridiculously good. Just buy it already.

  11. Johnny -

    I just got these tokens and they look great. Having the double-sided tiles certainly helps with keeping the clutter down on the table since you don’t need as many tokens. I’m certainly going to be buying more soon.

    I only ordered one set since I was having them shipped to Korea and wasn’t sure if it would make it. But they did and now I wish I would have ordered more.

  12. Michael Waldo -

    Beautiful, functional and well thought out. These add a great tactile feel to an already fantastic game! TC is awesome and so are these tokens.

  13. Theodore L Gieseking II -

    I was actually on the fence about getting these as they aren’t really needed to play the game, they are more of just an aesthetic add-on, which the company is very honest about.

    After buying them, however, I can’t imagine NOT using them when I play the game. They add so much to the game not only aesthetic but the combination of tokens and boards does make tracking and visually seeing the stats so much easier for everyone playing. Highly recommend.

  14. Darren Matthews -

    The tokens and cosmic boards make it much more enjoyable to play keeping the table tidy.

  15. Nathan Huttner -

    Great tokens. Once you master them, speed up gameplay greatly.

  16. Tage -

    I just got my tokens today and they are better (and smaller) than I thought. Between me and my other half we bought the whole line. 4 boards, 2 sets of hero tokens, villain tokens, green goblin set and wrecking crew set. We were admiring the art on each token as we were pulling the tape together. The 2 colors of paint on each token look amazing!! They are a bit on the pricey side but after seeing them and realizing the amount of time spent on artwork, prep and painting on these it is a great buy! I can’t wait to get them on the table.

  17. Robtrot -

    I have these and they are amazing. They are intuitive for flipping to change amounts of damage. I love using these with my cosmic boards. They are excellent quality and I can’t imagine playing without them.

  18. David Owens -

    The tokens are fantastic. So much more fun to use then the dials, and saves a ton a space to boot.

    The only thing missing is a little tray for it.

    Be warned though, they ship with a protective film over them, so don’t expect to be able to unpack them and start playing immediately.

  19. Joey Olsen -

    I was in the fence for a long time with the tokens. Do I spend the money on swag, or do I get more product? I decided to take the plunge and get myself some hero tokens and I have not regretted the decision once. They are beautiful and it enhances the game experience a lot! Thanks Team Covenant!

  20. Brandon -

    So much better than the counter in the game. Very nice detail in the design and looks great on the table would recommend for anyone to use

  21. Peter -

    These tokens are outrageously high-quality and add an incredible feel to Champions. The design work is intricate yet clear to distinguish them from each other, and the weight is perfect for that dramatic “plunk-down” feel!

  22. Igor Toscano -

    My only (minor) issue with those tokens is quantity: I bought two, and maybe I’ll buy two more for a complete set, but then I’ll have enough health tokens, but A LOT of generic/status tokens. I wish there was the option of buying only health tokens (or, at least, with no more than 3 status).

    Other than that, I loved the tokens: they are top quality and superbly designed, with great art, very thematic.

  23. Tyler K. -

    This token set paired with the board is great! I’ve enjoyed using these and have recommended them to my friends to play as well.

  24. David -

    Beautiful and thematic. The tokens bring you into the comic theme. Customer services is unbelievably good too.

  25. Ben Davies -

    Tracking health and statuses is a cinch, and so is your decision! Buy these now!

    I’ve used and loved Covenant’s tokens for years tracking various games and they get better and better with every new release. Not only do these tokens offer an incredible functional improvement and pair perfectly with the Cosmic Boards, but they’re absolutely gorgeous from up course or the other side of the table!

  26. Pete Stalker -

    Team Covenant hits another homerun with this token set. Great replacement for the dials, the art and paint fill are superb in quality. When paired with the cosmic boards these tokens are great at keeping your play area clear and concise.

  27. maniakmedic -

    I really like these tokens. They’re much nicer to use than the cardboard tokens. They keep the player area a little more organized, especially around the hero when used with the Cosmic Boards. I’m planning on buying three more sets of these tokens and three more Cosmic Boards so I can finally take the cardboard tokens out of the box altogether.

    The only thing I wish is that there was a 3/5 damage token. If there were a special, maybe limited edition set of hero-specific 3/5 damage tokens (one for each hero), I would drop everything to throw more money at TC.

  28. Chris Johnson -

    These really are as cool as you would expect them to be from Team Covenant. They’ve made game tokens into a new form of art that really captures the style of the game they are in. In this case, each token appears to be a miniature panel from a comic book. Very detailed design for something so small. Their use of vibrant colors further helps bring the stories they tell to life. I find myself staring at these in between turns. Also very sturdy and efficient when using with the player boards. Great job guys!

  29. Dylan Van Horn -

    Ordered the full set of cosmic tokens after watching all of the Covenant playthroughs on YouTube. I can now have the game out of the box and ready to play in about 5 minutes. The tokens all look amazing and really add to the aesthetic of the game.

  30. Ben Ballard -

    I would say these are fantastic products. I have used TC tokens for many games. This one is especially great because I don’t love dial systems. They seem really finicky to me and easy to bump/ruin/loosen to the point of being unusable. They are great tokens. They look amazing on the table. Clear and readable.

  31. Tim J Artl -

    (Combined Review for Hero Tokens, Villain Tokens, and Cosmic Boards)
    Due to previous experience with the TC Arkham Horror LCG boards/tokens, I went all-in for the “Cosmic System” for Marvel before even having or playing the game. I knew I could trust that TC was committed to delivering a beautiful and functional product, and even after following the design process and seeing photos of everything before receiving them I was still blown away with the quality when I had them in my hands and on the table. I look forward to seeing (and owning!) everything that TC comes up with as this game expands. (The teased Gobby supplements are already looking like a must-own, and I can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up for The Wrecking Crew…) 5 stars for quality of product, passion for the game and hobby, and customer service. Keep up the great work TC and we’ll keep buying!

  32. Chris N -

    Love this set of tokens, if you’re getting Marvel a champions and want to level up your experience I highly recommend these! It allowed my friends to equality understand the dynamics of the game and enjoy the experience! I love that the counter tokens double for Stun, confuse etc Well done Team Covenant!

  33. Adam Jones -

    These tokens are excellent. Now that I’ve played with them I can’t go back to dials. I bought 4 boards and enough tokens for 2 players. Now regretting not getting the extras to cover 4 players.

  34. aaron.clark2013 -

    What a great product! I could never imagine playing the game with the dials. Get yourself a board and as set of these hero tokens and thank me later!

  35. Tyler Rindock -

    Very happy with the Cosmic product line Covenant has produced for this awesome game. Super high quality, varied artwork, and the ability to cleanup and simplify your play space highlight these token sets/ boards.
    Over the many games of champions yet to be played, these tokens will endure. Proud to own this truly unique supplemental upgrade to this amazing game.

  36. Jeremy D. Young -

    I ordered one Cosmic Board and a Hero Token set, and I made the mistake of playing with a friends’ Villain Tokens… Now I hate the dials. Go order a cosmic board and a hero set. You’ll love it!

  37. Marc -

    Kids, let’s face it. Dials kind of suck. I can’t see them very well and who knows if Spidey is about to die because you are scrolling through cat gifs on social media. With these amazing tokens, I am now keenly aware that I need to sacrifice Mockingbird to save you from yourself. You owe me a resource from that Web Shooter next turn buddy. Seriously, these tokens are amazing. Buy them!

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