Ashes Reborn – Frequently Asked Questions & Clarifications

Given the non-standard launch of Ashes Reborn through our new PDP system, there is the potential for confusion. Find answers to commonly asked questions below!


How do I help make Ashes Reborn a reality?

The sole indicator for Plaid Hat to start printing Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn again, and to continue printing new expansions, is the number of Ashes Reborn subscriptions. If you want the game to be produced, just sign up! It’s free, no contracts, no fees, cancel anytime, etc

The production threshold is 1000 units via the Ashes Reborn Subscription.

Like all of our other subscriptions, you’ll automatically receive new products as soon as they are released. For Ashes, this starts with the Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack, and then a new expansion every three months. All releases, including the Upgrade Pack, will be $29.95.

For those outside of United States, Plaid Hat is actively looking at how best to gauge support in your region.

What is the Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack?

The Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack is a box of cards that consists of rebalanced, rewritten, and reprinted cards from across the existing card pool. Approximately 30% of the existing card pool is being rebalanced in this way, and these cards make up the Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack.

The Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack will be the first release through the Ashes Reborn Subscription.

The Upgrade Pack is a great way to not only update an existing Ashes collection, but also an excellent opportunity for new players to massively expand their card pool and deck building options (Core Set still required) for $29.95.

What is changing in Ashes Reborn?

The most notable change is that 30% of the current Ashes 1.0 card pool (across the Core Set and all expansions) is being rewritten, rebalanced, and reprinted. Those updated cards are being packaged together as the Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack and are the first product sent through the Ashes Reborn subscription.

Additionally, rules are being cleaned up and better adapted to the fundamental structure of Ashes. Less exceptions, less confusion.

An example of this is the Mount rule, which was previously a little tedious. Now, when a mount leaves play, the facedown unit underneath simply returns to hand.

Official updates regarding the changes will be forthcoming via Nick at Plaid Hat.

How do I upgrade my current Ashes collection to Ashes Reborn?

If you already have Ashes cards, all you need to do is subscribe to the Ashes Reborn Subscription. The first Ashes Reborn subscription release is the Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack, which contains all of the cards that have been changed.

Once you have the Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack your old collection is fully updated. From that point on, you’ll receive a new expansion every three months as long as you stay subscribed, and the cost will always be $29.95.

Do I have to re-buy all of the previous expansions to play Ashes Reborn?

No! You just need the Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack ($29.95) and everything in your collection will be updated. This Upgrade Pack is available through the Ashes Reborn Subscription.

Will the Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack be available outside of the Ashes Reborn Subscription?

Assuming that subscription numbers remain strong and production levels are reached, the Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack and future expansions will be available at some point after subscriptions are fulfilled via the Plaid Hat Games Store and, likely, distribution channels outside of the United States.

What is the best way for a new player to get started with Ashes Reborn?

First, you’ve made an excellent decision!

The good news is that all of the original product line will remain relevant, and stock is still available via Plaid Hat and other retailers. As such, our suggested starting points are the following:

Budget start: Ashes Starter Set + Ashes Reborn Subscription

Full start: Ashes Starter Set + Law of Lions + Song of Soaksend + Ashes Reborn Subscription

The budget start is the Starter Set, with the dice needed for the original four magic types, pre-built decks, rules, and tokens. With your Reborn subscription, you will receive the Reborn Upgrade Pack, which contains any changed versions of cards from your Core Set, as well as a significant number of cards from various expansions to expand your deck-building options.

We say “full start” because both Law of Lions and Song of Soaksend introduced new dice types (they were the only products to do so), and those dice were then utilized in later Phoenixborn expansions. If you have all of the dice types because you own these two expansions, you can play any Phoenixborn – past or future.

This is the best time to pick up either option, because Plaid Hat is currently offering 50% off of every expansion on their website.

What happens to cards that are not being reprinted in the Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack?

Any card not reprinted in the Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack is perfectly legal and usable moving forward. The only non-promo cards being “retired” are those with new versions in the Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack and those in the Path of Assassins expansion.

Will every Ashes card eventually be changed and reprinted?

No! The only cards being changed and reprinted are those found in the Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack. After that, it’s all new content.

Will the expansions be reprinted?

Yes! And when an expansion is reprinted, it will contain the updated Reborn version of any of its contents that were changed.

Can I subscribe to Ashes Reborn if I am outside of the United States?

Yes! We ship worldwide. Given that we are shipping product from the US, shipping will scale accordingly. You can estimate your cost during subscription checkout.

Note that the first release, the Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack, will be the heaviest release, so it will carry the highest shipping cost. After the Upgrade Pack has shipped, the shipping cost on your subscription will automatically be lowered as appropriate for the lighter expansions.

Many international players are pooling their play-group into one subscription in order to have it all shipped together in one package, lowering shipping costs. The Ashes Online Facebook group is a good resource for this.

In addition, as long as subscription numbers remain healthy and production assured, Plaid Hat will be working with distributors to distribute product outside of the United States.

Will Ashes products be available through standard retail channels?

Retailers who wish to carry Ashes can reach out directly to Plaid Hat Games. Ashes products may go through traditional retail channels in the United States if subscriber numbers are strong enough, but those products will not reach retail shelves until ~3 months after their release through the subscription.

When will the first new Ashes product release?

Once the production threshold is reached, we estimate 3-5 months for the Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack, and then every three months for a new expansion after that.

Will the art style be the same?

The game will continue with the art style and graphic design that made it so notable to begin with, and Isaac Vega is still doing the world building and art direction as he has from the start.

Will there be organized play for Ashes?

Organized Play will be pursued by Plaid Hat Games once production of Reborn is underway and stable.

I saw something about Ashes 1.5. Are 1.5 and Reborn the same thing?

Essentially, yes. Reborn is the new line of products that use the updated 1.5 ruleset. Everything moving forward will simply be referred to as Reborn.

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