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  1. methuse -

    My board had a slight curve to it, but a little hair dryer action tamed the curve. This works for any game with 50ish life down, not just FaB. So much thought and design went into it and it shows.

  2. Cory Sizemore -

    This thing is so well put together and a great addition to the table. A decent weight to keep it secure but also a felt bottom to allow for shuffling around on a playmat if necessary. Design feels perfect and an almost must-buy for any player.

  3. Greg J -

    Well designed product. Dice fit perfectly – definitely recommend to help keep track of health

  4. Jessica Speed -

    These boards are great, a perfect way to track health – the design is perfectly thematic and are the perfectly sized, also I love how you can use a wide variety of dice colours, to better reflect your hero.

  5. Luke Davis -

    Love this dice board, great weight, easy to use, and definitely just elevates the experience. Funny how much I liked being able to manage health one handed after using a bunch of other things!

  6. Keith -

    I purchased these boards along with the Majestic Tokens. They fit the FAB theme perfectly and enhance the gameplay substantially. I love using Team Covenant game components and highly recommend them. Great job TC!

  7. matthewjamieson778 -

    This board is so impressive when seen in person. The detail is amazing! The felt bottom is a nice touch that I didnt know about!
    Thanks to your whole team for making these happen!

  8. Christopher Gilling -

    beautiful and practical. Fits in the deck box no problem!

  9. Mykel -

    A nice alternative to multiple d20 or pen and paper. The board offers an improved aesthetic and is less prone to incidental bumping than a d20.

    An unexpected bonus is how well a single board works for both players in limited formats. We place the board horizontally and each use one 4 dice row. It looks great and adds a cool vibe of two life bars decrementing directly adjacent to each other.

  10. floatingskull -

    Looks great, works great. I will say, though, that there’s easier options when it comes to tracking health in games. Still, though, if you’re looking for style, this is it.

  11. DocDCurtis -

    Having been blown-away buy the boards Team Covenant created for Arkham Horror and Marvel Champions, I was really hoping that they would be able to capture a similar feel with their Flesh and Blood-compatible player health boards. I can say they did not disappoint. They are truly a beautiful product – with a worn look and intricate carvings, they completely nailed the aesthetic of the game. Top-notch and very highly recommended.

    P.S. Bring on the hero-inspired boards – got to get them all!

  12. jordan.liv -

    You can tell as soon as you pick it up that the Majestic Dice Board is a very carefully designed product. There is SUCH attention to detail: the board fits perfectly into all deck boxes I use (UG Boulders; Gamegenic Squires; Sidewinders; UP Satin Towers), and it has a soft fabric backing so won’t damage or mar tables or playmats. The drybrushed silver against black compliments the game’s aesthetic perfectly, and it’s just a very cleverly designed tool for the game.

    One very minor complaint I have: the dice slots in mine have some slight variance in tolerance. I think that’s to be expected in any form of manufacturing. Some dice are perfectly cradled, others are gripped just tightly enough that I could lodge it in there and pickup with whole board. It’s generally not a problem-I just don’t press or wedge the dice in too hard. But I do think it’s worth noting.

    Despite that, I am happy with my purchase and to support the awesome work TC does for the hobby. My biggest problem right now is to decide whether to buy another set, or wait and see if they do any color variations-maybe something colorful for our new Elemental heroes?

  13. john Waters -

    The Majestic Dice Board and Majestic Tokens both look absolutely wonderful on the board. The tokens are clear and easy to read, and the dice board provides a beautiful piece which cleanly blends into the atmosphere of the cards and the table. I would love to see a d6 dice set that matches the aesthetic style of the Dice Board in order to fully complete this merger of function and theme, but even without such dice this tray is a solid utility piece for both Flesh and Blood and other trading card games.

  14. Dalton F -

    This piece of game gear really helped the aesthetic and the convenience of my Flesh and Blood games. It functions exactly how you would expect, but it’s the little things that really bring a game to the next level. Hopefully in the future we can see this product with a range of different designs/colors.

  15. Bobby Vruwink -

    Product looks great on the table, and very nice for tracking health, definitely recommend for anyone looking to not have to use paper/pen for all of your games.

  16. caseyvelorn -

    A perfect compliment to the Majestic tokens, your dice are securely held and aren’t going to get bumped. Beautifully painted and a good solid weight. TC Knocks it out of the park yet again.

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