Chapter 3 of Learning Power Rangers
Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Buyer’s Guide

Learning Power Rangers is a series of tutorial videos (forthcoming) and blogs that teach Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Board Game. This guide is updated regularly to provide the most accurate and current information.

If you backed the Power Rangers Kickstarter, you already have all of the release products coming your way this August. Having played the game several times, we can confidently say you’re going to love it!

Given the number of expansions available and how deep the lore is for Power Rangers, we’re expecting expansions to continue releasing for this game over time. If you don’t want to have to keep track of new releases, check out our Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Subscription. And if you want to take your game to the next level, take a look at our Morphin Tokens. More on that below.

If you’re not sure whether or not you want to buy into Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, we recommend checking out our previous chapter to see the game in action and learn how to play.

What To Buy

If you are looking for information about what to buy to start playing Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, you first need to understand the types of products that will be available for this game.

The Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Core Game (above) comes with everything you need to play. This includes over 30 miniatures, game boards, cardboard tokens, dice, and a rulebook.

From our experience with the game, you can get a solid 5 to 10 plays out of the Core Game before feeling like you’ve ‘figured it out’. The Core Game contains some replayability with five unique Rangers, alternate map tile sides with varying effects, more monsters than you can see in a single game, and an alternate way to play that makes it much more difficult.

Luckily, Renegade wanted to keep things fresh right off the bat and is launching with a number of expansions with varying contents and prices.

Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid Starter Bundle

On launch, the game will have a big box expansion, two deluxe figure expansions, a villain pack, and a deluxe dice pack. Summaries below:

Shattered Grid Expansion – This is the largest of the expansion types, featuring new Power Rangers (Hyperforce), Foot Soldiers, Monsters, Bosses, and Map Tiles. Of all the expansion products, this one is easily the most significant. It is enough new material that it is practically a new game out of the box, only using the fundamental materials and system from the Core Game.

Villain Pack #1 – This expansion adds 2 new Monsters and 2 new Bosses, each with their own enemy card deck. This will definitely add more replayability than just the Core Game itself, as these enemies can be mixed and matched with the Core Game and any of the big box expansions.

Megazord Deluxe Figure – This expansion includes only the Megazord miniature, which replaces the Megazord token in the Core Game. While it doesn’t add anything new to the gameplay, who doesn’t want to own this miniature?

Cyclopsis Deluxe Figure – Unlike the Megazord Deluxe Figure, Cyclopsis comes with a deployment card and an enemy card deck. We’re not sure if he is going to be a Monster or a Boss, but we can’t wait to find out!

Ranger Dice Set – The dice in the Core Game are great! This is a set of extra dice, which we highly recommend if you’re going to regularly have four or more players.

While large releases like this are not uncommon for miniatures games, there are only a few board games that release with this much content. While we highly recommend this game and all of the expansion content, we understand if you are hesitant to invest so much into a game you’ve never played. If this is the case, we recommend grabbing the Core Game and adding expansions as you like. Check your local game store or favorite online vendor.

We recommend grabbing a core game along with all the expansions coming out on release if you want to get the full experience!

Next, if you’re looking to really go all the way with Power Rangers, especially if you’re already a Kickstarter backer, we have two additional offerings that are absolutely critical.

First is our Power Rangers Expansion Subscription, which signs you up to automatically receive every future Power Rangers expansion at 25% off. Second is our Morphin Tokens, a set which is made in-house, perfectly compatible with Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, and built to enhance every moment in the game.

We’ve been running our subscription service for various games over the past 8 years and it’s best to think of it as an automatic pre-order system. You sign-up for free by checking out the subscription(s) you want, and then moving forward we’ll charge you 25% off MSRP a week or two before each new release for Power Rangers. If you’re in the U.S., you’ll receive that expansion either on the day they release or extremely close to it. You can, of course, cancel anytime, and there are no fees or hidden charges – you flip the switch on if you want releases, and can flip it off if you no longer want to get them automatically.

Our customers love subscriptions because they get to avoid the hassle of following release schedules, making pre-orders, paying months in advance, or tracking expansions down at local stores that may not be supporting the game.

Morphin Tokens Full | Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid

On the token front, we’ve been playing tabletop games for over twenty years and designing compatible tokens for the past six. Our philosophy with components is to add as much functionality and usability – specifically by eliminating any tedium that exists when tracking the board state – while also maximizing theme in order to create a more enthralling experience at the table. With Morphin Tokens, we want you to seamlessly keep track of everything happening in the game, but we also want you to feel like you’ve fully escaped into the world of Power Rangers.

Learn more about our Power Rangers Subscription on its product page.

And learn more about our Morphin Tokens on their product page.

Go Go Power Rangers

Long story short, if you are hesitant to invest heavily in this game, we recommend just grabbing a copy of the Core Game, which you can find at your favorite local or online store (hopefully).

If you are super excited about the game and want the full experience from day one – grab a core game along with our Expansion Bundle – it is the best deal on all of the boxed products.

If you backed the Kickstarter and/or want the primo experience, we recommend grabbing our Power Rangers Subscription and Morphin Tokens. If you backed the game, we know you love this universe, so you may as well get a set of incredibly thematic tokens to take your experience to the next level right from the start. And we also know you are going to love the game – because it’s great. So it only makes sense to automatically receive every expansion as soon as it releases for 25% off without any of the hassles and complications that usually come with tracking down products in our industry.

Now these suggestions are clearly biased, because we’re suggesting you buy the things that you need from us. But we’ve actually just made sure that we have the best offerings on the market, so…we can’t help but recommend them. Sometimes we can’t be the best, but given the prices we’re offering on the launch bundle and the fact that we’re the only store offering tokens and subscriptions, we’re comfortable saying that it doesn’t get any better than what we’re bringing to the table.

We hope to join everyone in their launch day Power Rangers experiences! You can join the fun in-person at our local store, Covenant Tulsa, or catch up with us on social media and share in the excitement. We hope to see you there!

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