Ashes Weekend Is Here

Friday at 5PM, we open the doors and kick off an incredibly exciting weekend at Covenant Tulsa with special guests from Plaid Hat Games! We will be streaming live via our YouTube channel and will be recording and posting plenty of content from the event! Keep it locked with us and catch the schedule below!




Schedule – April 15th-16th


5pm-11pm – The first two expansions will go on sale a week early for the first time, the store will be available for gaming, and Plaid Hat and TC staff will be in the house!
8pm – Live Panel – Hang out and watch as TC interviews Plaid Hat Games, live! Q&A will be at the end of the panel, so come ready to ask questions!


11am – The swiss tournament begins! Deck lists and registration by 10:45am. There will be a dinner break between the Swiss rounds and the top cut. The top cut will be held in the Covenant Studio and live streamed, so those that do not make the cut can watch the game live from the store!


Upon arriving, each attendee will receive Alt Art Mist Spirits, a signed copy of Rin and Brennen Fight Print, a promo Lulu Phoenixborn, a promo Dimona Phoenixborn, and a Plaid Hat!

Tournament Prizes

Random – Playmats, Alt Prints, Alt Art Cards
Top 8 – Rin and Brennen Alt Art Cards, Exclusive Top 8 Playmat
Top 4 – Exclusive Art Print
Winner – Custom Trophy, Custom Deck Box

Special Guests

Isaac Vega – Ashes lead developer
Fernanda Suarez – Ashes lead artist
David Richards – Ashes graphic designer
Bob Klotz – Ashes lead playtester
Brian Beyke – Community relations manager


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