Undone Mythos Board | Arkham Horror

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  1. Greg J -

    This board is great on the table. Holds all necessary components and helps keep track throughout the game. An absolute must have! Works great for those of us who have to come and go from the game to keep your place in the story and keeps everything organized

  2. Notfitforpublic -

    I mean, look at this thing, and the pictures don’t even do it justice. This board is brilliant in just its functional purpose, let alone the thought and work that went into it to make it thematic to the game. Worth every penny.

  3. bentleyferrishunter -

    Great board, well made and packaged. Really elevates the experience and pairs fantastically with their Investigator Tokens. The hole is proof these products are actually tested, makes life much easier.

  4. Ant -

    Beautiful board. It really adds to the experience of playing Arkham.

  5. HPL -

    I was a little hesitant at first for this one, but it quickly became my favorite of the mythos boards. The art is simply stunning and full of references to the Circle Undone campaign – although I’m now using it as my go-to board, even outside of this setting.
    Its presence on the table adds a lot to the AHLCG experience. I highly recommend it!

  6. Mike H -

    This board looks fantastic on the table and the colours are great.
    The board brings you closer to your investigator during the game. Your investigator becomes more prominent and the clues and resources have a great space for them.
    Horror and Damage is so much easier to track and the 1 or 2 token makes it a lot easier to look down or across the table and no exactly the position of the investigators.

  7. Fade -

    I have 5 mythos boards now… for a 4 player game. That should tell you how great these are. Had to have the latest release and it’s beautiful

  8. Henry Borkgren -

    I picked up this and the Carcosa board for my friend and I, and at first I had a bit of regret because I also was into the Carcosa board – but once this was in my hands, all that evaporated and I was thrilled to have it. The cool shine on this board is really beautiful, and playing with this thing makes all my tokens just feel that much more organized. There is just some magic to this thing that got me as soon as I unwrapped it. Thank you guys so much, these boards are great!

  9. Chris Shorter -

    These boards, in general, are fantastic, but this one takes the cake! The silver-green detailing and finish give this board a delightfully ethereal feel compared to other Covenant boards. I love the creepy Tarot-inspired designs around the board, perfect for putting me in the mood to stop some eldritch monstrosities. The only problem is now I want more of them!

  10. Kenyon -

    Simply gorgeous and so unique! The odd ethereal “glow” the light paint in the insets creates is fantastic!

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