Chapter 10 of Learning L5R
Additional Resources for L5R Players

Welcome to Rokugan! Learning L5R is a series of videos and blogs to help you jump straight into the action of the Legend of the Five Rings LCG as soon as you get your Core Sets. If you are new to the Learning L5R series, we recommend that you start by reading Chapter 1: A How to Play Guide for New L5R Players.

This blog is updated continuously to provide the most current information.


The following is a list of resources that you might want to check out in order to dive further into Legend of the Five Rings.

Fantasy Flight Games – It should be no surprise that FFG’s own website is the best source for official L5R content. This is where new products ARE announced as well as rules updates, tournament results, and guest commentaries. Also, FFG runs forums that are actively used.

Note that the “Upcoming” page on FFG’s website is known for being inaccurate, so be careful about basing your expectations around it. The ambiguity of that page is actually why so many people join our Covenant Subscriptions service.

Organized Play

Official FFG Organized Play – Organized Play is full of scheduled opportunities to play your favorite game in your preferred local game store. A wide variety of events await you, including fun sessions where you can learn how to play or improve your skills, casual open play, and even tournaments where your competitive spirit is rewarded. Organized Play strives to grow communities of players on the local and global scale by enabling you to play Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game more often and meet others who love the game as much as you do!

Winter Court – Each year, the Emperor of Rokugan honors the Great Clan that holds his favor by extending them the privilege of hosting his Winter Court. L5R holds its World Championship at Winter Court each November, at the FFG Center in Minnesota. Fantastic prizes await all players at this pinnacle of competition, and the favored clan is represented on many of those exclusive items and trophies!

Stronghold Events – At Stronghold events, you represent your clan and vie for control of your favorite local game store. Your local retailer will pick an end date for the Stronghold Control contest, and from the moment you sit down to the Battle for the Stronghold tournament until the end of the Stronghold Control contest, you and your fellow clan members will track your victories and losses, as will the members of each other clan.

Rules Documents and Tournament Regulations – Before attending your first official event or heading down to your local store (or even playing with friends), take a look at the most recent version of the rules documents and enlighten yourself on any new regulations, errata, or banned cards. Games like Legend of the Five Rings need a bit of rebalancing and/or spicing up over time, so always check these resources to make sure that your decks are legal and that your interpretation of rules is correct. You can find it all on the Organized Play page (look for the Rules Reference and all of the items under Tournament Resources)

Deck builders

FiveRingsDB – FRDB is an easy to use platform with a ton of user-generated content. You can build your own deck, or see what decks won the latest tournaments. We have always enjoyed the simplicity of this website when building decks.

CardGameDB – If you want to see even more decks, or if you play some other games, CardGameDB is another option for you. It features support for other games such as Star Wars: Destiny, Arkham Horror LCG and Lord of the Rings LCG.


Imperial Advisor  –  An excellent resource for anything L5R, with a great website, Twitch TV channel, YouTube channel, and audio cuts on iTunes and SoundCloud. They make videos recapping recent tournaments, discussing upcoming releases and even a “Deck Tech” section where they discuss deckbuilding. If you want to learn more about L5R, Imperial Advisor is a great place to start.

No Funny Stuff –  A YouTube channel run by Chris Pottorf; who won a PAX South Kotei. Chris’ channel features a mechanics-focused look at many of the clans and cards, as well as deck building guides and gameplay videos.


The Art of Warcast  – If you’re looking for great L5R podcasts, maybe for your commute, drop a bookmark on The Art of Warcast’s page. They post new ‘casts about every two weeks and their content averages an hour long.

Bad Publicity – A gaming podcast covering a variety of games including Android: Netrunner, Legend Of The Five Rings and Arkham Horror LCG. Focused on live casts and community interaction.

The Jade Throne – Popular podcast of long-time L5R players, covers news, tips, strategy, and community.

Discussion Platforms

L5RLCG Facebook Group – There are a plethora of Facebook groups out there for L5R. Among the most active is the L5RLCG group. With over six thousand members (at the time of this posting), there are always new posts and discussions. Many Facebook groups are also regional. We highly suggest joining the group that is closest to you for event and community updates!

r/L5R – If you are on Reddit, check out r/L5R. It is one of our preferred places to discuss deck ideas, card synergy and catches up on new product releases with fellow players.

Board Game GeekBGG has an active L5R community and acts as a hub for user-submitted products, images, and videos.

You have everything you need

This is the end of the “Learning” journey! But we hope it is only the beginning of your time with Legend of the Five Rings. Getting involved in a game/community like this can lead to decades of friendship and competition, so it is well worth the time and money spent to participate. Enjoy every moment!

If you have any questions, please comment below and we will be happy to help!

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