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  1. Glenn -

    Fantastic service provided by Team Covenant. Great value and price. Every Fab set I have received were carefully packed. I highly recommend it and if the subscription for a product you are looking for is sold out, it’s worth getting on a waitlist.

  2. Lion Day -

    Fast delivery in excellent conditon with one of the best deals in all of FAB?
    I’d say sign me up, but I already am!
    What about you?

  3. Grinchesgw -

    Set it and forget it! The subscription model has made playing and getting the new sets of this game to my door an ease. Luckily I found my way to team covenant’s 1st ed sub after being on the unlimited sub for Monarch. It has made sourcing 1st edition a breeze. The consistency, accuracy, communication, and value (especially valuing my time finding boxes at release for a great price) has me hooked on this model. Can’t wait for the next set; knowing that it will arrive on time and in good condition as all previous orders have. Keep up the great work!

  4. bentleyferrishunter -

    Reasonably priced, future orders secured, plus an exclusive promo card per box? Best deal in baseball!

  5. floatingskull -

    I mean, these folks have been selling Flesh and Blood first edition boxes for MSRP (or under) since they started carrying it, and it does not look like they’re going to budge from that. That’s unbeatable, assuming you can get a subscription.

  6. briar1 -

    Like all of TC’s subscriptions, this has been excellent. It makes it super easy to keep up with FaB. All of our boxes have come in great condition and right on release day. I’d recommend this or the unlimited sub to anyone interested in the game.

  7. vnguyendonho -

    i hope someone misses a payment so i can take their spot :]

  8. j.orbach4 -

    Best deal ever. Thanks for not price gauging! Beautiful exclusive promos.

  9. Steve Nichols -

    Team Covenant’s FaB 1st Ed. subscription service is fantastic. Thank you!

  10. Joseph Terry -

    Every single order I’ve made with TC has gone through effortlessly, and this subscription is no exception. Great way to guarantee well-priced product in a game where tracking it down can be a pain, and they even throw in exclusive promos. Thank you TC!

  11. Brian Bardolf Fawcett -

    My experience with Team Covenant can only be described as excellent.

  12. chonigman -

    A great service and a great value. Exclusive promos too.

  13. Thomas Morton -

    A great option for any gamers who do not want to worry about not getting left behind. They are spot on and I’m very happy with their service.

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