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  1. Peter -

    I’m in love with these boards. The quality is everything you’d expect from Covenant, these are solid and the little details like the beautiful but not overwhelming art above the card slot adds an incredible feel to playing Champions. More importantly, staying organized with these makes it easier to just get lost in the game. Tokens stay where you need them to and the art and text on the cards gets to shine through. So happy I sprung for enough of them to cover the bad guys and the heroes!

  2. Tyler K. -

    I bought one of these boards and a player token set last week. After a few games I decided I enjoyed it enough to purchase two more boards for the villain and main scheme as well as a villain token set. These are great and they help keep your play area organized and visible! 10/10 will probably buy more for friends.

  3. David -

    Great to use. They organize the table and clearly show the information. Combined with the tokens, it gives it a comic book flavor, like your adding comic book panels. I’ve never ordered board before and was surprised how think and durable it felt. It also has a nice felt fabric at the bottom, a nice little touch showing Covenant’s commitment to quality.

  4. neldaos -

    I was actually uncertain about these having never used anything like them before. I put my faith in TC and it was not miss placed. I have found I really like using these for the villain and their scheme, combined with the tokens they work great. TC even had the foresight to design the tokens to flip based on whether they were put in the boards side ways for the scheme or for the villain’s health!

  5. Mike Fitzgerald -

    These cosmic boards add so much to the game play. They take the heroes and villains and main schemes stand out on the table. They hold the counters beautifully. I bout 1 Hero and 1 Villain counter set and 3 cosmic boards. My friends have all decided to get a Hero set so we can enjoy our games to the fullest. This was recommended by TC as the way to go and it is!!!!!

  6. Ben Davies -

    Turns a card game into a Heroic Storytelling Experience!

    These boards, paired with the appropriate Cosmic Token set/s amplify the thematic element of Marvel Champions, save you time and frustration, and make the board state easy to view at a glance.

    Cosmic Boards visually highlight the most important cards on the table, keeping you on track and making everything a lot easier to keep organised. If you want to take your games off Marvel Champions to the next level, I can’t recommend these enough!

  7. maniakmedic -

    After watching TC play a few games of Marvel Champions I knew I was going to be all-in on the game. So I wanted something to make setup and gameplay easier and to look nicer. When they unveiled the finished boards and tokens, I was in. The boards act as an eye-catching centering device for the main components of the game (villain, main scheme, and heroes) and keep the different areas clean and orderly. Add the Cosmic Tokens and you don’t have to deal with moving the cardboard tokens around when you want to flip your hero or read the card text. These are a handy addition to the game.

  8. Ben Ballard -

    I would say these are fantastic products. I have used TC tokens for many games. This is the first time I have ever bought their boards and I really have liked them. They keep a pretty intense game really well managed. Late game you have tokens and cards everywhere and you are just trying to survive so these are really big lifesavers cause they keep things organized.

  9. Ash -

    These boards provide more value than Hawkeye!

  10. Tim J Artl -

    (Combined Review for Hero Tokens, Villain Tokens, and Cosmic Boards)
    Due to previous experience with the TC Arkham Horror LCG boards/tokens, I went all-in for the “Cosmic System” for Marvel before even having or playing the game. I knew I could trust that TC was committed to delivering a beautiful and functional product, and even after following the design process and seeing photos of everything before receiving them I was still blown away with the quality when I had them in my hands and on the table. I look forward to seeing (and owning!) everything that TC comes up with as this game expands. (The teased Gobby supplements are already looking like a must-own, and I can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up for The Wrecking Crew…) 5 stars for quality of product, passion for the game and hobby, and customer service. Keep up the great work TC and we’ll keep buying!

  11. David -

    This has to have been one of the best Character boards I’ve seen for any game. Simple frame with unique designs. Every time I show the game to people the board is what grabs their attention.
    Another winner by Team Covenant.

  12. Rick Ing -

    These boards provide a great showcase for your in-game cards. They help to keep all of the tokens organized and easy to see. They are compatible with both heroes and villains.
    They really add a lot of fun to our sessions along with the amazing tokens.

  13. Aaron Clark -

    This in combination with the Cosmic Tokens is an absolutely must for solo players. Not only does it feel so much better using the tokens and boards, but for a solo gamer it becomes more efficient. I can make changes to villain and hero board or the schemes without setting my hand down. The dials are impossible to manipulate with one hand. Solo players get this NOW!

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