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  1. Michael Levall -

    Adds a lot to the Arkham experience, and looks beautiful! Tokens fit satisfyingly into the board. One of the best accessory additions that I’ve bought, together with the investigator and mythos tokens. Buying this from Europe means quite a bit of shipping and import costs, but if you feel like treating yourself in your favorite hobby, it is absolutely worth it.

  2. Notfitforpublic -

    Need more stars. Both this, and the Circle Undone boards are soooo incredibly well done. Keeps the play space in order amongst the scattered assets and bad cards, and looks amazing. No one else puts in this kind of effort to make truly great looking boards. Buy them.

  3. Steven -

    This was the third Arkham board I had purchased from Team Covenant (I first got the Forgotten Age and the Dunwich board). I told myself that as I only ever played 2 player, there was no need for me to own more than two boards.

    Then Team Covenant revealed the Carcosa board and everything changed. I knew I needed it, I knew the quality would be great, I knew it would look more beautiful in person.

    The boards functionality is great and really helps with decluttering Arkham Horror. The fact it is one of the best looking Arkham Horror accessories to date is also a bonus. This board became my favourite board to use, and still holds up after dozens of hours of use.

  4. mgreene242 -

    Just got these a couple of weeks ago and I really love the feel of them. I also had the Dunwich boards and these are even better! Can’t recommend highly enough to boost your Arkham experience.

  5. Ant -

    My second board. Super happy with both. Excellent additions to Arkham.

  6. Andy -

    This board and tokens are just too cool <3

  7. jrdlee3 -

    I held off on a Mythos Board for a while due to price, but when I saw the Carcosa board leaked on one of Team Covenant’s streams, I knew I had to give in. I do not regret the decision at all. This board pops on the table with the shine of the gold, and draws the eye with the lovely and very thematic etchings. Arkham Horror is an experience. You play investigators over the course of 8 scenarios in an unfolding narrative. You grow attached to the investigator and deck you are using. The Mythos Boards and tokens just add something special to that experience. It elevates the experience in a way that just makes others jealous. The tokens and cards fit comfortably and functionally in the boards and provide an easy and appealing way to track your investigator’s resources. You outdid yourself with this one Team Covenant!

  8. Alvin kim -

    I ordered this board and it was beautiful, well-designed, and very thematic. Unfortunately, my board got warped during shipping which apparently can happen if it heats up due to the board being made out of resin, and so my board does not lie flat on my table.

    I reached out to support and they were kind and let me know of what I can do to fix the problem myself, but since this product is quite expensive I have a higher standard of it arriving in good condition. I would not order this again as I do not want to deal with the potential hassle of the board arriving in a state which requires me to fix it.

  9. Henry Borkgren -

    I got this as a gift for the friend I play Arkham Horror with, and it is awesome. I got the Circle Undone board, which is of equal quality, but these really elevate the play experience for me. You might not be able to see it in the photos, but there’s also a nice little piece of felt on the reverse side of the board, this really feels like a quality product. Definitely worth the investment, thanks TC!

  10. Tylar -

    As someone who owns all of the boards (Except the Circle Undone), I can definitely say this is my favourite. The artwork is great and detailed. These things are a must when it comes to playing as it helps keep everything organized and adds a little bit of flavour to the game.
    Using the player tokens with this is also very nice, though for a while I was using standard-sized dice of different colours and they fit into the slots well. The tokens are great but not necessary, though I feel like these boards are.
    Can’t wait to buy one of every scenario as they come out!

  11. ddavis555 -

    This board is beautifully designed with great art/icons. The tokens fit perfectly. It has great shine. The felt-lined bottom was also a nice touch. Every detail of this was well-conceived.

  12. Phil Berdecio -

    These boards are just beautiful. They fit the theme of the Carcosa campaign, but their period design sensibility makes them suitable for any scenario.

  13. Julien Champagne -

    These boards are simply amazing. Combined with the investigator tokens, it really makes the game pop that much more off the table and they help keep the player area organized. The production quality is stellar and well worth the asking price. They feel like a collector’s item. Looking forward to getting all the future ones for each campaign. Keep up the excellent work TC.

  14. Mike Rudin -

    I received a pair of these for my birthday and absolutely love them. Just like all of TC’s tokens/boards, they look even better in person! In terms of the usefulness of the product itself, these boards are absolutely essential if you’re using Covenant’s excellent Arkham horror tokens already.

  15. Justin Sweet -

    This Mythos board is the money! From the shimmering, golden surface, to the otherworldly florals in each damage/horror slot, this fancy-themed board really sets the scene for Carcosa! Since she’s in the money, Jenny Barnes is right at home in this mythos board. Tracking damage, horror, and resources without crowding the artwork on my investigator card makes progressing through agendas/acts a little less stressful. So glad to own this little gem!

  16. Joshua Carson -

    Recently picked up 2 of these boards after watching the covenant streams of Arkham and they did not disappoint. The quality is nice and the detail is clear and crisp, the top and bottom slots hold the base game health/sanity tokens adequately (the 3 tokens slightly stick out), though you may want to consider the custom tokens if you want perfect fits.

  17. Robtrot -

    Incredibly beautiful board. I have all 3 boards currently and this is by far my favorite. This board shines like the city of Carcosa itself. I think I will use this board as my primary board now. I can hardly play a game without a board or tokens any more.

  18. Elijah -

    So beautiful! Me and Finn Edwards feeling like royalty with this board. Mental atrophy has never looked this good.

  19. jamesroach.comedy -

    Just got mine today and wow! The photos don’t really show how shiny the yellow paint on this is. It really pops. I may still slightly prefer the Forgotten Age board design, but this board is gorgeous.

  20. Nathan Swisher -

    TC outdid themselves with this one. I think it’s possibly their best looking custom peice yet (barring maybe the L5R rings). These boards keep your space neat and easy to keep track of your health and resources. This one looks absolutely gorgeous and fits the theme of the cycle perfectly!

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