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  1. davidbrown918 -

    These are great tokens. The designs are crisp, and the iconography matches the theme of the game. They have a nice feel to them as well. Would love to see some more tokens for other common usage! (Energy counters for Spring Tunic, Steam counters, even some stylized tokens for things like Seismic Surges and Frostbite would be an instant buy for me.)

  2. Donovan Mitchell -

    These tokens are great! People ask me all the time where I got them. Shock Charmers and Channel Lake Frigid can get quite a handful of counters between them, but this set comes with plenty. Wish Ranger could use those Armor tokens though.

  3. methuse -

    Everyone you play against will ask you where you got these if they don’t already have a set of their own. They are the perfect minimal set of tokens needed to play the game.

  4. Dindo -

    Great product! Quality made and really makes gaming fun!


    Ordered these tokens for UK shipping and they arrived extremely quickly. The tokens look awesome, with the design, colouring and detailing being just spot on. Only small gripe was that once I peeled the tokens, as you have to of course, there was a sticky residue on them, which managed to removed with a wet wipe and letting them dry out. Would still highly recommend and hope this is the first of many purchases from TC. 🤘😎🤘

  6. Cory Sizemore -

    Beautiful little tokens. Doesn’t come across in pictures, but the gray have a nice mirror shine to them. Very solid method of tracking things in FAB!

  7. Greg J -

    Very high quality product. A must have for players!

  8. snarlpaw -

    I can’t say enough about how great these tokens are. My OCD brain really appreciates them. I used them at a blitz event last weekend and got a few compliments too. The moment they became available I grabbed three sets. Everyone needs these babies.

  9. Keith -

    As I have come to expect, these FAB tokens are FABulous! Quality is high and and what it adds to the game, even higher. Really appreciate the attention to detail and would encourage anyone who plays this game to get these tokens. You will not be disappointed.

  10. matthewjamieson778 -

    These tokens look amazing! These will help so much with tracking during the game. Can’t wait to try them out at my LGS tomorrow.
    Thanks for everything your whole team does!

  11. alexc1054 -

    These tokens look amazing and are a great way to keep track of resources and activated abilities. The design fits Flesh and Blood perfectly and it’s great that they fit nicely in a dice brick/case.

  12. Christopher Gilling -

    These things look even better in person. Truly beautiful.

  13. Mykel -

    These tokens look great and make the board much easier to parse. After just a few games I can’t imagine going back to the chaos of dice as an overloaded state indicator.

  14. Tim Seib -

    Fantastic detailed product guaranteed to get you attention at your LGS. Shipping must have been Lightning Fused because it came to me across the country faster than I could’ve possibly expected! I love this store and their YouTube content! Thanks Team Covenant!

  15. Tim Seib -

    Fantastic detailed product guaranteed to get you attention at your LGS. Shipping must have been Lightning Fused because it came to me across the country faster than I could’ve possibly expected! I love this store and their YouTube content! Thanks Team Covenant!

  16. floatingskull -

    Totally expected to be buying these to support TC, but still using dice when playing, but these tokens are honestly easier and more readable. I mean, you’re never going to have more than 2 floating resources, why have we been using six sided dice when we only need two faces of it?

    The -1 Def tokens are, again, easier and more readable than dice, and the activation tokens are very clear (I mostly use them for Spring Tunic counters).

    One thing to note: the description mentions being able to use one set for two players. This is EASILY true. If you and a friend split this, unless you’re playing something crazy, dividing the tokens between you will be more than enough.

  17. DocDCurtis -

    I have purchased just about every Team Covenant token produced, from the original Netrunner-compatible tokens to the wooden Game of Thrones house power tokens to these, and I am still amazed at how well Jonathan and the rest of the design team are able to capture the aesthetic of the games they support. Clean, clear, attractive, and minimalistic – these tokens are absolutely top-tier. They enhance the game-state without taking away from the beauty of Flesh and Blood. As with most thing TC, these are very highly recommended!

  18. jordan.liv -

    I was very happy with the quality and design of these tokens. They are a great way to amp up your table presence. You’ll receive them in a clear zip lock bag with film covering both sides. Removing the protective film is a little tedious, but you reveal such a cool design underneath that it gets fun.

    I am still getting used to using these instead of dice to track things-I wasn’t expecting to have a learning curve to using them, but habits are hard! Overall, very recommended!

  19. john Waters -

    I’ve been playing Flesh and Blood for about a month as of the time of writing this. I ordered the Team Covenant Majestic Tokens and Majestic Dice Board a week ago, and today I almost made the top cut at The Calling in Cincinnati despite my lack of experience. Coincidence? I’ll let you be the judge.

  20. Joe Solo -

    Do you like playing Flesh & Blood? Do you like having s board state that is neat, clean, and easy to read? Then you need this set. The artwork in FAB is great, get something to match that quality. Instant elevation to the look of your game. These tokens are FABulous!! Highly recommend!!

  21. Leah Panitz -

    Peeling paper backing does not have the same effect and popping bubble wrap but once these tokens are good to go, they make a game of flesh and blood much more blissful

  22. Dalton F -

    The tokens look great! They are a very nice quality with a sleek design. They have been a clear indicator for myself and my opponents for my board state when playing Flesh and Blood.

  23. Bobby Vruwink -

    Tokens are very pleasant to look at and also seem to be of quality construction. While they come with a layer of covering on them to protect them during shipping that might be somewhat difficult to get off it definitely shows the care and dedication to the product and delivering an exceptional quality!

  24. caseyvelorn -

    Want to be fancy? Want a clear and clean game state? What to make yourself a better FAB Player? Well this won’t help with that last one but they will 100 percent help with the first two. Highly recommend.

  25. Alex -

    Love these Tokens, they make the board very readable rather than having dice everywhere that could be bumped or shifted. The design of the patterns on them match the Flesh and Blood ascetic perfectly and are super readable even over Web Cam, can’t recommend enough.

  26. Mikhail Kopilevich -

    I love the look and the size of these tokens, can’t wait to try them out in a game.

    There were no problems with the tokens themselves, but one of the armor tokens didn’t have the protective covering on either side of it.

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